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3 Replies to “FBI states that the laptop is NOT connected to any “Russian disinformation campaign””

  1. This lap top (if Trump can force the Justice Department to use the evidence on the hard disk) will destroy the left and the deep state. It has the potential to destroy the lefts control of the educational system and the cultural centers in the US. If the US is to survive as a free nation that has any type of moral values (without moral values no nation can survive) the lefts hold on our cultural centers must be destroyed. Part of the attack to destroy the US has been a concentrated attack on our moral values. An attack that is continuing as the left seeks to normalize pedophilia among other perversions.

    I know Trump has the courage to use the lap top to take down the left but will he be able to find enough allies in the Department of Justice and in Congress to accomplish this task.

    • The problem is the Left and Fake News will ignore the story and corrupt Big Tech will remove all posts of the story. By now, Trump knows this. So, Trump is much better off not dwindling on it as a campaign theme. When reelected, he can go full throttle on the story.

      • Yeah, they’ll smother it as much as they can.
        It’s unlikely to result in justice anyway. Prosecutor, judge, and jury in Delaware locking up a Biden? Ha!
        Same goes for D.C.

        PT can have fun with it for the rest of his campaign. When reelected, he may just blow it off. In spite of all the lock her up gags, after he was elected, he said he wasn’t going after the Hag.

        (Of course he couldn’t have forseen the vicious, attempted Coup at that point,)

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