Yes, it was an act of religious vandalism and as much as a thing can be, a “hate crime”

If Kevin Krehan’s death meant anything at all, the man who did this should be punished in proportion. Kevn Krehan died in prison serving a 2 year sentence for leaving a strip of bacon on a mosque doorknob. Meanwhile…

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  1. For every one that does it, there are many who wanted to be.
    As numbers of Adherants increase – Police will start taking the knee.
    The psychology of Jesus getting through it: fast, until a shadow to see.
    The devil who made you do it; forgiven can now rest in peace.

    bucks, cucks and suck reproduce their abuse.


    Rev James Thomas — Chadwell Heath Church

    […]However, when I caught him it became apparent very quickly that he was not at all mentally very well.

    […] he could so easily have fallen off the roof which wouldn’t have been good.

    […] he will be professionally assessed and hopefully receive the help he requires
    […] material things can be fixed with ease . Had he lost his life that would have been tragic .


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