Double take on Imam’s tweet on the attack on a UK Church

First the tweet:

Two things:

  1. Lie of ommission. Islam teaches that Jesus was NOT the son of God and that he would come back in the end times to “break the cross”. In other words, to kill Christians for being led astray from Islam. But in the literal sense, this man was doing what Islamic scripture says Jesus will do in Islamic eschatology.
  2. Notice how he uses that slippery leftist tactical language to make Muslims the victim of a hate crime by a Muslim against Christians.

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8 Replies to “Double take on Imam’s tweet on the attack on a UK Church”

  1. A reason for destroying The Cross
    Is ‘Atonement’ of Sin’ is our loss
    Repentance to truth
    Now has an excuse
    To avoid – and cast onto A Boss.

    Each Man must face his Submission
    Heaven and Earth’s weak decision
    Apologize most
    To the Holy Ghost
    You believed in the Roman Revision.

    The Truth is twisted for fools
    For they give you a sky full of Rules
    As you forgive
    The Lord let’s you live
    And this tether snapped from the mules.

    The Muslim does not take delight
    With the Kingdom of Life in plain sight
    They take a slave
    Because they are a Slave
    Ressurection returns us to Light.

    “Breaking the Cross means the abolishment of Christianity and its elimination.”

    “The prohibition of pork is hidden under the breaking of the Cross. For, Christians take the permission of eating pork from their religion. When their religion is abolished, their custom of eating pork will be abolished along with many other wrong beliefs.”

    “The abolition of jizyah means Christians’ becoming Muslims. For, zakah is taken from Muslims, not jizyah. Then, only one religion will remain in the world and there will be nobody to pay jizyah.”

    Modern Slavery.

    • Pork is not healthy to eat. God tells us what is clean to eat in the world and what isn’t clean. Pork is one of the unclean. Not all Christians have ignored God’s advice on health.

        • Their Gods did not know about refrigeration, microwaves and bbq sauce sachets.

          If they had been India, the Sacred Pig would have been venerated to never eat. (Such are the Love and Peace Cultures opposite to the Guilt and Hate Cultures).

      • “Pig meat is addictive.”

        That’s what I was told in Egypt. It’s why they tolerate Copts’ pig farms. That’s why the Gulfies don’t object to pork being served to foreign soldiers stationed on their soil.

        It’s like alcohol, they said. Muslims can get a permit for liquor if they have a medical certificate.

        Muslims are compassionate, you see. Addiction is a sickness, craving is a symptom. Alcohol and pork addiction can be overcome by reverting to Islam.

  2. Or maybe he is just trying to do what other Muslims will not : attempt to find common ground, denounce the violence.
    From what I have heard about him and from him , he may be one of the few who actually means it.
    And yes, I am aware of taqya and of claims that Islam cannot be reformed.
    Yet he seems genuine, and maybe, just maybe , with people like him as allies, we have a chance.
    I just say – we should be careful but keep an open mind. The war is long.

    • But he did not denounce it. He lied about it and made muslims the victims of this act in order to deflect from its true nature and avoid any pressure on the Islamic community which frankly, it richly deserves.

      I have followed this guy for a while and Im afraid my opinion differs from yours. I don’t know who funds him, Iran is my guess. But careful analysis of what appears to be his criticism of Islam is always fictional. In other words, his trick is, he criticizes an invented version of Islam so he himself is not guilty of blasphemy. If you carefully check what he says, you will see it clearly. His criticisms are not of Islam but of something he makes up which is close enough for the Kufar. It was really evident in his interview with Tommy Robinson where he made up a lot of stuff about Mohammad and his actions which are all invention but had Tommy going for a bit. That way he never actually criticizes Islam or Mohammad. And Muslims don’t care about that.

      Its like how Muslims don’t care if you burn an English Koran or a book about the Koran. The only fetish object is an Arabic Koran. Burn that and you get banned from Sweden. Same with this imam. Attack or mock an invented religion that you tell people is Islam and your a hero to muslims.

    • “Yet he seems genuine, and maybe, just maybe , with people like him as allies, we have a chance”

      You just made this chance zero for your neighborhood.

      The Trojan Horse. The doors to your home are open. And you’ll pay towards building their mosque in the spirit of goodwill.

      ‘Ex-Communists’ have advanced their “new” Socialism of Cultural Marxism. Because they told you they had changed, Comrade.

      Muhammad was a vile, thieving, murdering pedophile. Anyone referencing him as a Holy Prophet as they prostrate before his Allah… means that death is made life to them. A moral inversion. “Yet he seems genuine, and maybe, just maybe , with people like him as allies, we have a chance”

      The echo-chambers of the fatherless Free-Love Liberals. Stroking for affection. “We are just like you!” from bucks, cucks and sucks. And this transference of dhimmitude accelerates.

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