Mostly Corona Virus regulation objections: Links 2, October 14, 2020

1. This is what, communism looks like…

2. Victoria shopkeeper chooses fine over forced bankruptcy

3. Liverpool appears to have had it with lockdowns

4. I did listen to this show and its good listening.

(I listen on the TalkStream Live app)

5. One of Toronto’s most multiculti areas is benefiting greatly from diversity

6. Illegal immigrant licks yogurt package and puts it back in the fridge of Samos supermarket 

7. Methinks ANTIFA spent too much time at the Elk-a-hole (Apologies to Groucho Marx)

8. Listen to the slimy language of Euronews here. Facebook’s ban on any anti-vaccine opinions or adds is called “Facebook’s move to continue to promote public health”. An insane thing to say about condemning criticism of a never-before tried or tested vaccine intended for everyone in the world. Remember, being skeptical of THIS vaccine does not make one an anti-vaxxer. Some vaccines are brilliant and saved millions of lives and the health of even more. And some are problematic. Being against giving Thalidomide to pregnant women does not make you anti-medicine. It makes you agains that one for that purpose. But it still has a role in the treatment of leprosy.

9. Travel restrictions for Germans in Germany

10. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Lockdowns a crime against humanity

11. Project Veritas confronts the Democrat violent revolutionary

Thank you M., Richard, Xanthippa, Johnny U., Malca, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials today so far.

Note how Gates includes himself in the “we” which are the rulers who tell us what to do. Including wearing clothes. Which “WE” tell people to wear. Normal people would not include themselves in the group doing the “telling”.



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