Brad Johnson on Chinese influence in Canada

UPDATE: A careful look at who the speaker is, and who the organization is, will tell you how deeply the Canadian Government is in bed with the Communist Chinese


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  1. The uniforms say some type or paramilitary training and some kind of military discipline. As Trump has more and more success in putting down the riots in the US the natural action of the Chinese will be to move to the nearest safe refuge where they can restart their efforts. the cartels in Mexico make that a risky area for the type of actions they have been carrying out in the US but Canada is a much easier place.

    The riots in the US should slow down during the winter months but will probably restart in full force next spring. If Brad is right there is a good chance that they will start in Canada at about the same time. If they follow the same path that they have in the states the majority of the rioters will be Upper Middle Class to Lower Upper Class whites with the other races being poorly represented in the riots that are supposedly for their benefit.

    When Trump wins the weapons that have been smuggled in will come out of their containers and there will be a lot more gunfire at the riots and more Trump supporters murdered along with the Conservative to Libertarian opinion makers. We have already seen Republican Politicians targeted and there will be more of that, the more unhinged on the left are already picking out the targets and screaming their names on their shows and podcasts.

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