Troops home by Christmas from Afghanistan. Left opposes it: Links 2, October 8, 2020

1. I actually had a call from. friend saying that Donald Trump’s own son was worried about his behaviour. Here are the facts on that:

2. The ‘Woke’ List

As America’s major cities continue to be besieged both by rioters and inane local governments, and as increasing numbers of individuals are being attacked for dissenting from the elites’ party line regarding race and gender via “cancelling” and “doxxing,” we deem it to be in the public interest to identify those organizations in government, education and culture, civil life, and religion who have signaled their allegiance to this ideology. With the name of the organization shall be a link to its declaration of adherence. Obviously, motives involved veer wildly from naïve idealism to the most cynical virtue-signaling. It is left up to individuals involved with any of these groups as to what their future course of action shall be.


Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture […]

3. Trey Gowdy blasts FBI after declassified docs

4. More animal cruelty by Trudeau Cabinet minister, Catherine McKennel

5. Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane): Covid 19 a God given tool for the left to defeat (normalcy and freedom).

6. Quebec: A Laval policeman transferred “to administrative work”

The Laval police department confined one of its police officers to administrative work on Wednesday after he denied the existence of the pandemic on Facebook, said it was a “scam” and claimed that the government wanted to grant police warrants to “break down the doors of honest citizens.”

“I can no longer participate in this false government masquerade,” said police officer Maxime Ouimet, in a long post on Facebook, where he said under the pseudonym Max Microbeau that he has been a police officer for 12 years. “I never [ne] I’m going to apply for a warrant to satisfy what in my opinion borders on a Dictatorship. ”

Early in the morning, the Laval Police Department responded on Facebook, denouncing the “inappropriate comments of one of our police officers on social media. The post was later deleted, after hundreds of surly comments were posted. The SPVL says it had to start an investigation after death threats were made on Facebook against the Laval police.

7. Thousands Of Health Experts Sign Declaration Calling For End To Lockdown, Warn Of ‘Irreparable Damage’

Thousands of medical and public health experts have signed on to a declaration calling for an end to lockdown policies in favor of a more targeted approach to combatting the coronavirus pandemic.

Harvard University professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Oxford University epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Stanford University physician and epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya wrote and published “The Great Barrington Declaration” on Sunday. It has since drawn tens of thousands of signatories.

(Dennis Prager spoke about this extensively on the last show of his I listened to in archive this morning. He also consistently refers to the lock-downs as “The Greatest Mistake in Human History”. I think he is wrong. Its the greatest mistake in the history of civilization. Before that, bigger mistakes were likely made but they did not have the organization to force policy on based on those mistakes like they do since we civilized.)

8. Trump Says All US Troops in Afghanistan Will Be ‘Home By Christmas’

Earlier Wednesday, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien claimed that there would only be a substantial decrease in deployed troops by early 2021.

“When President Trump took office, there were over 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan. As of today there are under 5,000, and that will go to 2,500 by early next year,” he told attendees of an event at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Reuters reported

Prior to October 7, David Helvey, the official performing the duties of assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, had expressed that the service would be “conducting prudent planning to withdraw to zero service members by May 2021.” 

(The responses to Trump’s tweet show how biased Twitter is against Trump. Nearly all responses are from people who somehow make leaving a 20 year pointless war look like a bad thing and have no likes or retweets. Truly corrupt systems set up against a president that has massive successes.)

9. Bangladesh Wants China, India to Pressure Myanmar to Take Back Rohingya Refugees

(The following article makes the UN and leftist position on the Rohingya a total lie)

Both India and Bangladesh have expressed concerns about possible links between Pakistan-located terror outfits and the Rohingya insurgent outfit Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has described the Rohingya refugees living in her country as a national security “threat”.

China and India must exercise their economic and military clout over Myanmar to convince the Aung San Suu Kyi administration to expedite the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees living in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner to India Toufique Hasan has told Sputnik.

Stating that India is helping Myanmar with an array of connectivity projects and China, on the other hand, has been one of the biggest investors there, Bangladesh’s second-most senior diplomat to India Toufique Hasan said: “Our government wants both to talk to Myanmar on the issue”.

China and India have backed the Myanmar government on the Rohingya refugee issue, with both Asian giants having invested in infrastructure and connectivity projects in the strategically-located Asian nation.

10. Mayoral Candidate Hit With 109 Counts of Voter Fraud

Denton County Texas sheriffs deputies have arrested Zul Mirza Mohamed, candidate for mayor in Carrollton, a suburb of 140,000 in the sprawling Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Authorities have reportedly charged Mohamed with 109 counts of voter fraud. (


Officials say absentee ballots had been requested to be sent to a PO Box in Lewisville, that was supposed to belong to a nursing home facility. When investigators made contact with the Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested they learned that none of the residents had asked for ballots be mailed to the PO Box.

Further investigation revealed the PO Box had been obtained with a fictitious Texas driver license and a fictitious University of North Texas student ID.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, PC., Johnny U., and all who contributed to this post and this site today.

Today while listening to Dennis Prager, on a news break it was announced that a Church or Cathedral had been hit by rockets sent over from Azerbaijan to Armenia. If anyone has video of this, it would be worth posting as it goes to the jihad nature of this conflict that they picked a Church to attack.

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