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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Is Iran joining the Azerbaijan-Armenia war? Update on events and allies in that war”

  1. Turkey’s next victim: Armenia? by Barry Webb
    4 days ago Brad Johnson

    Internet and TV news agencies around the world are replete with images of burning tanks and artillery duels because of the Sunday 27 September 2020 break-out of open hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The following will be a “news behind the news” analysis of the factors involved in this age-old conflict. The information for this report was gleaned primarily from Arabic and English language media sources and the author’s knowledge of the history and geo-politics of the area.

    Both sides blame the other for starting the hostilities. Both sides have declared martial law. Azerbaijan has also declared a curfew and promised “victory over the Armenians.” Armenia for its part has accused Azerbaijan of declaring war on it and has responded by declaring war on Azerbaijan while calling for a general mobilization. There are conflicting reports as to the amount of damage that each side has inflicted upon the other, but based on photos and news reports, tanks, helicopters, and military drones have been destroyed. Civilians and soldiers both have been killed.
    In order to unravel all of this, what it means for the world at large, and why it won’t go away by Russia, France, the U.S. and the rest of the world wringing their hands and calling for restraint by both sides, we must go back into history to determine the origins of this struggle.



  2. The war is spreading, we are going to see some very unusual semi alliances in this war, Iran is siding with Armenia to oppose Turkey. (Radical Shia Islam allying with Roman Catholic) Israel selling weapons to Azerbaijan.

    Now comes the question of which side will the Arabic Nations support? Will Saudi and Egypt support Armenia in affect allying with their enemy Iran?

    Interesting times.

    • Russia’s move now. Probably “dialogue” with the filthy Turk. Putin’s slippery, might get the Sultan from some deniable angle elsewhere. Plant Gulen/Feto “evidence” on key Turkish officers? Who knows?

      Israel and the Arabs will WATCH.
      Cheer for one side or the other.
      This isn’t their fight.
      Iran’s capable of false flag ops that give a different impression, backed by the enemedia, but that’ll be fake news.

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