A sample of the events in play this week: Links 1, October 5, 2020

1. Nov 4 should be interesting

2. SUV driver plows into cyclists during Black Lies Matter bike ride (raw)…

3. Gunman opens fire during pro-Trump parade: Cops hunt armed driver who fired at another car during a MAGA vehicle rally on an Ohio highway

Police are on the hunt for a gunman who opened fire during a Pro-Trump parade in Ohio on Saturday morning 

The incident occurred near the town of Hilliard shortly before 11 am as a cavalcade of Trump supporters drove along the I-270. 

According to police, the shooter was a ‘participant in the parade’ and ‘fired a shot through a victim’s window.’

The condition of that person is not publicly known, and the shooter is still at large. 

NBC 4 reports that the suspect was driving a ‘black pickup truck with Trump and American flags and Marines sticker.’ 

Dublin Police took to Twitter shortly after the shooting, urging driver to exercise caution, saying emergency response crews were at the scene of a ‘traffic accident’.

‘We looped around 270 three times and didn’t see any problems,’ parade organizer Mary Ann Walker told WCMH-TV.

‘I think we saw one accident, maybe a little fender bender off the side of the road. So that’s very surprising. 

‘Hopefully, I wouldn’t think it was anybody in our group because everybody is so friendly and nice and I just don’t see that happening.’ 

(Hitler had a lot of success with the false flag attack against Poland. So no surprise ANTIFA/BLM would use a variant of it here)

4. Reuters perpetuates the leftist narrative that Nazis, or National Socialist Worker’s Party, is somehow far right wing. (Far right wing in reality is Libertarian.)

5. More examples of the Pope’s heresy and use of critical theory and Hegelian reasoning to undo Christian thought and replace it with Marxism.

The encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti,” or “Brothers All,” was released by the Vatican on the feast day of his patron peace-loving saint, Francis of Assisi.

The pope’s writings draw mostly upon St. Francis’ teachings as well as the pontiff’s own homilies that highlight sometimes gaping discrepancies in the global economy and its alleged negative effect on the planet, pairing them with his plea for more unity to combat the “dark clouds over a closed world.”

Francis even rejected the Catholic Church’s doctrine of justifying war as a means of self-defense, claiming that it had been too widely applied for centuries and, thus, was no longer applicable.

“It is very difficult nowadays to invoke the rational criteria elaborated in earlier centuries to speak of the possibility of a ‘just war,’” he wrote.

6. Trial opens for failed Islamic State attack on French church

A 29-year-old Algerian man is going on trial in Paris accused of killing a woman and trying to blow up a church near Paris in a failed 2015 attack allegedly orchestrated by the Islamic State group.

LYON, France — A 29-year-old Algerian man went on trial Monday in Paris accused of killing a woman and trying to blow up a church near Paris, a failed 2015 attack that investigators say was orchestrated by Islamic State extremists in Syria.

Instead of bombing a Sunday Mass in the Paris suburb of Villejuif, Sidi Ahmed Ghlam shot himself in the leg and was soon arrested.

The incident came amid a series of Islamist extremist attacks in 2015-2016 that rocked France. Another Paris court is currently holding a two-month trial into the January 2015 attacks that killed 17 people at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket.

While all the gunmen in those attacks were killed by police, Ghlam survived his attempted bombing three months later, and began a monthlong trial starting Monday on charges of murder and attempted terrorist murder.

Ghlam, who faces life in prison if convicted, denies wrongdoing.

7. UK Government Importing Asylum Seekers Directly from Greece Under ‘Family Reunification’

(Was BREXIT just controlled opposition?)

The British government has revealed it is flying in asylum seekers directly from Greece, while record numbers of illegal immigrants continue to arrive on UK shores in boats.

On Friday, the government announced that 28 more people had been imported to Britain, as “the latest in a series of flights which has brought asylum seekers to the UK from Greece to reunite with family”.

The migrants hail from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Bangladesh, and “will now be allowed to have their asylum claim assessed alongside their family members”, a government news briefing said.

“Throughout the pandemic, the UK has remained open and fully committed to family reunification,” the so-called Conservative government proclaimed, boasting that “through resettlement schemes, the UK resettles more refugees than any other country in Europe and are in the top five countries worldwide”.

8. Azerbaijan claims second city attacked

9. Parades demanding that Israel be Judenrein in Frankfurt.

10. More irrational and totalitarian actions by the Victoria Oz. authorities using Covid as an excuse

Thank you M., Richard, Yucki, PC., Johnny U., FAM., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ1967, Dr. Sachdev, and everyone who cares enough to swim against the current where truth and liberation exists upstream.


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  1. 5. More examples of the Pope’s heresy and use of critical theory and Hegelian reasoning to undo Christian thought and replace it with Marxism.

    “Critical theory” is so truly evil and destructive that I would love to see a way to make its practice illegal. Fancy as the term sounds it simply means being tirelessly negative and critical of absolutely everything for the purpose of making peoples’ lives miserable and driving morale into the dirt.

    Fifty years ago Americans were all proud as peacocks but today many young Americans think their country is up there with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan on the badness scale and nothing to be proud of at all and you can blame critical theory for that. Slowly, one piece at a time, they’ve heard from their socialist teachers that they committed genocide against the Indians and stole their land, that they lynched innocent black guys for simply looking at white girls, that all the Catholic priests are child molesters, that homelessness and unemployment are epidemic, and that everything in America is bad, bad, bad and much better in Sweden…

    Practicing critical theory is just about the evilest thing you could possibly do…

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