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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

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  1. ‘Major Incident’: 1 Killed, 7 Injured in Multiple Stabbings in UK’s Birmingham (sputniknews, Sep 6, 2020)

    “A number of people have been stabbed in Birmingham city centre and police have since declared a “major incident”, adding that for the time being it is not appropriate to speculate on the causes.

    A man has died, as a result of a series of stabbings in the early hours of Sunday in Birmingham, which are currently being investigated, local police reported. Another man and a woman have suffered serious injuries and five others have sustained milder ones.

    Police have declared a major incident in Birmingham city centre after West Midlands police officers were called over reports of multiple stabbings there at 12:30am on Sunday.

    “We immediately attended, along with colleagues from the ambulance service,” their statement reads.

    The force noted that work is underway to establish what has happened, and could take some time before the officers are in a position to confirm anything. For now, the force has assumed the attacks are not related to terrorism or hate crime, according to PA Media.

    “At this early stage it would not be appropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident,” police said.

    Officers set up a cordon at the junction of Hurst Street, a well-known nightlife area in the downtown area, and Bromsgrove Street. Police continue to hold a number of scenes across the city, including Livery Street, Irving Street and Hurst Street, West Midlands police units said in a statement.

    Police urged people to remain calm and stay away from the area as multiple cordons are still in place.

    Around the time of the incident, many people were sitting at outdoor tables eating and drinking on Saturday evening, BBC reported. The streets in the area had already been closed to traffic due to coronavirus restrictions.

    There were reportedly claims gunshots were fired, but officers have dismissed these reports.”

  2. North Korea’s sabotage plots foiled as UK intelligence cracks Kim Jong-un’s secret codes (express, Sep 6, 2020)

    “NORTH Korea has had to suspend all secret communications to agents around the globe after its codes were broken by a British counterintelligence unit.

    Work by analysts attached to the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Digital team at Corsham, Wiltshire, has already foiled three “penetration plots” aimed at causing disruption in France and Australia, sources said last night. The code-breaking, carried out over a period of weeks by six analysts in the underground establishment, followed the recent defection from Hong Kong of a civilian working for North Korea’s main external intelligence agency.

    One operation was connected to France’s contribution to the European Air Group. Another, in Australia, concerned a military air base.

    The third, also in Australia, was described as an attempt to sabotage an agricultural trade deal between Canberra and Indonesia, suggesting that – unusually for a country with little respect for its northern neighbour – Pyongyang was assisting China.

    The hermit kingdom, as North Korea is known, remains virtually technologically isolated with even those in its elite allowed only mobile phones attached to a domestic network and which cannot communicate with the outside world.

    Traditionally, spymasters in Pyongyang used so-called numbers stations to relay encrypted commands, consisting of random numbers and obscure page references, to its officers and agents around the world.

    But one scrambled broadcast last week contained a message that will change the nature of how it issues commands for the foreseeable future.

    The message relayed information about the breaking of codes and instructed agents to simply “await further instructions”.

    Western intelligence agencies believed they already possessed the key to Pyongyang’s numbers-based code.

    To MI6’s surprise, however, the unidentified defector revealed that there was a second “code within a code” about which theWest knew nothing.

    News that Britain had broken the code was immediately relayed to the intelligence chiefs in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

    Sources said that, even with a partial key, it took “several weeks” for code-breakers to fully work it out.

    Last night a Whitehall security source added: “Until we were passed details by a person in Hong Kong a couple of months ago, we had no idea that another code had been added to the first.

    “The message intercepted last week informed spy groups that Western intelligence had broken the new code and they were to await further instructions.””

  3. Sweden: Gang Members Caught on Video Threatening to Rape Police (breitbart, Sep 6, 2020)

    “Gang members in the Swedish city of Gothenburg were caught on video surrounding police officers and threatening to rape the officers with their own batons.

    The footage, which appears to come from police bodycam video, shows the gang members threatening officers as they try to intervene in an incident in one of Gothenburg’s suburbs.

    “Put away that baton or I’ll shove it up in you,” one of the men, known to local police as a gang member, said to an officer in the video.

    According to a report from Nyheter Idag, the officer withdrew the baton after reinforcements arrived on the scene and the tense situation calmed down.

    Gothenburg Police Chief Erik Nord commented on the situation for police in the city saying threats against officers could result in them refraining from intervening in incidents.

    In the past, Police Chief Nord had claimed that criminals flee when officers arrive on the scene.

    Last week, masked and armed gang members in Gothenburg set up their own roadblocks and forced local residents to remain in their homes under curfew in what Nord described as a “demonstration of power.”

    The roadblocks were set up due to a rivalry between the two main criminal gangs in the city which exploded in August after as brawl at a local petrol station.

    The no-go suburb of Angered was among the most affected by the roadblocks, with documents from the city management office of Gothenburg revealing that residents had been explicitly told to remain indoors by the gangs and that the gangs had largely taken control of the area.

    Threats against police in no-go suburbs in Swedish cities are not a new phenomenon. Footage released in 2017 from the Stockholm suburbs of Rinkeby and Tensta showed police being harassed, insulted, and attacked by local youths.

    Rinkeby, one of the most notorious no-go areas, has recently built a new police station and according to reports, officers and civilian workers will require escorts to and from work due to the danger of attacks.”

  4. Officer and 3 assailants killed in Tunisian resort attack (abcnews, Sep 6, 2020)

    “Tunisian forces shot dead three suspected Islamic militants who rammed their vehicle into security officers and attacked them with knives, killing one and injuring another in the coastal resort town of Sousse, authorities said Sunday.

    Sousse was the site of Tunisia’s deadliest extremist attack in 2015, when a massacre killed 38 people, most of them British tourists.

    An Interior Ministry statement said Sunday that the assailants took refuge in a school after the attack and died in a shootout with security forces.

    The North African nation’s prime minister, Hicham Mechichi, appeared to suggest that the assailants’ planning may have been faulty.

    Speaking in Sousse, at the site of the attack, he announced the arrest of a fourth suspect who had been aboard the vehicle that rammed the National Guard officers.

    “These terrorist groups wanted to signal their presence,” he said. “But they got the wrong address this time. The clearest proof of that is that the authors of this attack were eliminated in a few minutes.”

    He added that “these microbes must fear the Tunisians because lions are protecting the country.”

    Hatem Zargouni, director of security for Sousse, said the assailants stabbed the officers and then fled with their weapons.

    The injured officer was hospitalized.

    The previous attack in Sousse on June 26, 2015, dealt a heavy blow to Tunisia’s tourism sector, a pillar of its economy.

    The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for that attack.

    Aymen Rezgui, a Tunisian student who trained with Libyan militants, walked onto the beach of the Imperial Hotel and used an assault rifle to shoot at tourists in lounge chairs. He then continued onto the hotel pool before throwing a grenade into the hotel. He was later killed by police.”

  5. Media: Turkey is massing its tanks on the border with Greece and a military source denies!

    Turkey has massed its forces on its border with Greece, and transferred tanks from the southeastern province of Hatay to the northwestern province of Edirne, which borders Greece, amid escalating tension between the two countries in the eastern Mediterranean.

    The Turkish IHA agency quoted military sources as saying that two convoys carrying equipment and about 40 tanks left the Rehaniyeh area in Hatay province, on the border with Syria. It is expected that these tanks will be sent to Edirne by train.

    And local media published clips of trucks carrying tanks from the regions of Reyhanli and Komlu, in the Hatay state, which borders Syria.

    No official statement has yet been issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defense in this regard, but the semi-official Anatolia Agency later quoted unnamed “military sources” as denying sending tanks to the border with Greece.

    And those sources clarified that “there is no sending of any reinforcements to the Greek borders,” stressing that the military movements are an action planned by the Second Army Command in Malatya.[…]

    • China and India especially and Turkey to a lesser extent are dancing the Hesitation Waltz towards a shooting war. Turkey appears to want one while China and India seem to be trying to keep their populations minds off the problems created by the Wuhan Flu and in China by the many disasters that have struck them this year. I still think that China wants a war but not necessarily with India, they want to pick off several of their smaller neighbors to loot them before they get into a major war with a large opponent.

      • Putin loves to be regarded as the “peace-maker” everywhere. He’s always bringing antagonists together for “talks”. (Especially where he’s been giving tidbits of support to both sides.)

        It costs nothing, while it raises the stature of Russia, which would otherwise recede from the world stage. He will remain subordinate to China, like it or not, as long as necessary. That’s not the message he’s giving to loyal little friends like India.

      • 2019 Seth Frantzman:
        Putin Plays Syria Peacemaker but Doesn’t Want Real Peace
        The Russians have long experience with ceasefires that aren’t really ceasefires.…

        Moscow can present itself, and does, as a clear winner. Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on Oct. 22 and signed an agreement declaring that Turkey would get its “safe zone” along one section of the border where it has invaded Syria… and where an Russia would send patrols to mostly Kurdish towns…

        In Donbass, which includes two separatist pro-Russian self-declared “republics,” there is a ceasefire with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But on Sunday, Russia’s TASS news agency reported that the “ceasefire” had been violated 13 times…

        Similarly, in September 2018, Russia and Turkey also concluded a “sustainable ceasefire” in Syria’s Idlib province that was supposed to prevent an Assad regime offensive. But there is fighting daily in Idlib, as well as airstrikes.

        I’ve seen this kind of “sustainable ceasefire” firsthand in Donbass. On the front line, the men spend most of the time sitting around, joking and smoking, but every day around dusk there are clashes. The forces use only small arms and therefore the ceasefire isn’t “violated” according to its own nomenclature. But soldiers die. Civilians suffer. That is likely what is in store for people living in or near the new Turkish “safe zone” that Russia has signed off on.

        Russia benefits from long-simmering conflicts where it can become a supporter of one (or both) of the parties.… For instance, Russia is a key ally of Serbia and has supported it against NATO’s role in Kosovo.… The same system is part of Russia’s double dealing with the Syrian regime and Turkey.

        Russia’s real goal is not to end the war, but rather to contribute to low-level chaos where all sides become dependent on Moscow. That is why Russia pushed the Astana peace talks with Turkey and Iran to deal with the Syria war, sidelining the U.S. and UN talks in Geneva.

        Russia presents itself as a stabilizing influence, contrasting its role with erratic U.S. behavior.… Through its media and officials, Moscow blames the U.S. for terrorism and instability in the Middle East. Russia’s Sputnik news has claimed the U.S. “evacuated” ISIS members.…

        Moscow’s statecraft does benefit from having the same leadership for decades whereas the U.S. seems to zigzag from one policy to another. But Russia is constantly, openly seeking a larger role in world affairs, from dealings with Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, to sending contractors to African countries as part of a new push for Russia-Africa ties.…

        Russia wants to be the go-to power for all sides.

        This is because Moscow’s real role is not linear. It doesn’t necessarily want a full ceasefire in eastern Syria or Idlib. It doesn’t even need the U.S. to leave…. In 2017, for instance, Moscow signed off on a ceasefire in southern Syria with the U.S. and Jordan. Russia has held frequent discussions with Israel about Israel’s concerns over Iranian entrenchment in Syria.

        Moscow thrives off chaos because it can step in and present itself as a responsible player…. Its role in the Balkans won’t lead to Serbia or North Macedonia joining the European Union. Quite the contrary, it will seek to pry them away.…

        [R]ebel groups may continue to clash. But in each instance they can then turn to Moscow for guidance on what to do next. Moscow thrives in this scenario.

      • Apparent friction between Russia and China is part of the con they’re both playing. It looks logical, there’s plenty of bad blood between them. But not nearly as much as they’re promoting via media they control or influence.

        Russian-Chinese Cooperation Is Not As Temporary As You Think

        Many believe the Russian-Chinese partnership, which functions across a variety of economic and political spheres, is only temporary. But Moscow’s disenchantment with the West, and the redirection of its foreign policy toward Beijing and beyond, is rooted in Russian historical thinking. The disagreement between Russia and the West is a full-scale geopolitical separation.
        A point of view shared by many analysts. I don’t necessarily share it – I don’t WANT it to be true.

        Nor do most Russians, but they’ve been abused for purposes of Western domestic politics for too long. It’s something Indians and Israelis are looking at directly.

        Eurabia (MB+Iran axis) and a USA that’s (globalist-Demonrat) will align against both of them. That’s starkly apparent in media they control already. Certainly Europe is devolving from any sort of alliance with the only democracy in the Middle East. Unlike most Arab countries, they condemned the Abraham Accord that opens the path to stability they profess to support.

        • “Russia’s geographical position should be kept in mind when analyzing Moscow’s position vis-à-vis the China-U.S. competition. Apart from the purely economic and geographical pull that the developed Asia-Pacific has on Russia’s eastern provinces, the Russian political elite sees the nascent U.S.-China confrontation as offering a chance to enhance its weakening geopolitical position throughout the former Soviet space.

          “Russians are right to think that both Washington and Beijing will dearly need Russian support, and this logic is driving Moscow’s noncommittal approach towards Beijing and Washington. As a matter of cold-blooded international affairs, Russia wishes to position itself such that the U.S. and China are strongly competing with one another to win its favor.”

          • As I have said before that channel is an Indian Propaganda channel but some of what they say is true. I just post the interesting ones. And as I said in my comment China and India are dancing the Hesitation Waltz towards war. Right now China doesn’t want war with India but would love to take out one or two of the smaller nations in that region so they could loot them. China won’t willingly start any wars until after the election in November. They are thinking that if Trump looses they have their puppet Biden in office and his Marxist handlers will help China. If Trump wins there will be a major civil war and half or better of the US military will be tied up inside the US. If China is going to move on anyone it will be after the November election.

            • I know, and I enjoy it!

              It’s useful to see wish fulfillment that’s organically Indian, instead of third-party experts “opining”. (They’re making it up too, but nowhere nearly as well.)

              Also, constants of Indian popular feeling come through. Their catalogue of “Good Guys” will ALWAYS win, even if it’s a stretch to make it look that way. I hope they continue to see us there.

              • It is useful to know what the other nations are thinking and how they look at us. From what the people on this channel are saying they will continue to look at us as good guys for as long as Trump stands up to China. After he is out of office they will then decide what the new President is like.

                You and others are talking about Nikki Haley in 2024, it would be interesting to see shat TFI would say if she is chosen.

            • A small nation like Myanmar/Burma might be less welded to the Dragon if they weren’t demonized by the Moslem-biased media and vile NGOs. They need protection and the UNSC veto China affords them.

  6. Birmingham Stabbings: Witness Claims He Saw ‘Black Guy’ Stab Woman ‘Several Times’ in Neck (breitbart, Sep 6, 2020)

    “A man claiming to be an eyewitness to part of the Birmingham stabbing spree says the suspect is a “black guy” and to have seen him stab a woman “several times in the neck”…”

  7. Greece Arrests and Deports Jordanian Islamist Found with UK Passport (breitbart, Sep 6, 2020)

    “Greek authorities have arrested a man of Jordanian background with a British passport, believed to be connected to radical Islamic terrorist organisations in Syria.

    The man is said to have travelled to the municipality of Mylopotamos on the island of Crete for a holiday in late August and was identified by Greek authorities after receiving a tip from British officials.

    The Greeks immediately put the man under surveillance and after consulting British security services, placed him into custody. At the request of British officials, the man was then put on an aeroplane to the United Kingdom, newspaper Proto Thema reports.

    The Greek National Intelligence Service and police were both involved in the matter and worked to determine whether or not the man, who was with his family, was planning anything or attempting to make contact with any suspicious persons.

    Little information regarding the identity of the man has been released by the paper but he is believed to be linked to radical Islamic terrorist groups operating in Syria…”

  8. Arrests made as hundreds rally in Madrid against COVID restrictions

    Hundreds of chanting protesters took to the streets of Madrid to join a demo against the COVID-19 restrictions. They taunted the police, who broke up the rally and made several arrests.

  9. 3 desperate migrants jump into sea from stranded Med tanker (abcnews, Sep 6, 2020)

    “Three migrants stranded aboard a tanker for over a month awaiting a port to disembark jumped into the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday in a sign of increasing despair on deck, the ship reported.

    Maersk Tankers A/S said the captain and crew of its chemical tanker Etienne quickly rescued the three migrants and brought them back aboard. But the company repeated its demand for a port and urgent humanitarian assistance to ensure that the passengers “are immediately given the attention and care that they need.”

    The Etienne rescued a group of 27 would-be refugees on Aug. 4 at the request of Maltese authorities as the migrants’ fishing boat sank. Malta, however, has refused to let the migrants disembark and the Etienne has been stuck in international waters 17 miles off the small European Union island nation as food and water supplies are running low.

    The Maersk has reported that tensions aboard the ship were growing, culminating in Sunday’s desperate jumps…”

  10. GREECE – Moria refugee camp under quarantine after coronavirus case

    Overcrowded camp sealed for two weeks as authorities try to trace the people the Somali patient contacted.

    […]Moria, a former military base that opened as a centre to register new arrivals at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015, was designed to hold no more than 3,000. But is now at least at four times its capacity, with many asylum seekers also sleeping in tents in an olive grove outside its walls.

    The camp has been repeatedly criticised by aid groups for poor living conditions.


    Doctors Without Borders – Inside Moria: The mental health crisis among child refugees

    What is life really like for “unaccompanied minors” held at the infamous Moria camp in Greece? Psychologist Kate?ina shares this incredibly powerful account of treating trauma and searching for hope.

    […]this story mentions suicide, self-harm and sexual violence

    […]Just to give you a sense of the harrowing conditions here,

    […] I am taking care of more and more children who harm themselve

    […]Most of the unaccompanied minors are boys from Afghanistan.

    […]By cutting themselves, they put themselves in charge of their pain. They have caused it through the cut, it has not come on its own.

    […]He is waiting for the authorities to move him to the Greek mainland, where unaccompanied teenagers are meant to be cared for so that they can study and prepare for integration into society.

    […] Take action: Tell the UK Government to provide sanctuary for vulnerable refugee children

    SEP 01 2020 – GREECE – MORIA refugee camp on Lesbos island


  11. At presser, Biden asks staff to call on reporters because he doesn’t have ‘his list with him’
    By LU Staff September 6, 2020

    If you’ve grown weary of watching the media relentlessly firing “gotcha” questions at Donald Trump, then you’ll want to be sure to catch the next Biden press conference — whenever that is. It’s hard to say because the former vice president is still sticking close to home, and his press avails are few and far between.

    He held one on Friday, and the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams describes it as “more like a meet-and-greet between a pop star and members of his or her official fan club.” In other words it was a repeat of news conferences in the Obama era, when the media viewed their job as running interference for the president, not holding his feet to the fire.

  12. (Richard: Everyone who has been screaming about sending in the troops needs to read this article, while you are reading the last part remember there are suppose to be 100 investigations opened into antifa. One of them is to identify the money people paying for the riots. The DOJ can’t talk much about the investigations because that would give the people we want time to destroy evidence. Including the death of several people that are the cut outs in the chain of money flowing to the rioters.

    Why Trump Doesn’t Just ‘Send In the Troops’

    There are a lot of solid conservatives frustrated and appalled by the Biden Riots, and a lot of those folks wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t just make it all stop – you know, sort of like Grandpa Badfinger implicitly promises he will do if we restore the garbage liberal establishment, except with military force. “Call up the Guard,” right? But what folks do not understand are the practical problems with Trump using troops (sending federal law enforcement officers presents similar problems, but also a unique and big one – there just aren’t as many federal cops as there are soldiers). The devil is in the details, and the devil here makes Trump pulling the trigger on the troops in the current situation a very bad idea. We should support his strategic patience and not do what the Democrats want by getting mad at the president for refusing to stumble into an ambush.

      • I know there is a food shortage that looks to be getting worse but I don’t know how bad it is. I do know that the Chinese selling US Bonds is probably a way of raising quick cash (US Dollars) to buy things with.

  13. Gowdy: I think Durham will find FBI,CIA are accountable for Russia probe origins

    Gowdy does not expect to see any legal consequences as an outcome of the John Durham investigation beyond the current pleading by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

  14. Student Union Leader: Whites Should Stay Home Unless They’re ‘Poor, Disabled, Gay, or Transgender’ (breitbart, Sep 6, 2020)

    “A student union leader in Britain said black, transgender, gay, disabled, and poor people should be allowed to return to class, while straight, able-bodied white people who are not poor should stay home, out of fear of creating a so-called “second wave” of Chinese coronavirus infections.

    Larissa Kennedy warned that British universities could become “the care homes of the second wave”, saying that students have been lied to by the government that “going back to [university as] normal is possible, viable, safe”.

    In comments reported by the Mail on Sunday, Kennedy suggested that some students will be safer on campus and therefore should be allowed to return to school, claiming that non-white students should receive special treatment because “we know that students of colour are disproportionately [living] in crowded households and disproportionately hold caring responsibilities.”

    The union president said that LGBT people may “find themselves in [family] environments that are homophobic or transphobic, and need to leave those,” and that disabled people might need “equipment, support, other reasonable adjustments” not available at home.

    She also said that working-class students may need to be allowed back on campus, as their homes may not “have all the facilities including technology and broadband to study remotely.”

    “If we can hold space for students at the margins, for those who, particularly, campus is and needs to be home, then I think we will navigate our way through this situation and ensure that everyone is safe and cared for,” she explained, adding that it is important not to “widen the gap in educational justice” caused by the Wuhan virus.

    The 22-year old was elected to her position as president of the National Union of Students (NUS) in April of this year.

    Kennedy told The Guardian in August that she has a long history of political activism, previously campaigning against sexual harassment in schools and serving as the president of the antiracism society at Warwick University.

    She said that she became interested in “how misogyny, racism, classism and other forms of oppression become reproduced by the education system” and that one of her main goals as president of the union will be to “decolonise” the British education system.

    “While it has gained traction, we’ve seen people using the language of decolonisation when they’re actually talking about some random diversity scheme they’re running. I’m wary of the ways that universities are saying, ‘Oh look at us, we’re decolonising’, to make that into something sellable. They assume they can take the language of decolonisation when it really belongs at the grassroots, with students, workers and communities who are doing that work,” Kennedy told the left-wing British paper.”

  15. CBC – Spies are trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research. Why Canadians should be concerned

    Russia, China and Iran have all been accused of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research.

  16. Sky news australia – Studies show hydroxychloroquine cuts ‘virus mortality in half in high risk groups’

    Yale University Professor Harvey Risch says all studies that examine the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine on high risk population groups show the drug is “uniformly beneficial” in treating COVID-19.

    “What clinicians have found around the world is that a class of people called high-risk people are the ones who need to be treated,” he said.

    “These are people generally over aged 60 or who have chronic conditions like diabetes, or obesity, or heart disease, high blood pressure or are immuno-compromised.

    “These are people that need to be treated and the studies that look at them and them only show that hydroxychloroquine cuts the risk of hospitalisation and mortality by at least 50 per cent.”

    Mr Risch said there are no published studies that show the drug is not beneficial for those people.

    “There are plenty of other studies that show other things but the problem is they are not looking a the right people.

    “All of the pushback that is against this drug has been on the basis of blurring the distinction as to who needs the drugs and who needs to be treated.”

  17. Iran Will Never Forgive US for Damages Caused by Sanctions: Qalibaf

    “Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf expressed Tehran’s opposition to any talks with Washington, saying the Iranian people will never forgive the US for the harms it has done through the sanctions.

    “The Iranian nation will never forgive the damages caused by the American sanctions,” Qalibaf said in a meeting with Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Ignazio Cassis, held in Tehran on Sunday.

    Highlighting Iran’s policy of cooperation with all countries within the framework of its principles, the parliament speaker said, “In addition to such cooperation, we are opposed to any hegemony, and the refusal to negotiate with the US is because of their hegemonic approach.”

    Qalibaf said that an “independent Europe” could establish dynamic relations with Iran, adding, “Europe must not come under the influence of the US policies, particularly given that their (American) measures have led to instability and insecurity in the region.”

    Taking a swipe at the US for assassinating top Iranian commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, the parliament speaker said withdrawal from the region is the price the US will have to pay for committing such a crime.

    Qalibaf further warned that the decision from certain regional countries to normalize ties with the Zionist regime would not settle the region’s problems, adding, “Such measures would escalate instability in the region.”

    He also hailed Switzerland for its performance that has proved that it is contributing to world peace and humanitarian issues.

    For his part, the visiting Swiss diplomat said Iran is suffering from the economic problems caused by the cruel sanctions.

    He also expressed hope that the 100th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Switzerland would result in the promotion of bilateral ties and that his country would be able to play its role well as a government representing the interests of the US in Iran.”

  18. Iran to Extend Range of Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

    “Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami unveiled plans to extend the range of homegrown air-launched cruise missiles beyond 1,000 kilometers.

    In an interview with Iran daily paper, the defense minister highlighted the country’s advances in the missile industry, saying Iranian naval cruise missiles are capable of hitting hostile targets at a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers.

    While the range of anti-surface and naval cruise missiles has surpassed 1,000 km, the ground-launched cruise missiles can travel as far as 1,400 km, and the range of the air-launched ones is going to exceed 1,000 km too, the minister added.

    He noted that Iran has developed a fully homegrown missile industry and manufactured various solid and liquid-propellant missiles, although the range of the projectiles has been restricted to 2,000 kilometers considering the country’s needs and defense policies.

    The Defense Ministry has focused efforts to increase the output and boost the quality of various missiles with high maneuverability to surprise the enemy’s air defense, he added, the government’s website reported…”

  19. Iran Army to Open 10 Special Border Bases

    “ran’s Army Ground Force commander unveiled plans to launch 10 special military bases along the country’s borders.

    Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the Army Ground Force requires military bases with special tactical features in order to carry out its missions properly along the country’s western, southwestern, northeastern and eastern borders.

    “According to plans, a very good scheme has been introduced for the entire frontier, and 10 special bases are planned to be constructed in the first stage,” he added.

    The commander noted that the first special military base was inaugurated a few days ago, and the nine remaining ones will come on stream gradually…”

  20. Turkey, Turkish Cypriots start military exercise in Northern Cyprus

    “The armed forces of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on Sunday started joint military exercises in Northern Cyprus, reports Anadolu Agency.

    Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay announced on Twitter that the five-day exercise, Mediterranean Storm, is a demonstration of their will to stand against those trying to confine Turkey to the Gulf of Antalya while ignoring the Turkish Cypriots.”The security priorities of our country and the TRNC are indispensable, along with diplomatic solutions in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he said.

    Oktay wished success to the nations’ soldiers, the guarantors of peace in the Mediterranean Sea. Tensions have been running high for weeks in the region, as Greece has disputed Turkey’s energy exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    Turkey – the country with the longest coastline on the Mediterranean – has sent out drillships to explore for energy on its continental shelf, asserting the rights of Turkey and the TRNC in the region…”

  21. Turkey urges Kosovo against opening Jerusalem embassy

    “Turkey on Sunday urged Kosovo against opening an embassy in Jerusalem, saying doing so would undermine UN resolutions and hurt the Palestinian cause, reports Anadolu Agency.

    “We call on the leadership of Kosovo to abide by these [UN] decisions to refrain from such steps that would undermine the historical and legal status of Jerusalem and may also prevent Kosovo from being recognised by other states in the future,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    The statement cited various UN resolutions stressing that the Palestinian issue can only be solved with an independent, sovereign, and geographically contiguous Palestinian state, with its capital in East Jerusalem, based on the pre-1967 borders…”

  22. Hamas denies any link to far-right US group Boogaloo Bois

    “Palestinian resistance group Hamas has denied any link to the far-right extremist movement Boogaloo Bois in the United States, reports Anadolu Agency.

    American and Israeli media reported that two members from Boogaloo Bois group were arrested by US authorities and charged with conspiring to support Hamas.

    Media reports said that the US Justice Department accused both Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, of providing material support to a “foreign terrorist organisation”.

    “We decry the US administration attempt to link Hamas to any member of this group,” the Palestinian movement said in a statement.

    “This is a desperate attempt to discredit the movement at the request of Israel or its extremist leadership,” it added.

    Hamas said that it is a “Palestinian national liberation movement whose struggle is only directed against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and does not interfere in the internal affairs of any state around the world”.

    The Boogaloo Bois is a far-right US group that is hostile to the US public institutions and the government, and allegedly say they are preparing for a second American Civil War which they call the “boogaloo”. The group members appeared carrying arms in the protests in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd under the knees of a US police officer.”

  23. HRW raises alarm over safety of imprisoned former Saudi Crown Prince, political detainees

    “Human Rights Watch has expressed fears over the safety of former Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and other prominent detainees in Saudi Arabia in a new statement released on Sunday.

    The rights group said that the current location of the former Crown Prince, who was arrested last March, remains unknown. Although bin Nayef has been allowed to telephone some members of his family, he has not been allowed visits from them or from his personal doctor.

    “Saudi authorities appear intent on making certain detainees and their loved ones suffer even further by denying them the ability to hear each other’s voices and know for certain they are ok,” said Michael Page, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

    Lawyers for Mohammed bin Nayef said they did not know whether he was receiving treatment for his diabetes or not, adding that there were “serious concerns” over his health and well-being. Many other Saudi political prisoners have died in prison due to medical neglect…”

  24. Expat in Dubai slits manager’s throat for refusing leave to go home

    “A man has been accused of premeditated murder by cutting the throat of his manager after the latter had refused to let the defendant return to his country.

    The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 21-year-old defendant from Kyrgyzstan, who worked at a garage in Al Quoz Industrial area, had a heated argument with his manager before slitting his throat with a sharp knife and then smashing his head with a hammer…”

  25. Kuwait: Two officers arrested on treason charges

    “Kuwait’s security services on Sunday arrested two security officers working in sensitive positions on charges of treason, Al Qabas daily newspaper said. The officers are accused of leaking confidential documents and collaborating with parties outside the country to undermine Kuwait’s national security.

    Al Qabas quoted a security source as saying the two officers had been arrested on charges of plotting against the country’s national security. The source said: “The authorities thwarted a dangerous plot targeting the country’s national security through a wide network of prominent figures cooperating with the two officers.”

    “The public prosecutor’s office has open an investigating with the two officers on charges of treason and breach of trust as they had stolen highly confidential documents and conducted secret recordings related to Kuwait’s national security in 2019. The officers leaked the documents and recordings outside the country,” source added.

    The newspaper said the two officers were working within a wide network of military personnel, MPs and influential figures. Kuwaiti authorities also monitored direct contacts between them and parties in London. The details of the plot have not been disclosed.”

  26. Saudi-Led coalition destroys explosive-laden drone launched by Yemen’s Houthis – SPA

    “The Saudi-led coalition forces fighting in Yemen on Sunday intercepted and destroyed an explosive-laden drone over Yemeni airspace fired by Iran-aligned Houthis towards Saudi Arabia, Saudi state news agency (SPA) reported.

    A Houthi military spokesman said on Sunday they launched an attack with drones on Saudi Abha International airport. It aimed at “military sites and sensitive targets” which were accurately hit, spokesman Yahya Sarea said.

    The coalition did not mention an attack on Abha International airport.”

  27. Turkish FM criticizes Austrian PM’s remarks on Erdo?an

    “The Turkish foreign minister on Sept. 5 criticized Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz for his remarks about Turkey’s president.

    “The major threat to the EU and its values is the distorted ideology represented by Sebastian Kurz,” Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu said on Twitter.

    Çavu?o?lu’s remarks came after Kurz’s statement, reported by Euronews, claiming that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an uses the Turks in Europe for his own ends.

    “These ugly politics based on xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia is the sickly mindset of our age,” he underlined.”

  28. Turkey ‘neutralizes’ 91 PKK/YPG terrorists in 10 days

    “At least 91 PKK/YPG terrorists were “neutralized” in Iraq and Syria over the last 10 days, Turkey’s National Defense Ministry said on Sept. 6.

    In a statement, the ministry said that the Turkish armed forces neutralized 16 PKK/YPG terrorists in Iraq and Syria over the last 24 hours.

    “Thus, in the last ten days, 91 PKK/YPG terrorists have been neutralized,” it added.

    Turkish authorities often use the word “neutralize” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

    Since 2016, Turkey has launched a trio of successful anti-terrorist operations across its border in northern Syria to prevent the formation of a terror corridor and enable peaceful settlement by locals: Euphrates Shield (2016), Olive Branch (2018) and Peace Spring (2019).

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK- listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and EU- has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants. The YPG is PKK’s Syrian offshoot.”

    • Oh, horror.
      That’s most of Europe, too. Maybe the way it was here, NY, NJ, Philadelphia…

      Where they decide, “He’s over 60, diabetic with hypertension. Got this virus. Time’s up.”
      When he could’ve lived comfortably for another TWO DECADES. Nobody can serve as his advocate because his connection to life – those who love him – is severed. Before he’s dead.

      After, his death is officially the Wuhan virus. The NYT and Fauci nod, smile.
      And the Andy Bostoms – and even people here – will dance around, saying “SEE! He died WITH coronavirus, not OF it! See? It’s all a HOAX!”


  29. If censorship gets bad, we can always write satirical Shakepeare. It will befuddle the thugs, and those that understand it, will recognize the layers of meaning.
    1923 satire from a Crimean Hebrew teacher

    The “Talmud” text begins stating that all are adumim (red) and there is no difference between red and white excepting the name alone.

    “Red” is a reference to Bolsheviks and “white” is a reference to the opposing political parties in this period.

    In post-1917 Russia, Judaism and Zionism (and the Hebrew language) came under attack, so manuscripts such as this one often had to pass secretly from hand to hand. They served as a morale boost and source of entertainment.

    • Last verse of Rock of Ages [Ma’oz Tsur]:
      Cast the RED ONE into the dark shadows
      and raise for us the seven shepherds.

      The “red one” refers to arch-enemy Esau (Gen. 25:25).
      But Rufuseniks – probably many Jews in Soviet space – used to sing that verse with extra energy. (And some still do.)

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