Didn’t a top tier Democrat recently give instructions to do this sort of thing?

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  1. “Be on a mission now to spread the word far and wide and organize like the future depends on it for September 5th—a day that begins an autumn of growing mass nonviolent struggle to demand Trump/Pence OUT NOW.”

  2. Maxine Waters started telling people to do this in 2017 after a crowd forced Sarah Saunders and her family out of a restaurant. Other high ranking Dems in Congress have been telling people to riot and attack Trump supporters since them, despite the videos of them doing this they are denying they are calling for violence.

    Iluvmybacon is right in his twitter feed the Dems are pushing for a civil war because they know they can’t win the election.

    I think dems are done with the elections. They dont plan on winning. They are planning on scorched earth, civil war, anything that can hurt as many people as possible cause they won’t be in power for a very long time after this and they know it.

    The Dems have been planning for this war for a long time but decided that 2020 would be the start in 2017 after Hillary lost. Their leaders thought they could get Bernie Saunders for the nominee and force the nation into communism that way. When the Dem voters in the primary refused to vote for the more radical of the people running and instead choose the senile Joe Biden they decided to ensure that he wouldn’t win but would instead would loose in such a way that they would have an excuse(s) to start a civil war. The article coauthored by Steven Coughlin told how some of the planning is preparing the nation for massive violence.

    Obama said he was going to change the US and he succeeded, he took us from a First World Nation to a Third World nation with the violent changes of power.

  3. Where are the cops? Can someone please tell me why these savages are allowed to get away with this?
    Yet Killer Cuomo wants 4000 police to monitor restaurants.

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