Deep breaths before watching the videos in this post: Links 2, September 3, 2020

1. Very important Twitter thread showing the extreme restrictions on freedoms being imposed with the stunningly accepted excuse of foreign words sounding sorta like no-no words in English. Please click through to see the whole thread.

2. BLM is the KKK in blackface

3.  this is Victoria province of Australia

Full video

4. Leftist governments have found an excellent way to turn the law abiding and honest public against the police. Covid seems to be a splendid excuse to implement measures designed to break down civilization in every way they can identify and implement totalitarian measures.

5. Ontario woman kicked out of bingo hall for not using mask to cover breathing hole in her neck

TORONTO — An Ontario woman battling lung cancer, who breathes through a hole in her neck, was kicked out of her local bingo hall because her breathing hole wasn’t covered with a mask, her son says.

Whitby, Ont. woman Elaine Arbeau doesn’t go out much anymore, her son says, unless it’s to play at a casino or bingo hall with her friends.

According to her son, the 67-year-old was excited to see her friends again when Delta Bingo in Pickering, Ont. reopened following the COVID-19 shutdown. 

But things didn’t go as planned when she arrived earlier this month. When she got inside, management asked her to leave. 

“She was told to leave by management if she didn’t cover up the hole on her neck,” her son, Joe Gilbert, told CTV News Toronto on Sunday. “She explained that was impossible to do. That’s how she breathes.”

(Video at link)

CTV also informed us all this week that people who do not wish to wear a mask are in fact, psychopaths. CTV joins a long tradition of communist dictators who claimed all who objected to any arbitrary communist policy must in fact be mentally ill. Debate will not be permitted. Arrests will be made for non-compliance. Forced hospitalization usually follows and already has in Germany with one constitutional lawyer having been taken to a psychiatric facility for objecting to the Merkel Covid policies.

Thank you all who contributed to this effort all week long. 

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6 Replies to “Deep breaths before watching the videos in this post: Links 2, September 3, 2020”

  1. I have come to realize it is not by being openly against the mask issue that we will win.

    Vlad taught me the Samizdat strategy. This can be accomplished in ways other than paper pushing although it is a valuable technique.

    Today, at the grocery outlet: my face mask broke as I entered the store, the side sling unsnapped. I had stapled it because I refuse to spend money on something so detrimental to one’s health and imposed upon me.

    They pretended not to notice. So, I put the mask in front of my face and held it for two minutes or so. The usual happened: tearing eyes, heavy water-clogged nose.

    But this time, I proceeded differently. At the entrance to the 2nd aisle, I crouched to the ground, in a ball, purse on the floor, and cleared my nose and eyes. A full two minutes on the ground.

    This did not go unnoticed. Sideways, I saw people slow down and look toward me. The signal was sent. The mask can be unhealthy.

    Remember the people who would lay down in store aisles in front of meat counters to protest against meat consumption? Well, they won without saying a word. The ‘meatless’ industry is booming, so much so that burgers I used to buy doubled in price.

    Therefore, in my opinion, this war can be won by playing the victim, although my symptoms are real. Whatever distress people see in front of their eyes does register.

    The more people end up crouched in aisles to blow their nose or dab their eyes or cough or whatever… End of Story.

  2. Now lets publish a Study that will proof that people that are following without questioning are potential Concentration Camp and Extermination Camp Guards that kill others on Command.

    But wait a moment, this study had already been done in the Milgram Experiment.

  3. Sending your critics to a loony bin is a tactic used by the KGB (and Stasi, I guess). After all, isn’t it crazy to oppose those with all the power? I foresee a lot of lawsuits against the Lockdown and its results to ensue. In fact, the governments will probably retroactively pardon themselves.

  4. Saw many people out on bikes wearing masks along ravine trail open and hardly any people


    So many wearing masks in their cars

    There are so many really dull low IQ people around
    Especially ones that work for CTV and CBC

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