A dozen items on the corrupt, the Islamic and those who would seek the end of free societies: Links 1, September 3, 2020

1. Nanci Pelosi “Taking responsibility” looks like this

2. Muslims upset that freedom of speech includes things Muslims don’t like. The speaker uses a total propaganda con by the media about a child that was killed by his father and made into a reason why all illegals should be brought into Europe. This discussion is hot now because after 5 years the trial of the muslim terrorists who slaughtered all the artists at Charlie Hebdo has finally started.

3. Article showing lowered mortality rates for Covid by corticosteroid use

Key Points

Question  Is administration of systemic corticosteroids associated with reduced 28-day mortality in critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

Findings  In this prospective meta-analysis of 7 randomized trials that included 1703 patients of whom 647 died, 28-day all-cause mortality was lower among patients who received corticosteroids compared with those who received usual care or placebo (summary odds ratio, 0.66).

Meaning  Administration of systemic corticosteroids, compared with usual care or placebo, was associated with lower 28-day all-cause mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19.

4. Who is Joe Hidin?

5. Who is Ted Wheeler?

6. India deployed ships in South China Sea

7. Tucker Carlson has a guest that explains one aspect of the Long March through the institutions as it affects the Church

8. This analysis of the video of the shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland is worthy of thought.

(The video is on Minds.com and does not appear to have an embed. Click link above to see the video,)

9. NASA to remove offensive names from planets and other heavenly bodies

(Leftists invent meanings for things specifically in order to MAKE them offensive in their or our frame of refrence. So NASA is going to need about 20,000 people who full time rename everything on a rotating basis. And don’t forget, match is racist. So…. yeah names are a problem.)

10. An article on a large uptick on China’s censorship of incoming internet traffic.

11. Synopsis: Muslims enrol in private school where they sign an agreement that they will not try and change the rules of the school. They then make a room into a muslim prayer space. School objects, students sue, students win despite a full understanding that this would not take place at this school.

12. An interesting thread that starts with a photo of Bill Ayers and Barack Obama or whatever his name was at that time.

Thank you Richard, M., ML., EB., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and all who are paying attention. 



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5 Replies to “A dozen items on the corrupt, the Islamic and those who would seek the end of free societies: Links 1, September 3, 2020”

  1. 8 – That was a well planned murder, given the amount of planning that went into the murder and the size of the team on the video I am not sure this was a random hit. They were set up where they knew the victim was going to be passing and set up well before he got there.

    The members of the team were trained and not afraid of being identified, we can expect this team to commit more murders before they are caught.

  2. 6 – There are several interesting things about this video, not the least of which is the fact they released the video talking about a semi classified operation. The Indian ship was sailing in with US and Australian ships in the South China Sea indicating close Naval cooperation between the three nations. Then the Philippine President stood up to China (something he couldn’t do while Obama was President, Obama told him the Philippines were on their own) and said that he would call on the US if attacked.

    Finally on a different video Britain is building 2 aircraft carriers that are suppose to be capable of carrying 40 aircraft reports are that at least one of them is to be sent to the Pacific in general and the strike group is to like up with the allied fleet to help patrol the South China Sea to keep it open. The first carrier isn’t suppose to be commissioned until next year. The question is will China wait that long before moving? My opinion is they will wait until after the election to see if Biden wins or to see the civil war start hoping that this will prevent the US from using its full military might in the Far East.

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