Concentrated communism in play: Links 2, August 25, 2020


“At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in 1966, young Red Guards went from house to house, seeking to eradicate all vestiges of what they called “the four ‘olds’ “–old ideas, old customs, old culture and old habits. Nothing better exemplified the four olds than books.” – Jim Mann of the Los Angeles Times, 1985

There are unmistakable parallels from Mao Zedong’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” and Marxist movements today across the West. The Cultural Revolution started with book-burning and quickly turned into tearing down statues and changing the names of places and “especially street names.” Then, the Red Guards would drag “enemies” out of their homes and publicly shame them during “struggle sessions.” Finally, the Red Guards would go from house to house, confiscating property and sometimes torturing and killing the people they considered to be against the communist revolution.

The Cultural Revolution was about purging non-communists. The effort came after forced collectivization during the “Great Leap Forward” from 1958 – 1962 led to massive famine “that cost more than 40 million lives.” In the wake of the horrific Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong had to destroy those who started to shift from communist thought. On August 8, 1966, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) explained:

“Although the bourgeoisie has been overthrown, it is still trying to use the old ideas, culture, customs and habits of the exploiting classes to corrupt the masses, capture their minds and endeavor to stage a come-back.”

In order to cling to power, the CCP explained that their objective: […]

2. Many of these events too place yesterday:

3. This is what, propaganda looks like

4. Here is why so many countries, including Canada, is doing everything it can to make private gun ownership illegal

5. And the video that makes the case for the above

Thank you @AmyMek, Richard, Chris Jones, M., PC.,Wrath of Khan,  and all who are staying alert and on top of things. 

It is hard to believe things are getting worse. But they do appear to be getting worse.

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  1. The Second Amendment was designed to protect the freedom of the US citizens and we are once again being called on to use to preserve the nation.

    By the time this war is over all nations will insist on the private citizens own militantly useful weapons.

    • Also, remember that our pioneer ancestors were not allowed to “poach” game on “royal land” reserved for the aristocracy or own guns so the Second Amendment also has to do with putting venison on the table without fear of being hanged for poaching like back in the Old Country. My great Grandfather, along with his cousin, was sent out with a rifle and a bag to hunt squirrels, pheasants, and possums at the age of twelve and would have been totally freaked if you took away his rifle. There used to be more bears and cougars and hostile Indians too, let alone just plain bad men…

      Imagine if you tried addressing a crowd of people back in 1880 and told them you intended to take away their guns. I seriously doubt that even one person would think you weren’t out of your freaking mind for suggesting such a stupid thing. I think you might get tarred and feathered then run out of town on a rail (whatever that means…).

      • Running or riding out of town on a rail: A log 8 to 10 inches in diameter was split length wise into 4 pieces, after the person you were really mad at was stripped naked covered with hot tar and then had 2 or more feather pillows split open and dumped on them they were forced to set on the sharp edge of the split log as the mob carried it (bounding it as much as possible) around town and then throwing it and the victim in the ditch are the edge of town. If they were feeling kind they let the victim semi support his or her self with their hands but usually they were tied to the rail in such a manner that they had to rest their weight on the sharp edge.

      • Yes the Second Amendment was partially about hunting but mainly about self defense. The pro Second Amendment people don’t talk much about the hunting side these days because the anti-gun people will use that as an excuse to go after all military look alike firearms. There is a lot of talk about milspec firearms when they are talking about the AR15s and such but this ignores the fact that all firearms action types (single shot, lever action, bolt action and semiauto) have been used by the military and that all good hunting rifles are either milspec or close to milspec.

        Then we look at the most popular deer rounds in the States and of the three most popular (30-30, 30-06, 308 Winchester) the latter two started out life as a military round designed for combat. This is why we don’t bring hunting into the fight to preserve the Second Amendment. If we do that we give the anti gunners more ammo and once they take the military look alikes they will start going after the older action types.

    • He is using the videos in the Convention and pointing out these are Dem controlled cities and states.

      The riots do seem to be designed to re-elect Trump, they make you wonder about the intelligence of the people controlling BLM, antifa and the Dem party.

      • I believe that the real purpose of all this strife is bought and paid for by our enemies for the purpose of making the West, and especially the United States, look as bad as possible so that Iranians and Chinese and North Koreans won’t be tempted to emulate them and start pushing for democracy, blue jeans, and Elvis Presley. The worst possible thing that could possibly happen to the modern dictator would be an uprising of their own people demanding elections and accountability and some nice sharp meat-hooks for the darling dictator and his lovely wife… Dictators are, in the end, nothing more than criminals who took over the government and they all bloody well know it…

        In China they can show endless reels of Portland and Seattle burning to their people and make them forget all about Democracy for Hong Kong and other such foolish notions. That’s mainly what it’s been about since the nineteen-fifties…

        Oh, and that would make the Black Lives Matter crowd a bunch of straight-up traitors, acting against their own country’s best interest for a pocketful of silver coins. They should be put up against a wall and shot as enemy agents for burning down that car lot or lighting someone’s store on fire. And the people who suck up to them now should be dealt with too. They’re the ones who are letting this happen out of their own enormous stupidity and cowardice…

  2. 2. Many of these events too place yesterday:

    This is Maxine Waters’ fault and I am sickened by the fact that that murderous bitch wasn’t charged and sent to jail for telling people to break the law and hassling Republicans. I’m so sick of every little thing Trump does being attacked while everything a Democrat does gets ignored. It is against the law to attack people while they’re eating in restaurants – right? So why isn’t Maxine doing five years for advising people to attack Republicans if you meet them in public? She should have been busted for doing the same thing over the Rodney King riots in LA.

    And why weren’t any Democrats critical of the terrible thing that Maxine Waters did? If they were decent people they would have kicked her out of the Democrat Party and distanced themselves from the hag the minute she did what she did. But they didn’t, did they…

  3. I would imagine Trump will let the sheeple continue rioting until after the election. Their childish and destructive tantrums only guarantee victory for him and any down-ticket candidates he endorses. After the election, he can send in the Army and seize control of the communist-controlled cities.

    • There are legal constraints on sending in the Military, the Governors and send in the Guard but the President has to jump through hoops, dot I’s and cross T’s before he can send in the military. Posse Cometas is just one of the laws passed limiting the use of the regular military. In Seattle the communist insurgents have declared themselves in rebellion but even so there would be massive resistance to sending in the Regulars.

      FYI: Posse Cometas was pushed through Congress by the Dems after President Grant used the US Army to crush the first version of the KKK. Now it is hindering Trump in his quest to stop the chaos in the Dem run cities.

  4. 3/ Caroline Glick @CarolineGlick ·Aug 25
    Wow, they’re reporting the leftist mob violence in the same mendacious way they report Palestinian terrorism. Sick. Israel truly is the canary in the coalmine.
    Noah Pollak @NoahPollak · Aug 25
    Look at that amazingly passive voice. This is not sloppiness or an accident — the passivity is intended to obscure the truth. “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.” Orwell, Politics and the English Language…
    Eric Darden @ericdarden123
    · Aug 25 Replying to @CarolineGlick
    “Cancel Culture” was first used against pro-Israel students. I would bet you money several Antifa organizers started out harassing pro-Israel events. They certainly were encouraged by them.
    Revisionist history, Intifada of Knives, Run-over Intifada, Arson Kites/Balloons, etc.

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