Brad Johnson update on progress in investigation of John Brennan

Brennan appears to be the core of the anti-state according to a few insiders who are familiar with this fiasco dating back to 2016 and even before. Brad lets us know where things are at with the one man who, if accusations are true, may be the most harshly sentenced of all involved in the coup against President Trump.

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  1. Please re-consider the statement about the death penalty: no one has been charged or tried yet, let alone facing sentencing! The only people who have received the death penalty for “peacetime” espionage are these and perhaps the US citizen killed abroad in a target drone strike.
    The Rosenbergs were the first U.S. citizens to be convicted and executed for espionage during peacetime and their case remains controversial to this day.

    • Unconfirmed reports are Brennan has been secretly indicted for treason, in war or peace treason has a death penalty. If the rumor is true the death penalty is probably on the table as a bargaining chip to get him to flip.

      • What Richard said. Even so, I did remove the line about the death penalty as its fine for Brad to bring it up, but perhaps not so for me.

  2. I have not seen one piece of evidence that disproves the possibility that Barack Obama is an enemy agent and his appointment of John Brennan as head of the CIA is yet another piece of that negative “evidence”. Hell, I know for a fact that the Russians used to collect bright young useful idiots from Nicaragua to Pakistan to Quebec to South Africa and send them to Moscow to go to school and live in a little apartment and enjoy life and be friends. The KGB was definitely interested in developing Manchurian Candidates and spent billions doing it. I think Obama took extensive acting lessons…

    Brennan is the most anti-American pro-Muslim creep I’ve ever seen and the only time he ever smiles is when he’s saying the word, “Islam”. Brennan is about the last guy who should be head of the CIA when you think about it. Like, how convenient for the enemy…

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