The anti-state and enemy propaganda: Links 1, August 18, 2020

1. David Wood explains the odd disparity between what people think Islam commands, and what it actually does in terms of its treatment of those who leave the religion of Islam

(In fact however, it will be by random gangs of muslims or individuals, as that is what we see in Pakistan, and there is no punishment for those who do sharia executions for apostasy or for blasphemy)

2. Ex-CIA officer, born in Hong Kong, arrested for spying for China. Faces possible life in prison

3. Imagine how much cheating the Democrat party in the US will have to do, for this guy to win

4. CBC Lobs Softball Questions to Former PLO Representative on Israel and UAE Peace Deal

CBC As It Happens guest host Peter Armstrong lobbed softball questions to a former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) representative on the UAE and Israel peace deal.

Diana Buttu did the interview from her home in Haifa, Israel, where she cavalierly attacked Israel while living in the Jewish state with full and equal rights!

(CBC’s disgusting bias is not lost on Canadians. For those who live in Ottawa, you may see CBC crews around town and identify them by their very expensive looking cameras and gear and no distinguishing clothing or symbols whatsoever. You have to ask them if they are CBC. So far they haven’t started lying about that yet. But that is coming. It is not lost on them that they get over 1.3B$ a year to shill for leftist policies and Liberal Party leaders and that the public notices. And that is just the money we see on the books. Imagine what CBC and specific staff get in terms of perks and cash off the books. CBC is enemy propaganda, and it should be no surprise that they find a way to trash peace in the Middle East because it was brokered by President Trump, while Trudeau, the most corrupt leader in Canadian history, and that is saying something, gets treated like he walks on water by the CBC.)

5. UK: Alleged Jihadi Terror Plotter Tells Court ISIS ‘Created by America’ to ‘Increase Islamophobia’

An alleged Islamist terror plotter has told an English court he viewed terrorist videos only as “research” and that the Islamic State was fabricated by the U.S. to encourage Islamophobia.

26-year-old Hisham Muhammad, who is alleged to have been modifying a drone to drop a “harmful device” and planning an armed “lone wolf attack”, possibly against members of the military or police officers, said of the Islamic State: “I don’t believe it exists, I believe it was created by America. I believe it was created by America to take away the rights of Muslims.”

(Wouldn’t it be great if anyone in that court knew enough to ask him what “right” exactly he was referring to)

6. British police interfere with people filming illegal landings by migrants into GB from public property

Interesting comparison to Chinese methods..

(Weird that this one White British guy gets arrested for “harassing the police” but as far as we have seen, none of the insurgents that attack police, and preach hatred and destruction of the police in the UK)

7. Meet Kamala Harris’s communist father

The below article about Marxist economics professor Don Harris, Kamala Harris’ father, was posted at the Stanford University newspaper on May 13, 1975, when his daughter was just 10 years old.

The Stanford Daily article laughably claims that economic students at Stanford in 1975 were clamoring to learn more about Marxist economics, so the university accommodated them by offering Kamala’s father a position. Don Harris was referred to glowingly by fellow Marxist Economics Professor John Gurley as “one of the leading young people in Marxist economics.”

The 45-year-old Stanford Daily article, titled “Marxist Offered Economics Post,” was posted first on Trevor Loudon’s website, where more information is posted about the father of the Democrat Party’s Vice Presidential Candidate. See Loudon’s articles at the Epoch Times about Kamala Harris’ own socialist ties, as well as a prophetic article from August 2019 about the forces surrounding Kamala Harris and why she was chosen to be the Democratic nominee for President.

8. Dentists warn about “Mask-mouth”

Thank you Hellequin GB., M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, EB., ET., Pym Purnell, Richard, and all who sent in materials, and is willing to look at the ugly, and contemplate the unthinkable.


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5 Replies to “The anti-state and enemy propaganda: Links 1, August 18, 2020”

  1. 3 – I don’t think even the Democrats can crook the vote that much, we know they are trying to get that ability but so far they have been stopped.

    6 – Filming a crime in progress is now considered criminal, this one is so Orwellian that the mind boggles.

    • 3- Why not wait until after he is nominated to criticize the Dem’s best friend, Joe Biden? Too much criticism now could impel the delegates to select someone else. A contest between JB and PT will be one for the etiquette books.

      Do have a listen to the Dem Party convention — very entertaining, enlightening, or alarming, depending on your threshold for doom. Yesterday was someone who lost her 65-year old dad because his only pre-existing condition was believing that Donald Trump knew it was safe to go to out to bars in Arizona. Tonight it was BHO speaking about the importance of being a non-hyphenated American. The Democratic speeches tonight could have been given at a Republican Convention — pro-small business, pro-American, etc.There was this weird religious vibe — some kind of chanting of slogans so that JB wouldn’t have to speak. It sounded like the nursery choir from Brave New World.

      There are plenty of otherwise educated people who I have no doubt agree with Cuomo’s speech tonight that the Presidents “lack of a plan” resulted in dead New Yorkers. “Plenty” is–one hopes–not an adequate number to sway an election.

      • Switching Candidates at this late date would cause too many people in the Dem Party to set out the election. Biden would have to collapse and be put in intensive care for a switch to be possible.

  2. 1.
    The Life, that sharia strikes to
    As Communists, entrepreneurs
    Exposing ‘the truth that’s within you,’
    Is the fate – all made straight – that concurs.

  3. 1. According to the “Reliance of the Traveller”, the sharia law textbook I once owned, the murder of apostates has no penalty, nor is any required. BUT those who do murder an apostate also cannot be charged for any crime under it.
    Nice little slimy way of allowing denial of any role in the murder of such.

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