China, Beirut and a real BLM activist we can support: Links 2, August 17, 2020

1. It is hard to understand why we believe anything at all that comes from China

2. Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans to hand over pet dogs — so they can be used as meat

(Let us try and remember that in Venezuela, this happened organically thanks to communism. No policy needed at all. It was just all they had left to eat)

North Korean dictator Kim Kong-un has ordered citizens to hand over their pet dogs — so they can be killed for food.

The hermit state says pet dogs are now considered a “decadent” luxury and “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeois ideology,” and must be surrendered, according to a report by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo media outlet.

The outlet says the move is likely designed to quell public anger over the country’s economic tailspin. A source told the outlet that Kim made the order in July.

“Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down,” the source said.

Once the pets are rounded up, it’s reported, some go to zoos and some are sold into the restaurant trade, where dogs are regularly consumed. Pyongyang, the Daily Mail reports, has a number of specialized dog eateries.

Chosun Ilbo reports that although pet ownership was long frowned upon in North Korea, the state had seemed to relent since the late 1990s, when the rich of Pyongyang started owning pets as symbols of superiority.

3. Belgium: Migrant gang called ‘Criminal Justice’ is attacking young LGBT people and sharing videos of beatings on Telegram

(Nothing to worry about. Its only queer bashing when white Europeans do it)

Last week, a video went viral of a group of migrant youths beating two victims in Leuven, Belgium, after which they forced a White teenage boy to apologize and lick their shoes. In the video, the word ‘Zemmel’ is heard, which is a slur that Moroccans commonly use for gay people. 

An investigation by Het Laatste Nieuws found that the video is a connected to a gang of youths called “Criminal Justice“ or “Criminal System”, which the paper says is hunting young LGBT people in Belgium.

(The same thing happens in Denmark nearly exactly.)

4. Six blasts, each 11 seconds apart, preceded colossal Beirut explosion

An Israel Defense exclusive: The tremendous explosion in Beirut was preceded by six smaller explosions that took place with equal time intervals. Unequivocal seismological statistics indicate the unusual events can be explained as acts of sabotage or as a malfunction of weapons that were being stored nearby. 

The amazing findings, which are being revealed here for the first time, were discovered and analyzed by geophysics experts in cooperation with Israel’s Tamar engineering group, and also brought to the attention of the high echelons of the country’s political and defense leadership.

The Tamar group, which was established by Boaz Hayoun, a former officer in the IDF’s Engineering Corps, has for decades dealt with the field of demolition and controlled explosions in Israel, and also helps airports around the world identify explosive materials. Among other things, the group carries out special projects using explosives, including explosions in buildings and complex experiments. The group includes the Israeli Explosives Safety Center and the National Fireworks Laboratory that is responsible on behalf of the Standards Institution of Israel for the licensing of all fireworks, which mainly come from China.      […]

Each of those explosions was equivalent to that of several tons of explosives (it is difficult to determine the exact amounts at this stage of the investigation), and the amount of time between them was the same – 11 seconds. As seen in the seismogram, we can clearly identify five identical explosions 11 seconds apart, while the sixth blast, 11 seconds later, was several times bigger. And then, after 43 more seconds, came the massive explosion that was picked up by all the seismographs across the Middle East and devastated large parts of Beirut.      

5. Here is one politician that actually believes black lives matters.

6. Be on the lookout for this guy, and a few dozen more who think just like him

7. Wait, the Democrats accuse Trump of stealing mail boxes?

8. Taliban IED experts blown up by own bomb in a mosque in North of Afghanistan

A group of Taliban sustained casualties as they were busy manufacturing an improvised explosive device, roadside bomb, in a mosque in North of Afghanistan.

The 209th Shaheen Corps in a statement said the incident took place in a mosque in Chahabar Bolak district of Balkh.

The statement further added that a group of 8 Taliban IED experts were busy manufacturing a bomb inside a mosque in Sikandar Khel Village.

The premature explosion caused by IED killed four Taliban militants and wounded at least four others, the 209th Shaheen Corps added in its statement.

According to Shaheen Corps, the explosion killed Zarif son of Najmuddin, Abdul Basir son of Abdul Basir, Abu Bakar son of Talib and Habib son of Arzankar.

(Weird how often muslims store arsenals and make bombs in mosques. Its almost like a mosque is more of a military installation of some kind than it is a religious structure. Like its some kind of beachhead.)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki, Johnny U., ET., EB., PC., Gates of Vienna, and everyone with at least one eye, at least half open.

Market area, Ottawa, August 17 2020


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17 Replies to “China, Beirut and a real BLM activist we can support: Links 2, August 17, 2020”

    • Why would Israel provide that piece of information? They could have withheld it…..
      Wouldn’t equidistant missiles also perhaps have spaced explosion intervals if one were “tripped”? Or, perhaps the reverse — simply being equidistant would mean that each one would get tripped within a shorter interval as heat would increasingly build up more beforehand.

      • Seismographic data is mostly open source to enable quick response in earthquake-prone regions. The analysis could’ve been classified, but not for long.
        There’s no percentage in waiting, anyway. Overwhelming misinformation and disinfo may as well be challenged by substantive data as soon as it’s authenticated.


    What’s with John Kasich? Why would anyone with even a moderately conservative view say the things he says? When he accuses Trump of “dividing” people we all know that the only “divided” people are people pretending to have Trump Derangement Syndrome and refusing to cooperate with anything a Republican ever says thus making Trump appear to be “divisive”. It’s a Bolshevik game. A piece of agitprop. Enemy propaganda.

    I expect that from a Democrat but why is John Kasich pretending to believe this nonsense? I don’t get him. He’s actually advising Republicans to vote for the totally insane Democrats. Is he simply getting bought off? Did he just get a 50-acre ranch in Colorado for $50 along with a pass on those Federal tax-evasion charges? Oh, or how about a couple of million in speaking fees from here to November…?

      • It’s something like that. I just don’t see any sane reason why Kasich would say such things if he is one-tenth the conservative he claims to be. All Kasich is, is a walking talking problem…

  2. 8)

    I’m not in the least surprised that a Mosque is being used as a Weapons Arsenal and Training Facility.
    Why would anyone, that knows even a little bit of History, assume that a Mosque is a House of “God”?
    It’s like saying Norman Castles in Britain after the Conquest had been nothing more than Churches and Cathedrals.
    A Mosque is a sign of Occupation and Conquest, nothing more and nothing less.

  3. Item 2: The North Korean dog story.
    If I had to surrender my dog to be used as live food in a zoo or killed in an atrocious manner, I would myself kill my dog before surrendering it. A dose of sleeping pills before gassing it in my car or a few knife stabs to the heart. This might sound cruel but at least I know it won’t suffer much. A very heartless regime.

    • The temptation might be to apply poison but then you would just be hurting another victim and not the people doing this. They always eat really really well.

      I actually have a video of Maduro mocking the people rioting over starvation in the streets from a restaurant where he and his friends are feasting. Mysteriously its hard to find now on YT. If needed, it can be restored.

      • yes. I am the one that veers away from Nazi comparisons. Targeting certain population segments (age or nationality) is a genocidal tendency. How is allowing the release of a disease vector not genocidal?

        • I’m trying to clean up my own lingo.
          Part of the process is policing others’.

          Today I listened to a Malayasian describe how the yahudi cancer must be cut from the clean flesh of the Ummah. CUT and BURNED so as to completely eradicate the pollutant.

          A filthy Turk broadcast, English subtitles.

  4. #5: To be fair, those buildings have been abandoned because Baltimore is bleeding people, not because people are living inside of their broken glass in substandard conditions.
    A man walks past a blighted building in the Penn-North neighborhood of Baltimore. Since 1950, Baltimore’s population has decreased by half and correspondingly, the number of vacant homes has increased as people left the city. According to the Baltimore Sun, there are more vacant houses than occupied houses in Baltimore, and the true number of vacant homes could be as high as 30,000.

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