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9 Replies to “Brad Johnson speaks to ANTIFA at the Sturgis bike meetup”

  1. Having just spent time in the VA I can guarantee that there are a large percentage of the younger ages in the “Patriot” ranks who are aware of what is happening. What is more dangerous for the antifa types is that their is an even larger percentage of the older age groups who point talk to the younger ones and tell them about what the next moves are going to be. These “militias” are going to be loosely connected and are going to make the money sources for antifa run for cover they are also going to be taking long hard looks at the people giving political cover to antifa. As we as looking at the propaganda arms of the left.

    • Unfortunately, Satan has purchased too many prosecutors, who have too much discretion in charging decisions.
      The up side is that Mitch McConnell’s been confirming Trump judges, changing the balance of the courts.

    • I love to hear his gut feelings, the big picture.
      And I agree, his delivery is tighter, stronger.
      (Of course the interviewer is superb, questions always on point.)

      Young vloggers with potential need experienced editors. They casually indulge themselves with protracted setups and editorial feelings. The material they’ve selected is often very good, but anything over 7 minutes is an imposition.

    • He is very good and he points out the data points I look for in history to predict what will happen next. He does a much better job at that then I do.

      If you what a good dream tonight think about the Patriots meeting with and loosely allying with the bigger street fighting gangs. For that matter think about the “retired” police officers, and even rogue currently serving police officers giving unofficial permission to the gangs to attack and wipe out the antifa members. There are historical precedent for both actions, there are also historical precedents for both actions ending with freedom saved and with freedom lost so there is no sure answer to what is happening.

      • I can see cops giving unofficial permission.

        After the Marathon bombing, we were in “shelter in place” mode. One of the killers running away shot to death a young Cambridge cop.

        The surviving monster got to the neighborhood with the third largest Armenian population in America. Not the best place for a Turko-Tard to hide.

        The Nat’l Guard, together with the police, handled the capture well; monster was shot, but survived. They had to shuttle him undercover to different hospitals – just in case.

        Now he’s appealing the death penalty, saying his lawyers should’ve asked for a change in venue. He’s probably right. His brother could not be buried in this state – feelings running a little too high – they had to cart his remains somewhere else.

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