ANTIFA attempts to invade a biker’s meet up in Sturgis

This post is probably going to grow for a few days. So do check back from time to time as we update it with more info and hopefully really fun videos of ANTIFA fascists getting their organs handed to them on pewter plates.

Google’s new little trick is to remove sound from videos they don’t want us to see. Back in the day, they did that if there was a song playing and they could pretend it was a CR issue. But the video above has sound and the one below does not, just like the Alex Jones video posted earlier today. So we know what is really going on. Its that question that should be plaguing everyone:

If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then how corrupt is google, given that they have more power than any institution of any kind before in world history?

Sound and fury. ANTIFA commie tries to push over a rider on his bike with his foot.



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8 Replies to “ANTIFA attempts to invade a biker’s meet up in Sturgis”

  1. I saw a YT comment claiming it wasn’t antifa. Whoever it was, kicking a bike at Sturgis is beyond stupid..

    Btw I lolled at the “I shaved my balls for this” t-shirt.

  2. It gets serious when they start blowing themselves up in order to bring about the revolution. Won’t be long now!

  3. When the bikers are gone beware of reprisals Sturgis, ANTIFA think they have impunity to do anything for the cause right now, they are terrorists.

    • I wonder what the gun ownership ratio is in Sturgis. ANTIFA is probably safer at a biker rally full of cops than it would be facing armed townsfolk with fewer police who would probably be protecting the townsfolk rather than playing ANTIFA’s Alinsky rule 4 game.

  4. This is a perfect example of how the “open season” freedom provided to Antifa has conditioned them to think they can do anything until they kick the wrong bike, so to speak. They are in store for many surprises as they confront less-submissive demographics.

  5. Pissing off bikers and pissing off South Dakotans seem like really bad ideas.

    It’s going to be fun watching these ANTIFA idiots get their asses handed to them: if there’s ONE place in all of North America that will put up a massive fight and never cave in, it’s probably South Dakota!

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