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26 Replies to “Doctors send warning about Covid Vaccines: “We are being used as lab rats””

  1. No vaccine for a virus can be safe and effective without _years_ of observation. Even then, “mass-produced” and “universal” sound like adjectives from some interested parties’ talking-points.

    The whole deal is fishy.

    Most certainly, the risk of autoimmune disease is inordinately high. This coronavirus has many commonalities with autoimmune diseases we know fairly well. It is thought that MS develops after exposure to some virus before the age of 15.

    Vaccines for the dengue virus actually enhance morbidity and mortality of subsequent infection. We simply don’t know enough about this toxin to devise long-term antitoxins.

    “Warp speed” is nonsense. HCQ, among other therapeutics, obviates the need for a vaccine altogether. As do statistics on actual case fatality rate.

    I figure PTrump talks up vaccines because it sounds reassuring and the Dow likes it. Every reported “advance” in research swings the market up on a down day.

    Billions of dollars have poured into select companies, research institutes, even manufacturing facilities – in the total absence of a viable product. Outrageous profits for speculators, that’s all. Every govt, every multinational corp everywhere has a piece of the action; nobody’s clean.

    • The vaccine issue is also a red herring.

      We’ve been fighting each other over a non-existent vaccine for months. That’s a tangent. A distraction that brings in all sorts of irrelevancies.

      Instead of uniting to fight the immediate, devastating loss of our civil liberties, we’ve gone down every rabbit hole. Our resistance has been sporadic, disorganized, and mostly trivial. (cf. the George Floyd “protests”)

      We’ve revelled in sci-fi scenarios, imagining how we’ll play our role when the Vaxx Man Cometh. Morbid, fatalistic. Passive keyboard warriors.

      It’s like watching perplexed, then in horror, as organized masses of hostile, military-age men pour into our countries. We’re expected to submit. And we do. Till our world is ruined.

      We’re too civilized. We’re observers, not players. People we’ve been conditioned to respect are counting on our submission as they betray us. We must take the initiative before it’s too late. Fight now, don’t get hung up on the future threat of vaccine.

      • If you have friends or you speak with people outside of your immediate environment, you will soon realize the number who have submitted, and it is not our job to shake them into reality because they can’t be shaken. They lack the cerebral capabilities of thinking out-of-the-box.

        One can only explain and warn them. Nothing more. Don’t fight with them, don’t get into heated discussions with them, it’s not worth it. Going nowhere and you end up frustrated.

    • “We have two Corona committees going on in Germany!

      The first one is the “Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss” (Short: ACU) which translates into the more easy-to-write term “Non-parliamentary Corona Committee”

      You can find their first press conference here (auto translate works for the most part). This is their Homepage (English version). The committee contains of doctors, physicians and journalists. They try to examine how dangerous the virus is and how hospitals handled the pandemic. (immunity, lethality, long-term effects of the illness etc)

      The group behind this committee call themselves “Doctors for education”

      Dr. Bodo Schiffmann is part of the ACU, and he has a YouTube Channel. He started to make his videos available in English. The first English one can be found here

      ->> Corona 104 – The pandemic, that wasn’t <– (must watch)

      The other committee is even more juicy!

      Its simply called "corona committee". Homage here (English version)

      The two committees are overlapping sometimes but this one focuses more on the lockdown. On people who lost their jobs, treatment of children, disabled people, ill people, old people etc…

      There are some prominent figures in this committee:"

      In the beginning…
      "The Pandemic that was not" https://youtu.be/bZocneYh4Mw

  2. The saying ‘Only the strongest will survive’.
    I feel we are reaching that point in time.
    Only the weak-minded will want the vaccine.

  3. Yes both commenters above are able to expound eloquently and precisely the situation…

    Exciting and fulfilling for me to read and realize that at least a few people know what the fuck is going on….

    Yes…. I talk about it to everyone I know… just inform them
    Most people don’t have a clue and are eager to listen

    I have contacts that have thousands of followers on places I don’t go
    Like Facebook twitter And other apps ..so the contacts are made

    • Yucki, your 11:41 comment is worthy of its own posting, held high for all to see. Distractions, rabbit holes, in-fighting–“controlled opposition” Vlad might say.

      Keyboard warriors–yes.

      Too civilized–observers not players–yes.

      Don’t get hung up on the Vaxx Man Cometh–yes.

      My thinking in the last few days has ripened. There have been enough data points lately to finally lay to rest my last “civilized”, cautious reservations. Our imaginations and our eyes are NOT wrong. Doctors’ voices have mattered. The right pundits have mattered. As much as we here at this little blog, and others, have written in worry and for signal, it’s all bloody true. Commies and tards are well advanced.

      Last night I took the family to a drive-in movie because the kids had never experienced it. We had to drive an hour outside the city to find this old, family-run place that’s been around since the early 50’s. I wanted them to see it before it’s gone. There’s much I wish they will see, but every road to happiness begins with basic freedom.

      We’ve now seen quite enough to get the picture. Yesterday I posted a time-lapsed vid of someone doing a Mona Lisa puzzle, just to illustrate the point. It’s time to stop the paralysis of being controlled opposition, time to get out of the weeds. The conversation now turns to courage, and this is one we have within ourselves.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • ty, ty!
        I’m seeing changes, too. The activist left so far gone, they’re teetering on the edge. But normal people are now more receptive, willing to view what they see through a different lens.

        They have to integrate a different sorting mechanism that’s coherent with their own life experience. That kind of revision is a challenge. Analogous to sexsquirrels and mommie-seeking socialists learning to integrate left brain with right brain. (Maybe not that extreme – this is a cue for Perfectchild.)

        We keep our focus, stay on top of events without drowning in any of them, we can do this.

        • Having two specialized brains Yucki, is that each can step out of the box set as a trap for the other, (Religion’s Fatherhood on your sleeve, or The State’s Motherhood of your Needs), to maintain a healthy skepticism.

          Fear is the beginning of submission. To not look up and see.

          So we look up. The high-rollers are at work.

          Such as, Socialism being the godhead of the three laws of robotics.

          1. Human Rights may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm
          2. Human Rights must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law
          3. Human Rights must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws
          (Not to be confused with Bill of Rights: the unalienable rights for every human being to exercise).

          Thus, everyone must go to their home for their protection.

          Why Sweden did not drive a lockdown, therefore needs further examination.

          *Thank you for bringinging me over from Karl Marx and talking to myself*

        • “Sweden’s chief epidemiologist and the architect of its light-touch approach to the coronavirus has acknowledged that the country has had too many deaths from Covid-19 and should have done more to curb the spread of the virus.

          Anders Tegnell, who has previously criticised other countries’ strict lockdowns as not sustainable in the long run, told Swedish Radio on Wednesday that there was “quite obviously a potential for improvement in what we have done” in Sweden.

          Asked whether too many people in Sweden had died, he replied: “Yes, absolutely,” adding that the country would “have to consider in the future whether there was a way of preventing” such a high toll.”

          Maybe, like any country going from Socialism to Communism, paralyzed just before their Night of the Long Knives from Stalin, to Hitler, to Hussain, no one was willing to stick their necks out? A committee of people-pleasers no longer confident in their little empires and checking who’s behind them?

          “Our study shows that individually driven infection-control measures can have a substantial effect on national outcomes, and we see Sweden as a good example of this case,” said co-auth0r Peter Kasson from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and Uppsala University. “Higher levels of individual action would further suppress the infection, while a complete lack of individual action would likely have led to runaway infection, which, fortunately, hasn’t happened.”

          The analysis finds that nearly a third of Swedish residents voluntarily self-isolated.”

          For the belief that a Chief Medical Officer can force people where they can and cannot smoke in a private business, justs expands. And so maybe it was only the indigenous Swedes who self-isolated and would do so anyway with or without a Stasi or Nazi politi-police to spotcheck their progress?

          • only the indigenous Swedes who self-isolated

            Or those with high enough IQ to know that Sweden is generous with terminal sedation for certain demographics.

          • Perhaps Sweden “getting this right” was their common sense, or logic, kicking in before their communist minds has time to take charge. This northern white tribe, so far from the Serengeti, will vow to do better next time. For the globalist good.

            (I hope I’m wrong.)

            • There is a darker answer though Johnny.

              Perhaps because Sweden is already communist or tied in with the agenda closely enough, they didnt have to destroy themselves. The US, Canada and GB and any place with a non-communist population or leader still has to be destroyed.

              It does explain where the covid responses are the most harsh. In NZ where they have a libertarian public but a commie leader, much like the parts of Australia that have commie governors and libertarian people, germany, and so on. We see what’s happening.

              • Hadn’t considered that.
                But given the spectacle of the recent WEF pow-pow, it doesn’t sound all that tin-hat.

                I’m trying to sort this out in the context of responses to the Uke/Nato war against Russia. It’s tied in, for sure.

          • no one was willing to stick their necks out?
            There may be a karmic cost to staying in your safe space, not sticking your neck out while your neighbor is being butchered.

            It may be that three generations of guilt, too deep to access, took Sweden from extremes of sanctimony to collective, national shaheed.
            Who knows?

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