Covid case rates and death rates are grotesque exaggerations that DO NOT justify these totalitarian measures forced on us





Sweden: Lockdown Facts Fauci Won’t Tell You

Sweden, a nation with a population less than that of Los Angeles, is a highly developed industrial country that is famous for inventing, designing and producing things like the adjustable wrench, ball bearings, pacemakers, dynamite, the Gripen jet fighter, the SAAB automobile and highly advanced naval vessels and submarines. 

As their history also tells us, Swedes are not given to mass hysteria, fear, or believing in hasty actions. So, when COVID-19 appeared they examined the threat and dealt with it calmly and logically. Unlike the U.S. and other industrialized countries, they did not lock down their country. Instead, the Swedish government simply banned meetings of more than 50, asked citizens to use social distancing, and asked senior citizens to avoid contact with others as much as they could. Masks were not required or even suggested. Instead, Swedes were asked to exercise, work, keep their businesses open, and lead their lives as if they were experiencing an annual flu seasonSchools, shops, restaurants, and industry remained open.

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Germany: SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY Doctors question the Covid overreaction

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Quebec, we are told, is the great Covid Mother-load. They routinely close the bridges to Quebec, although the big reported deaths appear to be from a criminal run nursing home where all the staff ran and abandoned the patients when this thing first hit.

Thank you MissPiggy for your efforts digging out this critical information for the reality impaired.

Clearly the disease does not justify the measures taken. At no point did any of the predictions about the disease come to pass. In the world of real science, a model or theory is only as good as its predictive value. And the predictive value of all models used to justify these totalitarian measures is ZERO.

But in politics, the ends justify the means and the ends is rarely if ever about what is true or good for the public. And the means can include genocide and the wiping out of entire nations.

Meanwhile in Brussels, due to rising “case” numbers…

But never mind the hundreds and hundreds of doctors that are trying to tell us that the disease is not that dangerous, that HCQ does effectively treat it when caught early, and that vaccines are not effective against Covid virus. Lets listen to a real expert help us continue to live in fear and get the injection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chelsea Clinton:

It might be a good idea though, to copy political authority on vaccinations.

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