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16 Replies to “Brad Johnson speaks to the curious actions of Seattle City Council to eliminate the police”

  1. Commendation to Brad Johnson here for giving some shape to the cosmic dust of chaos. It’s not easy, but he really manages to articulate it. Communism pretends to pay you if you pretend to work. This is why so many Soviet citizens spent so much time drunk on the job. When you’re not allowed to have skin in the game (private property) you have no reason to care. And we now see some people get to excuse themselves from wearing masks, so we get a peek at the elitism in play. This is a horror taking shape before our eyes.

    Now that the outline of totalitarianism is visible to Joe Blow, there is no excuse to not call it out for what it is. With this also comes the responsibility of all opinion leaders to speak up. Silence is truly starting to matter, and it ain’t golden.

    For once and for all it is time for the high flyers of our societies to condemn the tyranny taking shape. I know this sounds like just more empty words, but it’s more than that because it has become a litmus test. If you’re not with us, you’re against us Mr. Gates, Mr. Fauci, Mr. Bezos, Mr. Soros, Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Obama, Mr. Buffett, Mr. Trudeau, et al.

    Praxis? Wow. I didn’t know this word. Gotta love english. The whole damned mess of communism is nothing but a giant praxis, and this game of robbers without cops is just a miniature fractal of the larger shape of tyranny repeated.

  2. Thank you, Brad and Vlad.
    I could only listen to half of this presentation, though it was worthwhile to learn — in essence — that anarchy and its opposite are in reality two sides of the same lunatic coin, minted by people whose minds lack a basic understanding of human nature.

    And I have a fix for that: When we clean up this mess and wrest away control of our schools from the destructionists, the leading core requirement will be a study of the Book of Proverbs — applicable to all people at all times. For example:

    Proverbs 28:19 — He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

  3. This is going to create a situation where either the State Government or the Federal Government is forced to step in and take over Seattle. This action may be one of the goals of the Left, they are timing this so any move may (which will have to be made by the Feds) will happen a short time before the election. Remember the goal of the left is always the revolution, every move they make is to further the revolution. Some of the left probably understand that this move will drive people away from the Dems and their Marxist policies but this is going to be red meat to the Radical Base of the Dems and they will be emboldened by this action. They want their base worked up, active and violent they think that they can use the violence to terrorize the rest of us into accepting their Marxist goals if they are violent enough. This tactic rarely works in a nation with an armed citizenry but the left thinks that because we (the patriots) haven’t turned to violence by now we will never turn to violence to protect ourselves.

    • I agree with you. It’s all about timing. It may just be the Feds will have to move in to safeguard the electoral process.

      • If they don’t move earlier that will be what forces them to move, this will cause the left to scream and riot even more. It’s all about the revolution and anything that helps the revolution is good.

        • It has been a long time since we have had a President with that type of nerve. Things are going to get real interesting between now and November.

  4. “Property Healthy for Man”
    By Russell Kirk – September 1, 1964


    So it is necessarily evil to be rootless, to own nothing, to be simply a little insecure speck in a kind of tapioca pudding society. And the more personal a piece of property is, the healthier for man it becomes. Merely owning a stock certificate or a bond or a deposit book does not satisfy the instinct for property — though doubtless this is better than no property at all.

    Thus the crofter in the Heb­rides, or the Portuguese fisher­man in his tiny cottage, in one considerable sense is a happier and truer man than the most suc­cessful industrial manager in So­viet Russia. He possesses his own little domain, while the industrial commissar is lost in an imper­sonal, propertyless, gray insect world.

    “Mike Church Show Transcript – Interview With Winston Elliott III From The Imaginative Conservative”
    Mike Church – July 15, ?

    Mike: Just as an example, I was reading between your lines yesterday before I was talking with Winston. I brought up private property. Property is a natural right, right?

    Birzer: Yeah, and it may be the fundamental one. Certainly that’s what Russell Kirk argued in the ‘50s and ‘60s, that if there were to be a recognition of natural rights, property would be the one that we would recognize anywhere. What he meant by that was not he who dies with the most stuff wins or he who has the biggest property or house wins. I think in our culture, even those of us who love property and property rights, we’ve kind of perverted it towards a lustful acquisition. What Kirk meant, and from what I read of the founders, especially people like James Wilson and John Dickinson, what they meant by property was that you had ownership of self, and nobody had the right to interfere with the very development of who you, Mike, or I, Brad, or any of the listeners or anyone else, no one has a right to interfere with that. We only have a right to leaven it, to make it better, but not to interfere with it. Property is not meant to be some greedy thing of acquisition. It’s really almost synonymous with life and liberty, that is I have ownership of self. That’s my right. God made me and he gave me conscience and freewill and a soul, and I’m meant to develop who and what I am. I can use it poorly, of course. I can do terrible things, but I also have the right to do right things.

      by Gary Shattuck – June 3, 2014

      They shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree;
      and none shall make them afraid. – Micah 4:4

      “Lorenzo of BLM confronts Business owners who dared to remove signs posted on their building.” Pittsburgh, PA
      Turn NYC Red – July 2, 2020

      Lorenzo of BLM confronts Business owners (Grimes Interiors) who dared to remove signs posted on their building.

          • A family business like this, an inspiring American slice of life. Good people need help!
            – – I’d like to see 200-deep retired LEO and vets watching over them.
            (Probably need way fewer, bully weasels turn coward on a dome.)

            • – – I’d like to see 200-deep retired LEO and vets watching over them.

              That is coming, the closer we get to the election the more violent that left gets and the closer we get to organized self defense on the part of the law abiding.

              The people who don’t study history don’t realize that vigilante action starts once the majority of the people decide that the legal system has broken down and that the current political leadership won’t fix the problem. The historical revisionists have been vilifying the vigilantes in San Francisco and Virginia City Wyoming for about 60 years but both groups were created to stop criminal gangs (in many ways much like Antifa) from taking over those cities. Also Elliot Ness was given his job in Chicago during Prohibition because a group of business owners organized and forced FDR and the DC swamp to move to protect the honest people in Chicago.

              In the first two cases the vigilantes relied on exile from the cities with hanging as a last resort. In the latter case Ness didn’t try to get convictions on the people he arrested he concentrated on seizing and destroying the breweries and booze stockpiles. (He also seized records that helped the FBI build the income tax case against Capone) He told the people he was going to try and take enough money away from the mob that they could no longer afford to bribe the street cops.

              His plan worked but that is ignored by the left who criticize him for not allowing the mob to continue to supplies booze.

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