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17 Replies to “Brad Johnson discusses the politics around Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. I take exception to one thing Brad says: if the Dems win in November we will not be back to status-quo corruption. Rather, it will be a living hell for conservatives. Much worse than it is now. In fact it will be a living hell for progressives, too.

    Parse the landscape. AOC and her fellow hijackers of the Democratic party hold Nancy Pelosi and her old-guard ilk in complete contempt. We know this because radical ideologues offers no olive branches to Nancy Pelosi. They don”t say, “…let’s meet in the middle, Nancy…” No. They say, “…follow us, or else, you worn out old bag…” The middle is dead and buried, and was never even eulogized.

    Progressives who hold good-paying government jobs, professionals, comfortably middle-class types who live in nice houses or condos, and whose lives seem so nicely sewn up, are about to have their fragile bubbles burst. Why?

    Bad parenting. Sorry. Wish I could come up with some sexy-smart, less trite answer.

    Every day is a parade, a festival, a riot of bad behavior. The brat(s) is out of the bag now. In fact, parenting has been so bad for so long we have 60 and 70-year olds–multi-generations–who don’t understand the basic concept of accountability.

    The result is a critical mass of the demographic comprised of entitled hyenas. Vicious, petulant, politicized savages who readily lash out violently to get their own way, just as a spoiled child does, only it’s hardly a child. I don’t give a damn if it’s their way of telling the absent mommy or daddy in their stunted life how much they hate them. It’s too late now to tell them to grow up.

    I won’t touch armchair psychology any more than that. We have pros on staff at VTB for this, so let’s call it common sense, instead, and move on.

    That 22-year old pretty young white thing sitting on the steps of her parents’ million-dollar brownstone down the street from me, stroking the head of her black boyfriend, has a nice little pet. And that black boyfriend being stroked has his trophy pet, in turn. Every progressive type, including that girl’s secretly-bristling, truth-defying mother and stepfather has their own virtue pet. Just stroke it for social-justice points right up until the hyenas boot in the door of your precious bubble and announce that your fake goodness still isn’t enough for them. It never will be, just as children whose parents never say no will never be satisfied. You see? It makes too much sense that AOC, along with all her radical minions, never had their feet touch the ground financially. And incidentally, the virtue being “signalled” by that white girl is a different brand from the one her boyfriend signals. Both say, “Look what I’ve got,” but from different angles we all intuitively understand. Each is a reprehensible product of bad parenting.

    So no, the status-quo corruption Brad refers to, the way I see it, will be replaced by a cancellation culture amped-up to be more fitting for an end-game scenario. It will look different from the current cancel culture because the “brat” received its electoral pat on the head. This will invigorate, enbolden and empower it to new heights of brutality.

    I guess every communist revolution comes in slightly different flavours, even if the end result is the same.

    This time, maniac billionaires created by endgame Keynesian economics arrived at the top of their financial universe and saw the only other peak left to conquer was called Mount Power. The nature of THAT beast was simply to do what they have always done, which is to use every tool at their disposal to just keep climbing. The twist this time also includes the demolition of the first mountain they so nimbly scaled. Somebody should have spanked them when they had the chance.

    • from November to inauguration January — can’t imagine anything but non-stop urban riots. If we are lucky, an American military junta emerges; unlucky is a foreign power providing releif from the mayhem. Over at Ann Corcoran’s blog, she is prompting her readers to prepare to function despite the chaos–I assume she means food, water, and protecting property. I know of people in urban areas who have identified where they will shelter.

    • After the election there will be absolute chaos, if Trump wins the left will go crazy and start trying to punish everyone they think voted for Trump. If the Dems win the left will go crazy and start punishing everyone that doesn’t toe their crazy revolutionary line. either way there will be a civil war that will be mainly centered around the big cities.

      If the Dems win there will probably be a war in the Far East, the US will be tied up with a Civil War and the military will not be allowed to help our friends in that region. This is why the Asian Nations are forming an alliance to fight China.

      In the Middle East Turkey is moving to position themselves for a major war in the MIdeast if the Dems win.

      When Trump wins and the Dems start making the current chaos seem peaceful both China and Turkey will move and we will have two regional wars with a civil war in the US and a Military establishment that will have to abandon one of the wars to fight the other enemy. Right now China is the major enemy and will be the one we have to confront, we will give Israel and Egypt all of the help we can but our main effort will be in the Far East.

      • that sounds better than the junta; thanks.
        Somehow the thing about schools and colleges being in session is a pivotal factor–how so?

        • If the left wins I think everything will be as peaceful as promised and people will say, “Thank God that’s over” as the masks go away and the stores open and the riots stop. “I’m so thankful that I voted for the Democrats and we can get back to normal…”. “Thank God that awful Orange Man is gone…”.

          Then, after a little while, they’ll begin stealthily implementing their totally insane policies and the country will start nose-diving into totalitarianism and massive organ failure. Just imagine the ways they will come up with to torture us and get our money over climate change. Practically everything we do has some relation to CO2 so your “carbon footprint” could be a reason to do absolutely anything to control you.

          And how about those “open borders”? Sound like a plan? And “defunding” the police? Excellent? Oh, and how about reparation money transferred from whites to blacks over slavery? What could go wrong…? And then there’s replacing the First Amendment with the more sensible “hate-speech laws”. Oh, and I almost forgot about banning the Second Amendment and coming for your guns, unless you’re a criminal, of course…

          And that’s what will happen if the Democrats win. Then Joe will sink into dementia and Kamela Harris will be the Queen of America and the thousand-year Democrat Reich will begin as the foreign illegal Democrat-voters flood over the borders by the millions to nullify the votes of the moribund Americans who will just be another minority…

          And “The Squad” will go from four to six to ten to a hundred…

          • The leaders would want that to happen but the mob will consider the win by the Dems to be proof that their tactics work. The mob will start going really ape chasing anyone they suspect of supporting Trump. Remember most of the mob aren’t trained disciplined troops, they are either privileged Collage Students or gang bangers. neither group and disciplined or inclined to obey orders. They will have the bit in their teeth and will start on a witch hunt rather like the Terror just after the French Revolution.

  2. PM Modi is selling Putin and Bibi all the HCQ they require. So scarcity isn’t the determinative in either country.

    Israel’s lockdown preceded that of the USA. Their intelligence agencies are more trustworthy than ours, informing all govt decisions. We can assume they are liaising with their counterparts in Singapore.

    I cannot see the PM of Israel collaborating in a hoax to bring down PTrump. It just doesn’t add up.

    Would Bibi be a party to obscuring the definitive cure for the Wuhan coronavirus for filthy lucre? Costing so many lives? Sabotaging the national stability that’s his hallmark?

    We’re missing something bigger.

    • Not to discount the filthy lucre aspect.
      Big Pharma has a massive motive for hype.

      Everybody everywhere is scrambling to seize the moment. The pandemic is a bonanza for biomedical R&D and agile tech merchants, among others.

      ~ As well as frauds and kooks who always proliferate in times like these ~

  3. “We could end this thing in 45 days.”
    But then the crisis would be over and with it the pretext for upending our way of life, destroying our nation, and so many other “benefits” our maniacal enemies have in mind for us.
    And these enemies are legion.

  4. Cheap and easy treatment and preventative for Chinese flu

    No way big pharma will allow this , not just that Trump promotes it

    Fear and submission for the masses
    Now in moronland we are all under mandatory mask wearing
    for how long? Till fear pervades all areas of society
    Till a vac is ready and all the masses rush to get it

    Trillions of bucks for faggot Fauci gates all who hold stocks in the
    Companies that get a vac

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