THIS is the video Twitter censored Donald Trump Jr. from promoting

Agree or disagree with Hydroxychloroquine treatment, the way the elite, both political and industrial, are treating the public in totalitarian and unacceptable. Traditional Media and amazingly, even more so, social media these days are violating ethics and even laws to shape the ideosphere, the cosmos of thought, to conform to one narrative using grotesque vagaries like “potentially harmful information”.

Don Jr. was promoting the video below for which Twitter censored him, as well as the video.

(Skip ahead to about 4 minutes for the start)

Either you are a citizen and capable of making your own decisions, or you are a servant of the state. In Canada it is more clear each day which we are. In the US, its about direction.

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  1. I want to see Ted Cruz hone in on this and prosecute the murdering effing bastards who have been homicidally conspiring to keep the public from using hydroxychloroquine and to worsen the effects of the “pandemic” when they knew all along that it was the only known treatment for the virus. That’s bloody murder in my books, folks. If I see you are sick and dying and I prevent you from getting the cure in order to benefit myself that sure as hell is murder, not “freedom of speech” or just an opinion. I want to see people charged with premeditated mass-murder and I want to see them imprisoned for life or executed by lethal injection. These murdering bastards deserve to be sent to jail for life. Do you hear that, Nancy? Do you hear that, Jerry? Do you hear that, Joe? Run with it Trump. Start with Dr. “Blood-on-his-hands” Fauci. I’ll betcha anything he has some kind of deal going with Remdesivir – either investment or straight payoff…

    • FYI: The US Senate doesn’t have the power to prosecute anyone, all they can do is investigate and refer their findings to the Department of Justice.

  2. I’d like to see a few thousand doctors like the ones above all addressing the US Congress and explaining to them that Hydroxychloqine works against COVID-19 but has been hard to administer because the Democrats keep putting obstacles in the way of their use of the drug “cocktail” in order to murder as many people as possible and then blame it on Donald Trump through the ever-complicit lying media…

    I pray that will lead to charges being laid and prison sentences being handed out. I am totally outraged that the Democrats are committing murder so capriciously and so frequently that they are starting to infringe on the records of such people as Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. I wonder, for instance, how many people have died needlessly due to their campaign against hydroxychloroquine? A million? I think they’ve got Pol Pot beat… Certainly the Rwandan genocide. They have definitely surpassed the Rwandan genocide! Lousy murdering goddamn effing bloody no-good bastards!!!

    Nail ’em to the cross, Ted! No anesthetic! Make ’em cry. Let Nancy meet her maker wearing an orange jumpsuit with “M”- for “murderer” branded on her evil botoxed forehead. Like, this is way worse than Nero fiddling while Rome burned or Caligula bringing a horse into the Senate. This is cold-blooded mass murder of completely innocent people. There must be justice!!!

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