Hydroxychloroquine and other communist fronts against freedom and Western individualism: Links 1, July 26, 2020

1. More doctors speak to the use of Hydroxychloroquine and the propaganda and political war against it.

(Watching this debate reminds me of some of the thinking of Dr, Thomas Szasz, who feels that the entire government permission for certain medications is infantilizing the population and people should be able to buy any medications they want and its up to them to determine its value and risks. If government is so worried about the risks to the public who use HCQ, then let them sign a waver so all responsibility is on them for taking it.)

Also please see this: More Evidence Presented for Why Hydroxychloroquine Should be Made Available, in a New Court Filing by AAPS


2. NFAC member shoots and injures 3 in Louisville, KY

Ahead of a march held by the all-black “Not F***ing Around Coalition” militia aka “NFAC” in Louisville, Kentucky Saturday afternoon, one member accidentally discharges his weapon, injuring three at the scene. See the march video itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPM-K… Filmed by Ford Fischer

The march:

3. Fascinating to hear him describe burning federal and government buildings and hurling missiles and incendiary devices at authorities as “his rights”.

4. A pretty excellent example of Twitter values and standards

5. Apparently peaceful protestors need shields that protect from some ordnance

6. Orthodox Jewish man in NYC attacked for being an orthodox Jewish man in NYC. 

(What!?! no army of well armed Jewish people demanding stuff? Oh right the Orthodox actually do face real racist hate crimes and are not communists. So no, they don’t do that)

7. If anyone is looking to buy a home in Seattle, wait a few weeks and you may get one very cheaply.

8. The Secretary General helps us remember that first and foremost he is a communist, and intends to do whatever he can, including use the response to the Covid 19 which makes it look much worse than it actually was, to recreate the world in a Neo-Marxist image.

In case you do not know the background of Guterres…

Thank you M., EB., Wrath of Khan, Ruth Jones, PC., Babs, Gates of Vienna, and MANY more who pushed through the weekend to send in materials that matter.

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