Ontario MPP draws parallels between modern Covid “ultra-vires” actions and historical tyrannies: Links 1, July 24, 2020

1. China sowing its evil seed in more places

Yesterday we posted a strip of newspaper about an unusual tactic of war, but fully within the Chinese manual of unrestricted warfare, of how people in the UK had been receiving unsolicited  packets of seeds in the mail. The recipients appeared to have been selected by anyone who had bought seeds from Amazon.xxx. Now this is being reported in Utah as well. Although it likely means this is everywhere. Is this an invasive species where they are hoping that people will plant something that will do great damage to the local balance of nature? Drugs? Genetically modified plants that will do some other form of more direct harm to people?

(Please click through to see the video. The embeded code I used changed itself to a weather report.)

[…] She posted about the strange incident on Facebook, where some of her friends reminded her plants and seeds are strictly regulated in Utah.

FOX 13 has confirmed the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food will likely team up with Customs and Border Protection agents to investigate.

An employee with the Utah Department of Agriculture picked up the seeds within a few hours of learning about the incident.

Culley said she was surprised to learn the same thing has happened to “at least 40 people” who either publicly commented or privately responded to her post. Most of them live in Tooele. […]

Related article in the UK’s Daily Star worth a look.

2. Mark Steyn wrote a piece worthy of the issue on how orchestras have decided to abandon merit in favour a more distributed Pantone chart of skin colours. So symphonies could well be on the list of things to avoid in the near future with some professional sports. Mind you that doesn’t mean that more local merit based, apolitical sports won’t be available until they get popular and certainly excellent players may find a way to book venues and do concerts. But in terms of the official and ‘traditional’ ways of taking in these events, the Marxist engine of dialectic destruction has now gotten around to symphony orchestras.

[…] Tommasini begins his piece, entitled “To Make Orchestras More Diverse, End Blind Auditions“, by decrying the racism and sexism which, he claims, kept the orchestras of yesteryear predominantly white and male. He then pays tribute to the simple practice that helped erase that racism and sexism from orchestra hiring procedures: the blind audition. Starting in the late 1960s, orchestras began ditching traditional face-to-face auditions in favour of auditions that took place behind screens. With orchestra administrators no longer able to see the race or sex of the orchestra applicant, conscious and unconscious bias in hiring choices became impossible. Musical skill became the sole criterion for winning one of those prized professional playing positions.

This meritocratic turn, Tommasini argues, proved especially beneficial to female players. Whereas in 1970, women made up only 6% of orchestras, they now make up somewhere between a third and half of an average orchestra.

I add that audiences also benefited from meritocratic hiring processes as orchestras played increasingly brilliant renditions of the classics. Those improved performances also showed greater reverence for the original composers themselves. In short, the blind audition was a big win for all lovers of musical excellence – players, living composers, and fans alike.

So why on earth would anyone now call for their abolition?

Tommasini answers this way:

“Blind auditions changed the face of American orchestras. But not enough. American orchestras remain among the nation’s least racially diverse institutions, especially in regard to black and Latino artists…Ensembles must be able to take proactive steps to address the appalling racial imbalance that remains in their ranks. Blind auditions are no longer tenable”. […]

(Please read the rest over at Steynonline)

3. Please read this letter from one of the last, if not the last, member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament to represent the law and the people, to the highly paternal Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Notice his use of the term, Ultra-Vires. This is the first time I have seen someone in government who are supposed to protect the people and the rule of law, use this important term which could and should be the complete undoing of the new counter-state based on fiat instead of legislation.

George Soleas
President and CEO
Liquor Control Board of Ontario
4th Floor, 55 Lake Shore Blvd East
Toronto, ON M5E 1A4
via email: george.soleas@lcbo.com
16 July 2020

Dear Mr. Soleas;
It has come to my attention that a number of LCBO locations are acting ultra vires of the law on
mandatory masking. I have received a number of complaints from the public and licensed
vendors specifically about the LCBO location in Perth, Ontario.

As an Agency of the Government of Ontario, the LCBO has a fiduciary obligation to ensure that
their employees are fully aware of the specifics, including the mandated exemptions in the local
Health Unit’s mandatory mask order.

For greater clarity, there are a number of citizens who due to a disability, either pulmonary
disabilities, mental health, cardio-vascular disability, or PTSD (as a few examples), cannot wear
a mask.
It violates our Charter Rights to deny someone with a disability access to services, especially
those that are single source services provided by the Government of Ontario. At minimum, you
have a duty to accommodate those who cannot wear masks, by following the mandatory mask
orders issued and allowing someone unable to wear a mask to enter the store, to have staff
assist in the shopping experience, or to offer some “curbside pick-up” alternative.
It is against the law for anyone, other than a health agent identified in the Personal Health
Information Protection Act, to ask someone what health condition prevents them from wearing
a mask.

Violating the directives provided in the mandatory mask order could result in the LCBO being
subject in a Human Rights lawsuit or a Charter Rights lawsuit. I have made it clear to both local
businesses in my riding, and to my constituents, that I will provide whatever assistance and aide
I can to assist them in executing proceedings against any who have legitimate reason and cause
to believe their Charter Right to be free from discrimination because of a disability was
trampled upon.

In a time when compassion and understanding for the unique nature of every individual’s
health and well-being ought to be paramount, we are instead seeing people insulted, rejected,
and vilified by agents of the LCBO.
I trust the LCBO will take the necessary steps to ensure all of their operators, managers and
staff are acutely aware of the law, and the exemptions the law provides for. We are a nation of
laws, and any agency of the government believes it can operate ultra vires of the law ought to
be held accountable and dismantled.

The Rt. Hon. MPP Randy Hiller also has a couple of excellent Facebook posts about the facts around Ontario’s response to Covid and important questions those facts raise. In this post he raises parallels from history on how totalitarian regimes spring up from “Pandemics”. 

Both of those links are Facebook. If this is a problem for anyone, it is for me in a way, let me know in the comments and Ill do my best to post screen grabs here.

4. North Carolina professor is found dead weeks after taking early retirement following online petition to get him fired over tweet where he dubbed State governor ‘Massa Cooper’ and compared coronavirus restrictions to a ‘slave state’

A North Carolina professor has been found dead just a week before he was set to take early retirement following an online petition to have him fired for his controversial social media comments. 

Deputies discovered the body of University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor Mike Adams, 55, while performing a wellness check at his home at around 2pm Thursday.

Police are conducting an investigation and did not release additional details about the circumstances of Adams’ death.

Adams had a history of making misogynistic and racist comments on social media, and his death comes less than a month after the university announced he would retire. 

(Wellness Check? In an Orwellian state, I have a pretty good idea of what a Wellness Check would mean. But what is it in North Carolina at this time? Does this mean that groups like ANTIFA etc. are now murdering people for “Wrong Think” even after they have been “Cancelled”? It is noteworthy that the Daily Mail article is written almost to justify his murder by framing his tweets as capitol offences. For Example, Johns Hopkins also says that Transsexualism is a mental illness but the cosmetic surgery does not alleviate the symptoms so they stopped doing it.)

5. Dr. Zelenko is out of surgery and is doing well.

6. This clip has been sent in by many people across multiple platforms. While this mirror of it shows under 2000 views, it has to have millions overall. He is certainly right about how we have to view politicians. They are not of us anymore.

7. City of Chicago pulls down Columbus Statue

8. More proof that the whole Russia investigation was in fact an attempt to unseat a duly elected President.

9. Parents in Portland Parade their Progeny with profanities

10. Start checking your receipts. You might be funding the enemy

***CORRECTION: A number of sites, both MSM and new media, reputable like Heavy or compromised like Snopes, have all come out and said that this receipt is a hoax.***

In terms of reporting on BLM however, the fact that MSM has not reported that this is in reality a Marxist organization usurping the narrative on Black people world wide to lubricate the transition to Marxism in the West is such an enormous omission that the truth or falsity of this minor claim of funding BLM via a surcharge, when we know that major corporations and sports orgs. are funding them to the tunes of millions, feels a little like an Alinsky rule 4 tactic. That is to say, we, the non-Marxists, the individualists and actual liberals, are being forced to adhere to a standard at such a staggeringly high degree that its nearly impossible to maintain it and actually get informaiton out there. Meanwhile the MSM, CBC as one example, fictionalizes real events for the narrative and faces no backlash except from the few both awake, and brave enough to suffer the consequences of calling them out. This does not mean that we should publish false information. Only that it is extremely difficult to check everything that comes in that seems worthy of posting.

MANY things we are sent don’t pass the smell test and are discarded. But this seemed in the grand view of today’s zeitgeist to be a very likely true compared to much more horrifying things which are established fact.

Thank you Tania Groth, M., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ1967, Yucki, Will, and MANY more. its frantic here today. A lot to try and process. But I hope you all take a minute or three and read all the posts linked by MPP Randy Hillier. It’s quite encouraging to see these words from a Member of the legislature. Randy has always been one of the bright lights. A few years ago, he brought Jordan Peterson to a small town arena to speak, just outside of Ottawa. This requires convictions, and the courage to live those convictions.

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  1. 5. Dr. Zelenko is out of surgery and is doing well.

    This looks extremely serious. He’s not just going in for a quick stent installed in the cath-lab – he’s had lung cancer, lost a lung, and God-knows-what has gone wrong now. I will most certainly pray for Dr. Zev Zelenko. Let’s hope he lives to hear an apology from the Democrats for slandering his life-saving work so grievously without a scrap of real proof to back up their lies…

  2. 3-
    I am triggered. Too much clarity and common sense for my modifying sensibilities. I say modifying because we all are undergoing a metamorphosis. Our normalcy biases are breaking down whether we know it or not.

    The mass line attacks are seeping into the common person. They now know things aren’t right, even if they cannot put their fingers on why.

    These damned masks. If only I could get my hands around the necks of the bastards who put us here. I’d strangle them dead, I tell you. Look at what they’ve done. I know someone knows. Someone way high up. George Soros or Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton. Someone somewhere has a little white cat in their lap. They’re stroking saying “yes, yes…”.

  3. 10.
    ‘”Fact Checks
    Did Kroger Receipt Include a Charge for Black Lives Matter?
    An altered receipt misled some on social media.
    PUBLISHED 24 JULY 2020

    A Kroger receipt shows the grocery chain is adding a charge to customer transactions in order to raise funds for Black Lives Matter.


    In late July 2020, Snopes readers inquired about an image circulating on social media that lead some to believe the grocery chain Kroger was collecting money for the Black Lives Matter movement from its customers.

    Black Lives Matter is a national racial justice movement that originated in the 2010s in response to police killings and violence against Black Americans. After Black Lives Matter protests swept the nation in the spring of 2020, Kroger did announce that through its charitable foundation, it would create a $5 million fund “to improve social diversity, equity and inclusion.”

    The image in question purportedly showed a Kroger receipt itemizing a carton of milk for $2.39 and a “BLM CHARGE” (circled in red in the photo above) of 59 cents.

    But Kroger isn’t adding a fee to customer transactions in order to raise money for Black Lives Matter. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the image was altered from an actual receipt showing 59 cents charged for a “change shortage.”’

    • Snopes has been totally and utterly discredited. It is a narrative affirmation machine. The original couple who started it, let’s just say the story gets lurid. The man ran up a huge debt with the woman he left his wife for, it goes on from there.

      You will find that Snopes pretty much confirms or denies based on its use for the Narrative. They may be right but they will spin it.

      Check out the post on Trump saying that Hillary Clinton acid washed her hard drive. They say that trump’s statement was False. That is because she actually used Bleach Bit. Or vice versa. But they did not bother to explain that in spirit he was correct. She DID delete the data on the drive in order not to be caught for crimes. They made it look like Trump lied about it because he named the wrong process.

        • This matter of “trust”.

          It is, about bias and spin. About deception and falsehoods. About selling out and corruption. About power and staus. About being got at and intimidated. About intention.

          The organs that started off as “do no evil” often become dependent on those they serve, having to follow the majority-will of their customers or to manipulate and control them. To stimulate, upset or pacify the body, mind and soul.

          Hence, discernment between the Narrative (sequences of little lies) and the Big Lie.

          Are their many false BLM police ‘racist’ incidents?

          Are there many Kroger BLM receipts, or just one?

  4. 2 When back in bed for prolonged stays I once lived by the FM classical music station. Oh there was occasionally something distastefully modern or some wan piece by a thankfully unknown female composer popped in to show that they were trying to be fair and honestly I do care who wrote what so long as it is decent and that has always been my only criterion: it has to be listenable.
    In my latest sojourn under the blankets I was appalled: it was nothing but a swamp full of modern aural predators pretending to be music while the air was filled with the sounds of multiple unknown female composers, lost and found, and new and old.
    Poor old Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn were worked to death as was Hildegard of Bingem. Nothing wrong there as all three wrote some beautiful music as did the extremely occasional previously unknown. But the majority of the sounds were simply musical trash and when they started adding African “classical” it was the last straw and they can shove their diversity up their nether end.
    Hang on to your old LPs and CD as when the new diverse orchestras hit the fan…. oops.. scene their value will snowball.
    My better half has been turning his father’s LP collection into MP3s by making recordings with the stylus (ONLY..not the cartridge) in a drop of water which removes 99% of the hiss and crackle, but he is only halfway though and is fading. However those that he has made keep me sane now.
    BTW any Bruckner lovers should try to obtain a copy of the completed last movement of his 9th symphony as performed by the ? SPCM Swedish RSO under Harding as it is the ONLY completion attempt that gets close to the original IMVHO and the “senile” old man was far from it.

  5. 3/ Roger Waters.

    Farrakhan and the Filthy Turk have sensible riffs, plenty of charisma and zeal. They also challenge “narratives” – I’m REALLY getting tired of that word – we might find that refreshing. They also have outsized platforms. Hitler had his moments, too.

    Waters is profoundly evil.
    Better buried in silence. Or, if that’s not practical, reduce his view score to 2000.

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