Tyrannies form because we submit to tyrants: Links 1, July 13, 2020

1. I wonder how Joe Biden’s campaign is coming along

2. So basically, muslims took a baby’s body out of a cemetery because it was the wrong sort of muslim, and the other living muslims felt this baby muslim was not muslim enough to share the same soil as the other dead muslims. The parents must be devastated.

Police have not filed any case yet over the disinterring of the body of a new-born from the government graveyard in Brahmanbaria on Thursday allegedly by a group of people as the baby belonged to Ahmadyya community.


Saiful Islam, the father of the baby, said that her wife Swapna Begum gave birth to a premature baby at a local hospital in the Brahmanbaria town on July 7, but it died around 5:30am on July 9.


He said that Swapna’s family along with other Ahmadiyya families had been living for decades at Ghatura in Brahmanbaria Sadar and used the local government graveyard for burying their loved ones. The child was also buried at the graveyard around 7:00am.


Saiful alleged that, minutes after the burial, a crowd of 100-150 people, spreading anti-Ahmadiyya sentiment, disinterred the body of the child.


Saiful rushed to the graveyard only to find that the body of his baby lay on outside the graveyard by it boundary wall. The child, later, was buried at the graveyard at Kandirpar, Brahmanbaria, a place used only by Ahyamdiyyas for burying their dead.

3. Judge approves petition to recall Seattle mayor

(So this far at least, the system works)

SEATTLE — A King County Superior Court judge has approved a petition for an election to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.


The Seattle Times reports the ruling Friday on charges filed by a group of five people last month comes after weeks of local protests against racism and police brutality – sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


Once any recall petition is approved, signatures are needed to qualify for a special election ballot. The petitioners must, within 180 days, collect valid signatures from a number of voters equal to 25% of the votes cast in the last election. In this case, signatures from more than 50,000 Seattle voters would be needed.

4. Noteworthy moment in history

(This article on her activities is a worthy read at this time. The all female terrorist gang and attempted to thwart President Raegan’s re election by bombing Washington. Interesting that like the Che Guevara terrorist bombing group from Canada that planned to attack several major historical sites in the US while Che himself was being given the celebrity treatment by the UN and Hollywood stars in New York, probably none of us knew about either event. I wonder why that is?)

The bust marked the beginning of the end of the May 19th Communist Organization, the nation’s only woman-run terror group, William Rosenau recounts in “Tonight We Bombed the U.S. Capitol” (Atria), out Tuesday.


M19’s two-year bombing campaign in New York City and Washington, DC, aimed to cast a cloud over what President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign was promising: a sunny, prosperous “Morning in America.”


Reagan’s election in 1980 told the remnants of America’s radical left that the country had rejected their call to revolution.

(For more on Che, please read Exposing the Real Che Guevara.)

5. Tyrannies happen because we consent to them. Insight from FIVBE HUNDRED YEARS ago.

The book being discussed is available as a free PDF at this link.

6. 250 Year Old mission burned down.

(Surely someone who reads this site knows an actuarial that can tell us the changing cost of insuring Catholic places of worship. There are so many serious fires at Christian and especially Catholic buildings that we don’t even post them all anymore.)

7. Nigeria: Muslim leader says “O Kuffar, you have time to repent to Allah before Allah punishes you with our hands”

(There is an important point also in this article from Jihad Watch. A critical distinction between Christianity and Islam is that Islam believes that the followers of Islam are the instruments of Allah’s will. That it is there responsibility to bring on the end of days etc. Which explains all of the actions of the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Christians believe that Jesus will “Return like a thief in the night and no one shall know the hour of the coming”. The idea is that man’s actions have no impact on God’s will. This distinction is why Christianity when practiced according to scripture allows for civilization and cooperation while Islam is what we see it is for all of its history and everywhere it finds numbers.)

The Abubakar Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram, Jama’atu Ahlussunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad, has released a new video and confirmed its link with the armed groups in Niger State that also operate in the North-West.


According to HumAngle newspaper, the six minutes and five seconds video shows fully armed fighters speaking in Hausa, English and Kanuri.


“Special greetings from your jihadi brethren in the Lake Chad Basin. Greetings to our leader Abu Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Abubakar Asshakawy. FILE PHOTO

“My second message is for all of the Mujahideen, especially those close to us. We send you Islamic greetings.


“My other message is for all the unbelievers in the world. Repent, you still have time. And if you don’t, wait and see what will happen to you very soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Portland Oregon…

Thank you EB., M., PePi, PC., Ruth J., Mad W., and many more who are paying attention and will not submit.

Latvians honour all animals shot into space with giant statue that could be a prop for the next Planet of the Apes.

And also this.

(See item 5)

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5 Replies to “Tyrannies form because we submit to tyrants: Links 1, July 13, 2020”

  1. The feckless Seattle mayor is facing multiple lawsuits from businesses inside the people’s collective utopia zone and the comrades showed up at her McMansion.
    Those are the reasons that the golden paradise on earth was broken up.
    Some www pages are saying that Trump was also threatening federal intervention.

  2. “Tyrannies form because we submit to tyrants”

    Syllogisms for two brains:

    True statements (Left Brain)
    False statements get a pass (Right Brain told to shut up*, be silent* or neutralized*).
    Porcupines are monkeys.

    Black Lives Matter
    All Lives Matter Whites Are Racists (false)
    House of Diversity

    Women’s Lives Matter
    Men are Sexists (false)
    House of Equality

    muslim Lives Matter…
    Kufar are Mischievous (false)
    House of Peace

    LGBTQ Lives Matter
    Breeders are Homophobic (false)
    House of Gender

    First remove the feminine. To blind her with fears of her whole world ending.

    Next, to suppress the masculine with a Super Masculine outside themselves. The dhimmis ‘who shoots women in a barrel,’ the cucks ‘who draws the bitch out of her to serve them,’ or the sucks that replaces her entirely. Their only sense of manhood is lording over the female.

    These are not Adams and Eves. They sit at opposite sides of the red table, and not in each others arms. The male running into the female or the female running into the male for the greener grass. Nowhere to hide but under a tyrant. Adding more fodder to the factory from broken homes.

    The dream has gone for her, to own a picket fence and raise a family.

    Now all men can do is protect children from these, for them to love her and love the voice she once possessed and tricked, had given up in return for Pride.

    • “Christians believe that Jesus will “Return like a thief in the night and no one shall know the hour of the coming”.

      The idea is that man’s actions have no impact on God’s will.

      This distinction is why Christianity when practiced according to scripture allows for civilization and cooperation

      while Islam is what we see it is for all of its history and everywhere it finds numbers.)”

      The Last Day Adventists were Paulians, not Christians.

      The idea, that if you don’t be good, Jesus is going to kill you at any moment. This ‘wait until your father get’s home’ has passive-aggression all over it. God will Return.

      Hence, the stranger is not helped from love, but from virtue.

      Jesus-God easily morphs into the Church-God and thenthe State-God. Any negative thought is a Hate Crime just waiting for Jesuses to suddenly descend upon them.

      Jesus used the idea differently, because it was about preparedness, to not be caught short so you can deal with it. Christians are not passive to meet an immovable force. They know what they have, because they dug up.the field and found it. There is no faith or demonstration of submission, required.

      This is civilization.

  3. 2. So basically, Muslims took a baby’s body out of a cemetery…

    What is “fascism”? We use the word all the time but what does it mean? It’s not as if there’s a book somewhere that perfectly defines the word. but if there were I think the word that would best describe “fascism” is the word “Islam”. I think that “fascism” means the belief that your group has the right to literally kill and abuse any other group that gets in the way of your ascendancy and Islam does that perfectly. There are no Jews in Saudi Arabia because the Muslims committed genocide against them. Arabia used to have lots of Jews (Didn’t know that, did you…?”) but now there isn’t one. That’s “genocide” folks. It’s the belief that I have the right to smash you in the face and steal your stuff if you’re not part of my group and you’re getting in my way and I want your stuff…

    Islam defines “fascism”. Islam is the essence of “fascism”. The ultimate goal of Sunni Islam is the murder of every single human being on Earth except for their fellow Sunni Muslims and I’m sorry but I can’t think of anything more evil than that. Islam is at the very least, “fascism”…

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