Tucker Carlson show for July 13

I was personally really hoping that Tucker would cover the story about the young mother murdered in an ambush by communists in Indianapolis tonight. But his show does cover a number of critical issues including an interview with the man being charged with defending his own home.

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  1. Interview with Eric Metaxas is interesting.

    Religion has never been a big part of my life. I appreciate its sage advice, and I respect those who follow it, except for those who follow the cult of Peas.

    However Eric Metaxas speaks gingerly in terms of an evil that exists. He addresses it by describing it in precisely a manner that does not turn me away. Maybe it is because after he has finished his explaination I still can’t tell if he, himself, is religious. Somehow it has always been the case, for me, that the term “evil” sounded like it was coming from a person who was in some way closed by their religion, not opened or enabled by it, and I’m not quite sure why this is. Maybe it is because the born-again Christians I have met seemed to have tunnel vision. Perhaps I am hearing the word differently this morning because it is the second time in as many days I have heard someone describe this evil, and that person, too, is not particularly religious.

    That there are people who hate God, and even people who hate even the concept of a good God, is a revelation to me. Hating a concept is far different from disliking an idea, right? That these people belong to the cult of communism, which herein I won’t bother any longer distinguishing from fascism or socialism, is eye opening. It tells me the left is not indifferent to religion, because to be indifferent is to not care. (Ty Eeyore.) To the contrary, the left cares infinitely about God. It cares enough to hate him, to target him, and to strive to destroy him along with the ultimate authority he represents. This ultimate authority, recognized by the founding fathers of the United States, was done so for both the intellectual and spiritual bulwark it represents. It is a claim to ground that cannot be higher. This makes evil jealous, and drives it.

    So, as this autodidactic beginner mind discovers the meaning of a word that most others here have probably understood forever, I realize I expose myself to appearing quite stupid and slow. In fact, I won’t go so far as to say I look for these moments, but I will say I try not to shy away from them for precisely the reason most others will. I don’t care much for sounding sophisticated the same as I don’t care much for fancy clothes. Pride cometh before the fall, right? Therefore I must not allow myself to be too proud to humble myself before learning, even if I will appear ignorant. Now, how’s this for a greater wisdom?

    This time, at least, the devil didn’t make me do it.

  2. Love how all the usual suspects that parroted Russia collusion, Ukraine scandal, impeachment, are so generously offering Americans a utopian idea on policing.

    What could possibly go wrong?besides them replacing that power structure with something far more sinister that they now control.

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