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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the murder of a young mother by Marxists over non-submission to the BLM slogan”

  1. Dehumanizing your opponent followed by random murders of the opposition is the next step in their campaign. As this is going on the people who want to regain their freedom are going to have to band together in vigilante groups (neighborhood and small town militias) to act in self defense. The only way to stop the formation of vigilante groups is for the local governments to step up and start prosecuting the communist insurrectionists for their crimes. We are seeing this happen in some areas and the threat/promise (I hope) to declare antifa a domestic terror group is a good start. As Brad Johnson said as the prosecution of the terrorists start we also have to remove all of the politicians who are providing moral, monetary or intelligence support to the terror groups. Removing the politicians and media types who support the movement is going to be the hardest part of winning this war.

    • The demographic that makes up the so-called “Deplorables” happens to be virtually the same demographic that actually fought and won World War II. They used a whole lot of white construction workers and farmers and welders and the like in the War because they were already in shape, often physically large, and infinitely more capable than the average pencil-neck “educated” city slicker dude. They used some of those “educated” city-slickers for officers.

      Now try to imagine those skinny, emaciated, probably alcoholic and drug-addicted Antifa types actually engaging in a real fight with real Trump supporters – many of whom are twice their size and own their own gun-ranges and can pick off coyotes in the dark with their AR-15s…

      • This is what the left ignores, they look down at the country people who cling to God and Guns but when push comes to shove we are the ones who enlist while the others must be drafted. We are the area where Vets are looked up to and not vilified. Once the real fighting starts the country people are going to win easily and the rest of the world will shake at our vengeance.

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