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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. “MUST WATCH: Maximo Alvarez, President of Sunshine Gasoline, Praises Trump, Calls Out Radical Leftists Destroying America, ‘You’re Communist!’”
    By Cristina Laila – July 11, 2020

    Maxima Alvarez, President of Sunshine Gasoline and a Cuban immigrant warns against socialism and praised President Trump at Trump roundtable.

  2. Iranian Air Force to ‘Soon’ Be Equipped With 100-Kilometre Range Missiles (sputniknews, Jul 12, 2020)

    “Last month, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadran announced that Tehran would soon start manufacturing a new class of supersonic cruise missiles known as the Talaeey-e to complement the subsonic weapons currently in service.

    General Yousef Qorbani, Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force’s Airborne Division told a military conference on Sunday that his forces would be equipped with new missiles in the immediate future.

    “We will soon obtain missiles with a range of 20-km and 100-km”, Qorbani said, referring to fire-and-forget type and pinpoint accuracy missiles that entered service with the Airborne Division earlier this year.

    He also praised the division’s role in supporting the ground forces, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Border Police of Iran.

    Qorbani spoke after the country’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi pledged last month that Iran would soon start “the production of supersonic missiles, which use Turbofan engines to fly several times the speed of sound”.

    This was preceded by the Airborne Division’s Bell 214 helicopters being fitted with an advanced air-to-surface missile, known as the Iranian version of the US-made AGM-114 Hellfire.

    Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami, for his part, pointed out that the country’s defence industry had reached an extremely high level of self-sufficiency, enabling it to produce everything from army, navy, and air force equipment to electronic systems and radar technology.

    “The enemy is too afraid of this defence power and Iran’s military authority, especially in the area of missile capability”, Hatami told last month’s ceremony dedicated to the death of Mostafa Chamran, an Iranian commander killed in 1981 during the Iran-Iraq War…”

  3. UK Police Failed to Probe ‘Slave’ Conditions at Leicester Factories Over Racism Concerns, Media Says (sputniknews, Jul 12, 2020)

    “Earlier this week, online fashion retailer Boohoo said that it had found “some inaccuracies” as it probed operations at its Leicester factory over allegations that employees there are paid less than the minimum wage and work in “unsafe” conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    UK Home Secretary Prit Patel has privately voiced alarm that due to a fear of being called racist, police preferred to turn a blind eye to exploitation in Leicester’s factories, where cheap clothes for online fashion giant Boohoo are produced, The Sunday Times reports.

    The newspaper cited an unnamed source close to the Home Secretary as saying that Patel is considering introducing new laws on modern slavery because of fears that the country’s current legislation is “not fit for purpose”.

    “This scandal has been hiding in plain sight and there are concerns cultural sensitivities could be in part to blame for why these appalling working practices haven’t been investigated”, the source pointed out.

    This comes after The Sunday Times earlier reported that workers at a factory in Leicester were earning as little as £3.50 ($4.42) an hour, even though the minimum wage in the UK for employees over 25 is £8.72 ($11). Leicester is currently under local lockdown after a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

    The newspaper’s undercover report also revealed that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there was little evidence of additional hygiene or social distancing measures put in place at the Leicester workshops.

    Boohoo, in turn, said that it had found “some inaccuracies” with The Sunday Times report, adding that its “investigation to date has not found evidence of suppliers paying workers £3.50 per hour”. According to the company, the clothes were manufactured in Morocco and were then repackaged in Leicester at a premises formerly operated by Jaswal Fashions.

    The company earlier stressed that the alleged conditions for workers at the Leicester factory are “totally unacceptable and fall woefully short of any standards acceptable in any workplace”.

    The remarks followed Home Secretary Patel asking the National Crime Industry to open an inquiry into modern slavery at Leicester’s clothes factories, in the wake of reports from whistleblowers on poor working conditions.

    British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, for his part, told Sky News that “very significant fines” could be distributed if the newspaper’s report is confirmed, in addition to potentially closing down businesses.

    This came as Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said in an interview with The Sun he believes that about 10,000 “slaves” are working at Leicester workshops.

    “It’s crazy what is happening in these factories. These men and women are decent, hard-working people but they are risking their lives to produce clothes for big fashion brands right here in the UK”, he emphasised.

    Bridgen lamented the fact that “no one is doing anything to put a stop to it”, adding, “the police should go into the factories and close them down; what they [workers] are doing is slave labour, there is no other word for it”.

    Before The Sunday Times reports, Channel 4, the Financial Times, the BBC, and The Guardian highlighted issues pertaining to poor conditions at the Leicester factories in reports dating back to 2017 and 2018.”

    • “UK Home Secretary Prit Patel has privately voiced alarm that due to a fear of being called racist…”

      Fear of being racist, is racist.

      Same as the fear of being homophobic, is homophobia.

      The fear of offending is offendophobic.

      To double-think.

      Common Core.

      A microphone in every home.

  4. London shooting: Man killed near park in Penge – police launch murder investigation (express, Jul 12, 2020)

    “A MAN has been shot dead near a park in Penge, London.

    A man in his 30s has been shot dead in Penge, London, marking the eighth fatal shooting this year. This weekend there was a string of bloodshed across the capital.

    Metropolitan police were called by the London Ambulance Service at around 2am on Sunday, July 12, to reports of a man collapsed in Croydon Road, Penge. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Detectives from Specialist Crime are investigating and believe the man died from gunshot wounds.

    The man, who is believed to be in his 30s, has yet to be identified. No arrests have been made at this stage.

    A crime scene remains in place in Croydon Road and a full forensic examination is ongoing…”

  5. Exposed: Egyptian Spy Working for Merkel Spokesman for Years (breitbart, Jul 12, 2020)

    “German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has revealed that an Egyptian spy worked in the offices of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert for years, possibly collecting information on Egyptian opposition groups.

    The man’s activities were revealed by intelligence officials. He man was relieved of his duties in the Federal Press Office and placed under investigation for espionage in December of 2019 by the Federal Criminal Police Office.

    The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has stated that at least two branches of the Egyptian secret service have a presence in Germany, the GIS international security agency and the NSS domestic security agency, tabloid Bild reports.

    According to the newspaper, the Egyptian spies mostly gather information on Egyptian opposition groups in Germany, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, but also on other groups such as Coptic Christians.

    So far, little has been revealed of what the suspect in the case may have provided to Egypt, but Bild notes that he would have had access to information regarding Egyptian nationals accredited by the Federal Press Office.

    Germany has had several problems with spying in recent years, most notably spies from Turkey. In 2016, it was reported that Turkey had as many as 6,000 operatives in Germany and many other in neighbouring Austria as well.

    Later that year a Turkish spy was arrested in Hamburg by the German Federal Police and accused of plotting to assassinate several Kurdish and other opposition figures in Germany and Belgium.

    Just months later, Germany raided the apartments of four Muslim imams who were also believed to be actively spying for the Turkish government.

    German prosecutors subsequently launched a probe into the activities of Turkish spies after claims that followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gulen were being monitored. The government of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed Gulen and his supporters for a failed coup against his Islamist regime in the summer of 2016.”

    • Nice to know somebody’s keeping an eye on the MB in Germany. The reference to Coptic Christians is just to muddy the waters, ensure the alleged set of criminals looks diverse.

  6. French Senate Report Describes ‘Alarming’ Spread of Islamism (breitbart, Jul 12, 2020)

    “A report compiled by members of the French Senate has detailed the spread of political Islam across France and listed 44 proposals to combat radical Islamist ideology.

    The report, which was written by the Commission of Inquiry on Islamist Radicalisation and the Means to Combat It, claims that radical Islamism “is polymorphous, penetrating into all aspects of social life and tends to impose a new social standard by taking advantage of individual freedom”.

    Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, a member of the centre-right Republicans, said that nearly all of France is affected by radical Islam, adding: “We cannot accept it. Now or never is the time to react.”

    Obtained and reported on by French newspaper Le Figaro, the report states that in certain districts of the country an “Islamist ecosystem” has emerged that questions secular principles such as equality of men and women and the rights of homosexuals.

    The commission also gave out 44 proposals to stop the spread of political Islam, including banning all imams connected to the radical Muslim Brotherhood from preaching within France and full financial transparency of religious organisations receiving money from overseas.

    Islamic groups which want access to subsidies from local authorities should also “sign a charter including respect for the values ??of the Republic”, the report states.

    The report comes just months after a classified internal document from the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) was published and showed at least 150 neighbourhoods across the country were “held” by Islamist radicals.

    The DGSI was alarmed over the rise of Islamist political parties in local elections, such as the Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF) — which managed to score 40 per cent of the local vote in the commune of Maubeuge.

    The French public has expressed negative opinions on the subject of Islamisation, with a poll released in October showing 61 per cent believed that Islam itself was incompatible with French society and its values.”

    • Only China can veto UN Sec Council measures against Myanmar.
      This Indian blathering about human rights and Nobel Prize “obligations” knows full well how corrupt the “rights & peace” business is.

      Nobody – including India – will protect the miserable Burmese. The only Buddhist nation stands alone. It’s beset by incited squatters of the Moslem persuasion, controlled by Pakistan’s MB affiliate, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

      Myanmar suffers tsunamis and disease while global busybodies avert their eyes. It’s a designated pariah state, endowed with a parasite that’s been designated *Victim*, thus sacred.

      Of course China’s exploiting its vulnerabilty! India keeps its distance to avoid Moslem mayhem on the homefront and even worse press coverage abroad. Myanmar as a client state of China is a strategic threat to India: what is India prepared to offer instead?

  7. Russia’s Northern Fleet ships attack ‘enemy’ in Barents Sea maneuver

    The nuclear-powered cruiser ‘Peter the Great,’ supported by Tu-22M3 aircraft of the Russian Air Force, launched a missile attack on a conditional enemy in the Barents Sea, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

  8. 5 killed, 6 injured in South African church attack

    At least five people are dead and six others were injured after a hostage situation occurred at a South African church. On Saturday, Johannesburg police reported four people were found shot and burned to death in one car, while a security guard was found dead in a separate vehicle.

    Attackers had also taken several hostages, who have since been let go.

    The church has reportedly been a long troubled location. Reports suggested the attack may have been “motivated by a feud” between rival factions.

  9. 580,000 Hong Kongers cast ‘protest’ vote against new security laws

    HONG KONG (Reuters) – Nearly 600,000 Hong Kong citizens cast ballots over the weekend in what the Chinese-ruled city’s opposition camp said was a symbolic protest vote against a tough national security law directly imposed by Beijing.

    The unofficial poll will decide the strongest pro-democracy candidates to contest elections in September to Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. Then, they aim to seize majority control for the first time from pro-Beijing rivals by riding a wave of anti-China sentiment stirred by the law, which critics say has gravely undermined Hong Kong’s freedoms.

  10. Yes, a petition sought to change the name of the White Cliffs of Dover to ‘BLM Cliffs of Dover’
    By Ben Bowles July 12, 2020

    It sounds like something straight out of The Onion, but Full Fact, which bills itself as “the UK’s independent fact checking charity,” confirms that a petition was filed at calling on the British government to change the name of the iconic cliffs to be the Black Lives Matter Cliffs of Dover: confirm

  11. Rioters Learn Hard Way Oklahoma City Isn’t Seattle – American Action News

    Anarchists in Oklahoma have learned a harsh yet righteous lesson: the Sooner State doesn’t kowtow to Antifa and its ilk.

    Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said on Friday that he chose to pursue the toughest charges against the rioters because he does not support the lawlessness that has taken place in some parts of the country, including the “police-free” region of Seattle known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protests, or CHOP.

    “This is not Seattle,” he told the Oklahoman. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

    Prater leveled strict charges against many of those who were arrested during the protests. Isael Antonio Ortiz, 21, Eric Christopher Ruffin, 26, and Malachai Davis, 18, were hit with terrorism charges after police alleged that Ortiz burned an Oklahoma County sheriff’s van during protests on May 30.

    Ruffin is accused of encouraging “wanton destruction” by streaming Ortiz on a Facebook Live post in which he was also heard saying officers who harm black people should be killed. Ortiz has also been accused of attempting to burn a bail bonds shop along with Davis, who is accused of breaking the bond shop’s windows with brass knuckles he was filmed wearing.

    Davis’ attorney is calling the terrorism charges “unconstitutional.”

    • Why is Oklahoma nicknamed the Sooner State?

      In 1889, people poured into central Oklahoma to stake their claims to nearly 2 million acres opened for settlement by the U.S. government. Those who entered the region before the land run’s designated starting time, at noon on April 22, 1889, were dubbed “sooners.”
      No one was supposed to set foot in the area and occupy land before the appointed time, but some people snuck across the borders early and hid so they could more easily snag a tract once the land run officially kicked off. Sooners also included people such as railroad workers who had a legitimate reason to be in the Unassigned Lands before the designated start of the land run and used this as an unfair advantage to grab desirable parcels…

      In 1907, Oklahoma became America’s 46th state, and the next year the University of Oklahoma’s football team took “Sooners” as its nickname. The expression, which had taken on a positive connotation and come to symbolize an energetic, can-do spirit, soon was embraced as a nickname for the entire state.
      No shrinking violets amongst the Sooners.

  12. global news – Coronavirus: Anti-mask activists rally in U.S. virus epicentre Florida

    Anti-mask activists on July 11 took their campaign to a grilled cheese bar and restaurant in Windermere, Fla., a state fast becoming the epicentre of COVID-19 in the United States.

    The grilled cheese bar, 33 & Melt, has become a focal point of tension after its owner said it was not demanding face masks in her establishment.

    In response, the activists organised the gathering, with a promise of 100 free meals for patrons who come without any masks.

    The rally became tense when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents arrived at the restaurant and served the owner with a warning.

    President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and front-line health-care workers.

    Top public health officials have urged the use of masks to slow the spread of the virus. Critics say Trump’s refusal to wear one showed a lack of leadership.

  13. Baghdad Asks Berlin to Help With Removal From EU’s Money Laundering Blacklist (sputniknews, Jul 12, 2020)

    “Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein has requested his German counterpart to help remove the Middle eastern nation from the European Union’s list of countries with suspected loopholes in anti-money laundering and counter-terror financing regulations.

    “Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called on his German counterpart to provide support in removing Iraq from the list of countries with a high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing,” the Iraqi ministry said in a press release.
    Hussein and Heiko Maas held a phone call to discuss, among other things, bilateral relations.

    Iraq has been on the bloc’s blacklist for suspected financial malpractices since October 2016.

    Along with Iraq, the list features Saudi Arabia, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, as well as North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, and a handful of African states.”

  14. “William J. Federer – The History of The Will to Dominate Playing Out in Current Events in America.”
    Wes Lund – June 18, 2020

  15. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will ask Mueller to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee

    Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, said Sunday that he will grant a request by Democrats to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify about his investigation before the committee.

    Graham’s comments follow an op-ed by Mueller published Saturday in The Washington Post, in which the former special counsel defended his office’s prosecution of Roger Stone and wrote that he is still a convicted felon and “rightly so” in light of President Donald Trump’s commutation of Stone. Mueller was appointed in May 2017 to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    “Apparently Mr. Mueller is willing – and also capable – of defending the Mueller investigation through an oped in the Washington Post,” Graham wrote on Twitter.

    He added, “Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have previously requested Mr. Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about his investigation. That request will be granted.”

    Senate Democrats have repeatedly pushed for Mueller to testify before the committee. Republicans in the Senate have said it’s time to move on from the investigation, but previously Graham said, “I’m all good, I’m done with the Mueller report.”

    Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend, who was convicted of crimes as part of Mueller’s Russia investigation that included lying to Congress in part, prosecutors said, to protect the President. The announcement came just days before Stone was set to report to a federal prison in Georgia.

    Stone’s commutation appears to have broken the floodgates with Mueller and his tight-lipped team after a year of silence about their investigation. Throughout the investigation, Mueller’s office refused to comment except in a few rare circumstances. Andrew Weissmann, the special counsel’s office prosecutor who led the investigation of top Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, began tweeting about Stone on Friday night.

    Mueller, for his part, has been silent since he testified reluctantly under subpoena to Congress last July. And even then, he was circumspect and hesitant to elaborate on his investigation’s findings.

    In the op-ed, Mueller pointed out that the people involved in the investigations and prosecutions during his investigation acted with the “highest integrity.”

    “We made every decision in Stone’s case, as in all our cases, based solely on the facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law. The women and men who conducted these investigations and prosecutions acted with the highest integrity. Claims to the contrary are false,” Mueller wrote.

    White House fires back at Mueller after op-ed, says Russia probe ‘wasted taxpayer dollars trying to undo an election’

    Mueller defended Stone’s prosecution and conviction in the Washington Post

    The White House issued a response Sunday after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller published an op-ed in the Washington Post in which he defended the prosecution and conviction of political operative Roger Stone.

    President Trump commuted Stone’s sentence on Friday, just days before it was set to begin. Stone was convicted of seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress in relation to Mueller’s Russia investigation.

    “I engaged in legitimate, perfectly legal political activity which Mueller’s corrupt investigation chose to criminalize,” Stone told Fox News. “I thought the results of the 2016 election were crucial.”

    Democrats were aghast when the White House announced that Trump was commuting Stone’s sentence, which was supposed to last 40 months.

    “It’s staggering corruption, but I think it’s important for people also to know that it’s a threat to our national security,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, claiming that national security was the motivation behind Trump’s impeachment earlier this year, which had nothing to do with Stone or the Russia probe.

    Pelosi has also called for a bill that would prevent a president from taking similar action in future cases in which the offender is convicted of acts connected to the president.

    “We will have legislation that says a president cannot commute or pardon or offer clemency to anybody who commits a crime, is convicted of a crime that affects the president’s behavior and his culpability,” Pelosi said.

    In a statement, both House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., said they intend to seek “an immediate briefing from the White House Counsel on the circumstances surrounding Roger Stone’s commutation.”

  16. Sudan scraps apostasy law and alcohol ban for non-Muslims (BBC, Jul 12, 2020)

    “After more than 30 years of Islamist rule, Sudan has outlined wide-reaching reforms including allowing non-Muslims to drink alcohol, and scrapping the apostasy law and public flogging.

    “We [will] drop all the laws violating the human rights in Sudan,” Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari said.

    A raft of new laws were passed last week but this is the first public explanation of their contents.

    Sudan has also banned female genital mutilation (FGM).

    Under the new laws, women no longer need permission from a male relative to travel with their children.

    The reforms come after long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir was ousted last year following massive street protests.

    The current government is an uneasy mixture of those groups which ousted Mr Bashir and his former allies in the military, who ultimately staged a coup against him.

    What is the new law on alcohol?
    Non-Muslims are now allowed to consume alcohol in private, however the ban on Muslim drinking remains, Mr Abdulbari told state TV.

    Non-Muslims could still be punished if they are caught drinking with Muslims, the Sudan Tribune reports him as saying.

    He explained that the government was trying to safeguard the rights of the country’s non-Muslims, who make up an estimated 3% of the population.

    They are now allowed to drink, import and sell alcohol.

    “We are keen to demolish any kind of discrimination that was enacted by the old regime and to move toward equality of citizenship and a democratic transformation,” he said.

    The laws were initially approved in April but the BBC’s Mohamed Osman in Khartoum says they have only now taken effect.

    What about the other changes?
    Until now, anyone convicted of renouncing Islam, or apostasy, could face the death penalty.

    The best known case was of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, a pregnant woman who was sentenced to be hanged after she married a Christian man in 2014.

    She managed to flee the country but the apostasy law – targeting those deemed to have abandoned Islam – has remained on the statute books until now.

    The declaration that someone was an apostate was “a threat to the security and safety of society,” Mr Abdulbari said.

    Under Mr Bashir, the morality police would often carry out public flogging for various misdemeanours but Mr Abdulbari said this punishment had now been abolished.

    The latest changes come after a restrictive public order law that controlled how women acted and dressed in public was repealed in November.

    The imposition of strict Islamist laws in the 1980s was a key factor in the long-running civil war which eventually led to independence for South Sudan, where the majority of people are Christian or follow traditional religions.”

  17. ‘To believe heterosexual marriage is normal, and homosexual marriage is not normal, that’s homophobic.’

    This statement uses classic NeuroLiqustic Programming. It operates through the subconscious to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior. It first lies about all marriages being equal, then it lies that you haved sinned. Wrong-thought. To make you guilty of the truth. Reparations and Humiliation Stadiums to follow.

    ‘To believe marriage is normal, and four-wife islamic marriage is not normal, that’s islamophobic.’ This terrorism of ‘we are just like you,’ is endless.

    Now, if the authors were honest:
    ‘Heterosexuality is normal. Homosexuality is not normal. That’s homophobic.’
    The level playing-field. The first two statements are true. The conclusion is false.

    So they hide the lie in the second statement of a syllogism:

    All monkeys climb trees (true);
    The porcupine is a monkey (false);
    The porcupine climbs trees.

    Now, obviously the porcupine by definition is not a monkey. This experiment used drugs to make it appear so. Because two brains in your head can figure that out. But not if you silenced ,’Karen,’ in your right brain. Karens that spot errors, for say, not wearing your facemask in a crowd

    So now only left-brains remain to get to the conclusion… of this that is sacred text. The Law. For to deviate, would induce panic for the fear of the chaos it will cause.

    Therefore women (right brain smart) are told to shut up in maled-religions, have males take over their identity and place as women, and brainwash young girls to be proudly equal to the lowest rutting males. Destroy the feminine and you have destroy her voice.

    Oh, and for good measure, tell them there are Hate Criminals everywhere. There’s only one ‘masculine’ voice to save you: One God, One State, and LGBTQ. These men are all gone. “Fathers are Fascists.”

    Now, you can feed them this:

    Your good belief, is that heterosexual marriage is normal, (true)
    Your bad belief, is that homosexual marriage is not normal (false)
    That’s homophobic.

    The porcupine is not a monkey. Marriage is not for monkeys.

    • Such rejection of the feminine, and suppression of the masculine means they are conquered and led by dictators.

      Feminists see femininity as weakness. islamists see freedom of thought as blasphemy. Less feminine and less masculine. To put on makeup and make-believe, and a show of pride and contempt.

      50 shades of grey.

        • A talk between two people should be edifying. Especially deep when together over years. There should be joy. Body language tells us the state they are in. Will Smith is dying out there. Jade doesn’t have to eat, just cake herself in mud, and maintain the illusion of the feminine.

          Will excuses himself:
          ‘We separated from our marriage.’
          ‘We were single people.’
          ‘We back together now – she my soul mate’

          Jade Pickett-Smith:
          ‘I met a younger version of you and mated to the glory I received.’

          Whenever a man marries a woman: that woman does not marry the man. Her image is all it takes. They both mate with that.

          And all he ever got at the end, after 20+ years, is a moma’s red table.

          One day, to be surrounded by Loose Women with the same shallow conversations that they love. As deep as it gets.

          The contracts for and of cucks.

  18. Two Killed in Azerbaijan-Armenia Border Clashes

    “Arch-foes Armenia and Azerbaijan on Sunday traded accusations of launching a military offensive using artillery fire along their shared border, with Baku reporting two troops killed.

    Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said Armenia’s “offensive” from its northern Tovuz region was met with a “counterstrike” and retreated.

    “Two Azerbaijani servicemen were killed and five more wounded,” it added.

    Yerevan, on its part, accused Baku of “using artillery in an attack aimed at capturing (Armenian) positions.”

    “They were repulsed, suffering losses in manpower. There were no casualties among Armenian servicemen,” Armenia’s defense ministry spokeswoman, Shushan Stepanyan, said in a Facebook post.

    The two former Soviet republics have for decades been locked in a simmering conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, a breakaway territory which was at the heart of a bloody war in the 1990s…”

  19. Iraqi Army Launches 4th Phase of Iraqi Heroes Operation

    “The Iraqi forces launched Saturday the fourth phase of its battle against the terrorist organizations, in Diyala governorate on the border with Iran

    Deputy chief of staff Lieutenant General Abdul Amir al-Shammari announced the launch of the fourth phase of the “Iraqi Heroes” military operation targeting ISIS remnants and establishing security and stability in Diyala.

    He also indicated that the forces will be combing the border area with Iran and launching operations in areas between the federal forces and Peshmerga forces which terrorists use to launch their attacks.

    Shammari added that the operation was launched under the guidance of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa al-Kadhimi, and under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command.

    He explained that the operation covers more than 17,000 square kilometers, with the participation of the Land Forces Command, the Federal Police Command, Rapid Response Forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), as well as Diyala, Samarra, and Saladin Operations Commands.

    Shammari said that the new military operation has important and specific goals, without specifying the nature of these tasks…”

  20. Houthi-Run Fake Companies Swindle Yemenis out of Their Money

    “Dozens of economic and commercial fake companies in Yemen, run by the Iran-backed Houthi militias, are expanding their fraud operations to strip Yemenis of their money under the pretense of collecting investments.

    Local sources based in Sanaa confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that Houthi leaderships are running fraudulent companies in Sanaa, Ibb, Dhamar, Umran and other areas under their control.

    Sources emphasized that those companies are still working according to systematic methods to steal large amounts of money from deluded citizens. These companies are claiming to make investors shareholders in companies with the promise of reaping profit off their investment.

    Over 12 fake companies are being run by Houthis in areas of their control, sources said.

    At the start, these companies run astronomical profits to encourage investors to invest more and to lure in new victims…”

  21. British-French Deal to Fight People Smuggling

    “France and Britain signed an agreement Sunday to share intelligence in their joint fight against the human traffickers who are illegally smuggling migrants across the English Channel.

    French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the deal to set up a French-British intelligence unit would allow for better exchanges of information about smuggling networks.

    British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the new unit “will crack down on gangs behind vile people smuggling.” Patel crossed the Channel to visit the northern French city of Calais to sign the deal with Darmanin. She described levels of illegal migration across the waterway as “unsustainable.” Crossing attempts have been surging.

    “Despite all of the action taken by law enforcement to date – intercepting the boats, making arrests, returning people to France and putting the criminals responsible behind bars – the numbers continue to increase,” Patel said.

    “This simply cannot be allowed to go on,” The Associated Press quoted him as saying.

    People smuggling across the Channel and migrant camps that regularly spring up along France’s northern coast have proven to be an intractable problem for both governments. Britain’s previously strong economy and need for farm and restaurant labor drew migrants from around the world who could speak some English. Calais over the years has unwillingly hosted rudimentary, overcrowded migrant camps that sprung up, slums so poor and violent that one was dubbed “the Jungle.”

    The new unit will be staffed both by French and British officers and will exploit intelligence to help prevent crossings and dismantle smuggling gangs. Patel described it as “the start of a new operational approach.”

    Darmanin said he pressed Patel for additional British help, including officers and equipment, to root out smugglers “who profit from the human misery of the people who want to cross the Channel and who are not punished enough.”

    “It’s very important that our British friends realize that if the migrants come here in Calais, it’s not for the beauty of the city but it’s to cross the Channel,” AP quoted him as saying. “The British government did a lot to protect the French coast, but we need more.””

  22. Arab Coalition destroys 2 Houthi missiles, 6 drones targeting Saudi Arabia

    “The forces of the Arab Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles and six drones launched by the Houthi militia toward Saudi Arabia.

    In a statement carried by Saudi Press Agency late Sunday, the spokesman of the Arab coalition, Col. Turki Al-Maliki, said: “The joint coalition forces managed to intercept and destroy two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi terrorist toward the Kingdom with an aim to target civilians and civilian facilities. The forces were also able to intercept and destroy six explosive-laden drones fired by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia from Sanaa toward Saudi Arabia, deliberately targeting civilians and civilian facilities.”

    The spokesman stated that the Houthi militia is intentionally escalating the hostilities, targeting civilians and civilian facilities inside the neighboring countries of Yemen by using ballistic missiles and drones, highlighting the efficiency of the coalition’s forces in addressing these threats.

    He emphasized that the Arab Coalition applies and takes all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian objects, and exercises the necessary operational measures to stop these terrorist acts in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.”

  23. Turkish forces ‘neutralize’ 2 PKK terrorists in N Iraq

    “Turkish security forces “neutralized” two PKK terrorists as part of Operation Claw-Tiger in northern Iraq, according to the Defense Ministry on July 12.

    The terrorists were targeted in the Haftanin region in an air-backed operation, the ministry said on Twitter.

    It said all caves of terrorists will be destroyed.

    During the operation one AK-47, 200 Docka anti-aircraft ammunition, one used missile and ammunition, and life supplies were seized.

    Turkish authorities use the term “neutralized” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

    Turkey’s operations Claw-Tiger and Claw-Eagle were launched last week to ensure the safety of the Turkish people and borders by neutralizing the threat of PKK, and other terrorist groups, who often use northern Iraq to plan cross-border attacks.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and EU – has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  24. Air Defence Systems Repel Militant Drone Attacks on Hmeimim Airbase, Russian Military Says

    “Militants in Syria have attempted to launch a drone attack on the Khmeimim airbase, although the unmanned flying vehicles were shot down by air defence systems, Rear Admiral Alexander Shcherbitsky, the head of the Russian Defence Ministry’s centre for Syrian reconciliation, said on Sunday.

    “Illegal armed groups in the Idlib de-escalation zone continue to make attempts at attacking Russia’s Khmeimim airbase using drones. On 11 July at around 22:30 [19:30 GMT], Russian air defence systems identified drones that were approaching the Khmeimim airbase from the northeast. Two drones that were being used by militants were destroyed at a distance of five kilomeres [3.1 miles] from the airbase”, Shcherbitsky said.

    No casualties or material damage were reported following the incident, the head of the centre for Syrian reconciliation said…”

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