BLM mob murders young mother for saying all lives matter: Links 2, July 12, 2020

1. This is interesting at a few levels. First, that ANTIFA would try and disrupt and destroy an anti-pedophile gathering says much about communist goals. Its never the issue, its about destroying civilization. But also, while I have no idea how this worked out, we do see a pattern where people who fight back against illegal interference with a demo by ANTIFA are penalized since they are interfering with their right to protest. But when ANTIFA or leftist groups attack people who are nearby who just dont agree with them, then the police or authorities claim that they were “antagonizing” the leftists. We saw this super clearly with Ezra Levant at Toronto City Hall. They just stood there and got attacked and police and security essentially decided they were antagonizing the protestors so no charges against them when they attacked Levant’s crew.

2. Oklahoma authorities charge rioters with terrorism. (And rightly so.)

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said on Friday that he chose to pursue the toughest charges against the rioters because he does not support the lawlessness that has taken place in some parts of the country, including the “police-free” region of Seattle known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protests, or CHOP.


“This is not Seattle,” he told the Oklahoman. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”


Prater leveled strict charges against many of those who were arrested during the protests. Isael Antonio Ortiz, 21, Eric Christopher Ruffin, 26, and Malachai Davis, 18, were hit with terrorism charges after police alleged that Ortiz burned an Oklahoma County sheriff’s van during protests on May 30.


Ruffin is accused of encouraging “wanton destruction” by streaming Ortiz on a Facebook Live post in which he was also heard saying officers who harm black people should be killed. Ortiz has also been accused of attempting to burn a bail bonds shop along with Davis, who is accused of breaking the bond shop’s windows with brass knuckles he was filmed wearing.


3. One country in California fought the mask mandate and WON!

4. How many Covid deaths have their been in San Quentin? Anyone checked?

5. DEADLY DISCUSSION Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling Black Lives Matter protesters “all lives matter” during argument about movement’

A YOUNG mom was shot dead in Indianapolis in front of her fiancé after an argument about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jessica Doty Whitaker was walking with her partner Jose Ramirez and two friends at 3am on July 5 when they came across four men and a woman and an argument broke out.

The groups clashed over language and the Black Lives Matter movement, WTHR reported.

“I’ll never probably ever get that image out of my head of what happened,” Ramirez told the local news station.

According to Ramirez, the groups got into a racially charged argument, and one man pulled out a gun, and so Ramirez did too.

One article, published in far right news organization The Daily Wire, reported that Doty Whitaker had said “all lives matter” to the group, who allegedly were supporters of the BLM movement.

(Read the rest at the source. Something truly sick and destructive is happening)

6. Oklahoma votes to defund the police by half. Petition started in Norman Ok. to remove mayor and 4 city councillors.

7. Riots continue in Portland.

Thank you M., ML., PePi, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Richard, Xanthippa, EB., and all who took the effort to be informed, send in news, and mostly think through the events that are taking place and try and use your understanding in any manner you can think of, to mitigate the harm, spread the truth, and work for the survival of reason and Civilization.


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  1. 5 – There will be a lot of incidents like this one in the future, the left will never accept that people have a right to disagree with them until a large number of people end up in the pen for their actions.

  2. #7 The obscene obese woman

    I find her comments very insightful as to the mindset of Antifa members.The confidence of her statements, she can’t wait to see the murder of the police force, their families and the burning of their property.
    Her group have obviously discussed this and may well have plans to do so.
    Has anyone infiltrated their “signal” app yet? surely there is someone monitoring these genocidal maniacs.

  3. 5. A discussion with my mom about her minfulness therapy, about putting her negative energies away in movement, was to show her she was only doing Tai Chi, this slow kata for older people, and was very good for physical health.

    For mental health however, not so good. Only smoke is being pushed around.

    This then, she told me had ruined it for her, for it broke her ‘spiritual’ attachment.

    She was lucky, someond could have offered her love beads – and around and around she would go – thinking good thoughts with each one to fill her mind, and then onto the next. Her left-brain flopping useless by her side.

    This attachment of the feminine every five years to save the world.

    And the same can be said for the masculine, to drop the right brain, as reborn of the Collective, and draw a line in the sand for them to stare at until the Final Day that will never come.

    Have a woman, walk into a mosque and shout to their fawning: “love – all lives matter!”

    Have a man walk into church and declare: “only the truth shall set you free!”

    At best, they will be escorted out, at worst police patrols – Facist or Socialist respectively – will cite a Hate Crime taboo.

    And another cap goes off on another beautiful human being.


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