Turkey takes it past the brink, racism is not about race, and the Covid regs are not about disease: Links 1 for July 11, 2020

1. First Islamic call to prayer from the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople since 1934

2. I don’t think this clip is that recent but the issue is 100% contemporary.

What is critical to understand is that certain terms, “racist”, “Nazi”, “Fascist” and so on only mean one thing. ‘Not with or seen to be with the communist revolution underway’. That is all it means or has meant for a while. It explains what seems to be hypocricy. Why black people who are extremely reasonable and have achieved a great deal are called racists and fascists by the left. In fact they are hated more than white males, because one Clarence Thomas or Candice Owens is a much bigger threat to the communist revolution than is a few white males unaware of what is actually going on.

Seeing things at face value means being controlled opposition. If something doesn’t make sense, look for a higher level and simpler metric till it does. This is one example. That these terms listed are merely rhetorical weapons to eliminate anyone who is an obstacle to the complete and total totalitarian Leninst-Maoist state they seek to establish.

Another example of a higher dimensional simpler metric for leftist actions:

There is only one rule. All revolutionary actions and speech is protected. Any counter-revolutionary actions or speech is to be criminalized as hate or off-book punished by thuggery and intimidation.

3. More than 150 academics and journalists denounce JK Rowling and Noam Chomsky’s letter pleading for free speech because they are ‘white, wealthy and endowed with massive platforms’

A group of academics and professionals from the world of journalism are speaking out to denounce a letter that was published earlier this week in Harper’s Magazine in which its signatories spoke out to decry as they saw as a slow stifling of free speech.


Dozens of artists, writers and academics signed the open letter decrying the weakening of public debate and warning that the free exchange of information and ideas was in jeopardy amid a rise in what they call ‘illiberalism.’

J.K. Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood were among dozens of writers, artists and academics to argue against ideological conformity.

(This is not contradictory either. Please see text above and below item 2. You could use reason to easily show why the response is illogical to this letter, and Chomsky has a long history of sort of defending freedom of speech but never mentioning speech codes or other leftist limits on Conservative speech at campus with which he had to be familiar. So on the surface, this looks like the left eating the left. But it is more likely the dialectic engine clicking ever farther to the left to achieve the goal of a Leninist-Maoist state and anyone who is any kind of obstacle will be moved out of the way. Icons who pushed for the left like Chomsky or Rowling are major threats to the left.)

4. Turkey: Muslim breaks into venerable Armenian Orthodox cathedral, recites Islamic call to prayer

Legend has it that when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in the year 637, Sophronius, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, invited the caliph Umar to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Umar declined, explaining that if he did, the Muslims would convert the church into a mosque, as Muslim prayers had been uttered there. It is likely that this man now considers the Armenian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Cross to be a mosque, since he uttered the Adhan within it.

(The above is Robert Spencer’s analysis. Click through to get to the news item)

5. Enjoyable.

6. Climate Larpers in London try and do a wave with their coats. Kinda funny.

7. On Stephen Pinker, Noam Chomsky and the state of the dialectic push leftwards against any obstacle to the revolution. (Not how it is framed in the video. Its controlled opposition in the video)

8. What’s with Fauci?

9. Nothing to add.

10. Dr. Zev Zelenko is a warrior for truth and a courier of hope.

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., Richard, and all who sent in materials this weekend.

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10 Replies to “Turkey takes it past the brink, racism is not about race, and the Covid regs are not about disease: Links 1 for July 11, 2020”

  1. Don’t ever be fooled by Noam Chompsky’s occasional apparent foray into reasonableness. It does not mean that he is secretly reasonable down deep or anything like that. Noam has made it clear that he thinks communism should be pushed subtly so as not to confuse or turn off the rednecks who oppose it so he sometimes says something “reasonable” to keep from scaring those dumb rednecks. That’s all that is. He just avoids waving red flags and saying things like, “All power to the Politburo”. Never fear, Noam is still a dedicated communist and still wants America to become the new Soviet Union, and don’t you ever forget it!

  2. 2. ” ‘Not with or seen to be with the communist revolution underway’.”

    A discussion ahout muslims, Communists and Homosexuals is not about the individuals. But whatever they got into, they can get out of. To set these prisoners – who don’t know they don’t know – free.

    And that’s all. To mock the clothes they wear. It’s not personal, and yet it hurts when pride is removed to find the frightened child underneath. They call themselves by the Name of their Collective. The Collective that coerces and grooms them.

    But to call women “Karens” is the exact opposite of what we do here at Vlad. Because they don’t call themselves Karens.

    Karens came out in 2020 as a distraction thrown to the mob. When two drinkers fight in a bar, they all will.

    Targetting White Straight, Middle Class, Middle Aged Women. (You would have thought this was a Hate Crime).

    But individual voices are silenced. Another ‘Privileged Class’ to shut up.we are told in the Pravda Newspapers.

    For you now, are with or seen to be with the communist revolution underway.

    And then they came for you.

    • Tarring with the same brush
      Yea, some may like it too
      Demons don’t have to rush
      Their victims as they do

      Cis! Stupid! Kufar! Crush
      Their heart, and mind and soul
      Feelings: Eureka’s Gush
      To make themselves back whole

      Bipolar: them-and-us
      Were blind and now can see
      Singular stonewall’s blush
      The Lie is their safety

      • Every path filled with hush
        ‘Nazi scum, off our street!’
        Informants’ pride and flush
        Our lives are made complete.

  3. 3. Fairness.

    “As soon as ‘they’ got into power Bezmenov states that the ideologically pure supporters would be promptly disposed of and their true identity as ‘useful idiots’ would be revealed. Bezmenov explains that ‘they’ would need to dispose of the useful idiots due to their in-depth knowledge of the ideology that the new state claims to serve: communism”

    And the Collective came for them. (I’m sure they did not call themselves Useful Idiots for letting the Marxists in).

  4. 10. Covid-19 Outpatient Study

    Press Release:
    “Hydroxychloroquine’s main function is to allow zinc to enter the cell, while zinc is a
    virus killer,” Zelenko added. “Azithromycin prevents secondary bacterial infection in the
    lungs, and reduces the risk of pulmonary complications. So zinc is the bullet,
    hydroxychloroquine is the gun, and azithromycin is the protective vest.””

  5. I was outside that event protesting while Omar was speaking. She is the most disgusting person in politics, and that’s saying something.

    We all need to vote on Nov 3!

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