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12 Replies to “Hydroxylcloroquine works and should be available over the counter”

  1. Any treatment that would obviate the justification for a mandatory vaccine and ameliorate the psychological abuse caused by lockdowns, loss of freedom to work and congregate, and chronic mask-wearing diktats, is of necessity a target for destruction by those whose agenda is to condition us to bow down to the state for our every need, to make serfs of us all, and in the end to destroy our will to thwart their evil designs.

    • Agreed! Add the fact that it is no longer under any patent law and the huge pharmaceutical companies wont be able to make a financial killing to the above and you have it in a nutshell.
      However all of this has revealed one certain fact and that is that much of the western medical establishment and the teaching schools have been severely tainted by politics and that as a result we can no longer give them our undivided trust and respect. I find this to be truly defining of the Left,

      • Correct on all counts. Some weeks ago, I called my doctor for a prescription for HCQ and was told, “No, because it doesn’t work, and we need to save it for the people who get really sick”.

        I asked the obvious next question and got a deflection.

        • All doctors are under the thumb of those who control their registrations and this group also registers chiropractors, herbalists etc. and I expectantly await druids and witches. So the Left has absolute control over who is and who is not allowed to practise medicine and not only that BUT what they practise and how they do so. It has become rigid and without flexibility with malpractice(encouraged by the leftist ambulance chasers) hanging over the head constantly if you show initiative and deviate. They are destroying healthcare and that is even without the already present political indoctrination of medical students who are now as politically preloaded as are law and liberal arts students.
          WRT your LMO: He may not have even believed in what he was doing, but if he was told not to do but still did, so you can be certain that some pharmacist would have informed upon him. THAT is the medicine of the Left.

    • Notwithstanding they haven’t yet pondered the potential ill effects of chronic mask wearing.

      All these government officials rely on medical physicians of which many of the latter think of themselves as ‘God’.

      The latest story is the CCP-Virus can spread via air conditioning. This may be plausible, IMHO.

      – British experts say turn OFF air conditioning to reduce risk of spreading coronavirus as WHO admits pathogen can spread through tiny floating droplets –


  2. I thought they were going to get to this point about three months ago and the “pandemic” would be over by now. They have purposely sabotaged the response to the virus and are proving beyond doubt that it is nothing but a political football. They deserve to be tried and hanged for this dreadful perfidy…

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