When it is this obviously a communist revolution… Links 2, July 10, 2020

1. Twitter increases the degree of dishonest censorship against counter-revolutionaries, and some of them are getting quite upset.

(Patrick Moore is an amazing feed to follow. But you probably have to go into his timeline to see them as they don’t make it into feeds much anymore)

2. Erdogan signs decree turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque

(It’s on)

Russia and Greece, as well as the US, France, and others, have stated their opposition to Hagia Sophia becoming a mosque. That Erdogan would move ahead with this anyway shows that he is not worried about antagonizing either friend (Russia and ostensibly the US) or foe (Greece). He appears to be much more concerned to position himself as the defender and protector of Islam, which is in line with his frequently-noted aspiration to restore the Ottoman caliphate. Hagia Sophia as a mosque was a key symbol of the triumph and supremacy of the caliphate. Erdogan clearly wants it to be again.


Many years ago, when I first began sounding the alarm about Islamic jihad, many analysts at all points on the political spectrum waved me away by pointing to secular Turkey as the future of the Islamic world. No one does that anymore.

3. Supreme Court actually dealt blow to George Soros’ ambitions

4. Tucker Carlson on Seattle’s new anti-white people policies criminalizing being white.

(Claiming that the criminal aspect of “Whiteness” is the fealty to “individualism” is the tell. This is a communist revolution. Fight back or lose EVERYTHING.)

5. More good news. For a change:

Thank you Ruth J., M., and all who sent in materials. Things are moving quickly today. Sorry for any sloppiness as a result.

Tucker clip on Youtube


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16 Replies to “When it is this obviously a communist revolution… Links 2, July 10, 2020”

  1. Now they are coming for the names of German cities

    Neger (in English language Nigger) is a district of the German city of Olpe.

    Neger is divided into the villages Unterneger, Mittelneger und Oberneger (Lower, Middle and Upper Nigger. photos below). BLM activists are already there and have left their mark on the town sign.But I am not sure if the friendly black man on the photo knows what the word ” Abfallentsorgungszentrum” on the town sign means.It means: waste disposal facility !

    • Even the relatively goos news items of #s 3 &5 tell us we are under siege if we choose to keep our eyes open. Internally and externally. Of course, this comment will only resonate with the kinds of people who find VTB of interest. The rest see what they choose.

  2. We are party,dear. I remember my last word of many last time ago,about islamic world to future prognosis/prognostic. So now,you will think about weather with Olya and Me. And “why” I thieved by enemies.

  3. I knew a guy who moved to Seattle for his job some years ago. As soon as he got settled-in, he made a show online of insulting where he came from and the people who lived there, including me. It’s been awhile since I thought of that guy, but I wonder how it’s going for him in Seattle now. Where I live is bad enough, but Seattle sounds like a communist hellhole.

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