Terrorist who heads the WHO uses the Wuhan Flu virus to push a Marxist agenda in a number of ways

In this clip he pushes the climate scam as well as subtle attacks on Donald Trump, which perhaps adds data points to the idea that all of these unprecedented measures taken to fight a disease over which there has been so much deception, is really just a plot to unseat  Donald Trump.

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9 Replies to “Terrorist who heads the WHO uses the Wuhan Flu virus to push a Marxist agenda in a number of ways”

  1. Lying bastard! Listen to the Wiley Coyote in his sheep’s clothing. If the controlling masters had any interest whatsoever in the COVID-19 “crisis” they would have jumped at the opportunity to use hydroxychloroquine with Z-pac and zinc as their front-line defense against the disease and the governor of New York would have used the military hospital ship that Trump sent him instead of sending his COVID patients to the care homes where they infected thousands, but instead, they chose to fight against it relentlessly because they saw it as a positive for Donald Trump after he said it “looked promising”. Hydroxychloroquine has always worked yet it’s almost banned because of these lying scum bags.

    The coronavirus is a hoax, folks! They don’t want hydroxychloroquine to cure it, they want it to be as bad as possible so they can blame it on Donald Trump when thousands die and the economy crashes. If this is being done by a foreign country I say we bomb the shit out of them in revenge. If it’s being done by our “friends” then we should take a hard look at that with an eye to prosecution and prison time. They’ve gone and committed mass murder and they need to be exposed and punished for that.

    Oh, and does Dr. Fauchi have interests in the patent to Remdesivir? If he does, whether through a proxy or a bonus or otherwise, he needs to break rocks for a decade or so in the hot sun sporting a lovely black and white striped chain gang ensemble complete with an itchy little striped engineer hat that he has to wear at all times…

  2. WHO Sending Mission to China to understand how the disease jumped from animals to humans

    Jul.07 — The World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the agency will send a mission to China this weekend to begin preparations to study the animal origins of the coronavirus.

    He spoke Tuesday at a briefing in Geneva.

  3. Any time an Arab calls me his “friend” I look for the door. What on earth is this goat peddler talking about? Nonsense. The whole bloody mess is a psy-op.

    • The real Arab is a good friend and comes from a rich tradition. Your dhimmi, however, is the same coward from any culture they had rejected for islam. For they killed their fathers, and are now cut off from heaven.

      That jackel, beware.

  4. To be clear, the illness is not the hoax.
    The hoax is
    — failing to classify the illness in a way that allows for effective treatment of those at risk for organ failure when the immune system is unable to fight the virus.
    — devising infection control protocols that are so severe that most people feel them unwarranted.
    — pushing the idea that any one person is responsible for the spread of this illness in the US
    and more

    • Sure, there’s a virus alright, but the hoax is the idea that they are in the least bit concerned about it which they clearly are not otherwise they wouldn’t be so negative about the only drug that is known to work against it or so mendacious with regards to the death-causes. That alone is iron-clad proof that the whole panic is a hoax. Whoever is running this show doesn’t give a rat’s behind about a few thousand frail old people dying in their retirement homes a little sooner than they would have otherwise. All that matters is getting Donald Trump and seeing that Paris Accord signed by a faltering Joe Biden…

      • getting Donald Trump and seeing that Paris Accord signed by a faltering Joe Biden…
        can you start a new thread on that? News to me that there is a logical motive.

        • The fact that Donald Trump calls climate change a hoax is probably the single biggest reason they hate him so much. Rapacious UN types the world over are rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of digging into that multi-trillion-dollar Green Backsheesh Fund that they dream of, and Donald Trump is calling the whole thing a hoax? You’d better believe it’s important to them. It’s everything… They want the whole world to be intimidated into silence on the subject of climate change and only Trump has the raw courage to stand up and tell them to go f&%* themselves…

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