MORE evidence that HCQ is in fact a GAME CHANGER on Covid 19: Links 2 for July 5, 2020

1. If anyone had the guts to do this in Canada or the US it would be interesting to see if they would be arrested for a hate crime sort of. Well not really because we know they would be.

2. None of these people will be arrested for a hate crime even though it absolutely is to the letter of the law. Which is why there should be NO hate crimes laws in a jurisdiction with a 1st amendment.

3. China baits Japan

4. More claims to Communist ambitions by BLM

5. Armed Black Marxists swarm innocent family’s car — Then shoot and kill their 8 year-old daughter….

6. Yeah, communist revolution.

7. the moment of the explosion of a ship at the Istanbul Bridge. One in a series of videos of things blowing up in the Islamic world in the Reader’s Links for today.

8. The Zargan power plant caught fire as a result of a transformer explosion

In the city of Ahvaz, an explosion ignited a fire at the Zergan power plant, which Iranian media claimed was ignited when a transformer exploded.

By AP and WIN Staff

In Iran’s Khuzestan province on Saturday, a fire at the Zergan power plant was ignited in the city of Ahvaz, when a transformer exploded, state-run IRNA news agency reported.


Iran has threatened to retaliate for cyber attacks launched against its facilities and named ‘hostile countries’ Israel and the United States as possible targets.

“So far Iran has tried to prevent intensifying crises and the formation of unpredictable conditions and situations,” said IRNA.

“But the crossing of red lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran by hostile countries, especially the Zionist regime and the United States, means that strategy should be revised.”

9. Trudeau to face sixth ethics investigation as prime minister over WE Charity debacle

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will now be facing a sixth investigation by Canada’s ethics commissioner over the federal government’s decision to award a $900 million sole-source contract to a charity with ties to the Trudeau family.


Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau both have extensive ties to WE Charity. Grégoire Trudeau is a “WE ambassador and ally” and hosts a podcast with the organization, and the family has hosted and attended many WE events. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s daughter Clare Morneau is also tied to the organization. 


Trudeau called WE Charity the “best and only” organization able to administer the Canada Student Service Grant program.


Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion confirmed to the Conservatives and the NDP on Friday that he is opening an investigation into the deal.

10. Actual science on Hydroxychloroquine

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, PePi, Richard, Yucki and so many more who took the time and effort to send in materials.


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29 Replies to “MORE evidence that HCQ is in fact a GAME CHANGER on Covid 19: Links 2 for July 5, 2020”

  1. I can’t believe to med goddess after exchange of information, priorities rus med structures and British,it make some part of sickness is saving to secret. Bad motion about that. From so,we stay away,of side of fans of rus medicine and stupids about that might working. Vlad,say goodbye,Mr worm killed our clear reputation. We take back our cosmical machine system for mchs rf and don’t take news about weather to bad area. Thank you so,push false docs tto our jewelry with it people party. We are healthy from COVID 19,2016-2020. Chronicle without reglament.

    • Big rule about fake Documents to Stretfords, DRACULA, jewelry,that take parted to World. We are founded,stay right for information. And some lost like from our trunk is crime about to do false two side of the world for false Documents. All about concret ignore of political,policy web. Haven’t been medicaments for COVID,it’s impossible, because 50% of world is lie. Must be well for bloodly family,Vlad. It was Dracula.

      • Is this what Google translate does if you feed in Russian backwards, and the program is juiced on crack? Kinda like the spider web you get when researchers get the spiders high?

    • Lucy No one seems to have any idea what you are talking about but you did appear to DOXX someone in a comment by posting their email. That is a really big problem.

      I am going to ask you to please learn to write coherently in English, or even coherently in Russian so it can be google translated by all who are interested.

      Until then, I regretfully have to stop these posts which are… perhaps not as advertised.

  2. 1. “PEDERASTS! GO HOME!!!” should be outside all mosques.

    Because, in The American Rainbow Flag there are no black and white bandings (house of intimidation and house of six year olds). There are no pederasts represented, there. At least, Islamophillia is not widely welcomed yet.

    Therefore, these current American Flags only represent those who sexually draw pleasure upon themselves and each other for their sense of life: Love. Inflicting pain, has no open leader like Muhammad, Stalin and Mao to draw blood.

    Whenever this ‘state within a state’ takeover has occurred – with a common core of those fast-tracked and advanced to power – the Flag will be held above broken families and children as a beacon of light. The Religion of Sexualized Femmes, with hidden Doms behind: of Socialists and Communist, muslims and their Fundamentalists. First supplant women with men, and then replace men.

    And voila, normal human reproduction has left the building.

    Therefore, “PEDOPHILES AND PEDERASTS! GO HOME!!!” is the correct protest for femaled and unmaled Americans on your shores.

    • 1- Politicizing and imposing sexual urges comes from a troubled mind. Wrapping up one’s identity in one’s sexual urge is, statistically, equally deviant.

      Monied gays politicized their behavior starting in the 70’s, and expanded from there. They should have just shut-up about it, but no. Now, as a result of this “normalization” process, we have an apparent tsunami of sexually dysphoric youth. Neo-Marxists certainly control the gay lobby with their cultural agenda, and for this gays should be ashamed. Shame has been negated from the equation, however, because it was an emotion with an effect and purpose. Conservative gays are even more token than conservative blacks. Stepping on the rainbow flag is an expression of common sense, not hate. I will not spend my money in a shop or pub that displays the rainbow flag simply because I resent the political imposition.

      • “Conservative gays are even more token than conservative blacks.”

        Every conservative person does not identify with their skin color, genitals or race. They identify with family values.

        All homosexuals are not conservative. They identify with color, genitals and race. They have no family values.

        Ergo, these are oxymorons – an invention that leaves the door ajar – to stand in the place of conservatives, and the Republican Party no longer has republicans.

        This is the meaning of repentance, and why there even exists a gospel: to remove Pride gained from submission.

      • “1- Politicizing and imposing sexual urges comes from a troubled mind. Wrapping up one’s identity in one’s sexual urge is, statistically, equally deviant.”

        The disconected mind.

        When an ideology removes a mind – it has to doublethink.

        Then, each primative reptilian brain takes an equal stand at the top of thoughts.

        The trinity of yourself, was invaded and conquered.

        A rutting corpse is all muslims, Communists and Sexuals are.

        There is no Jesus in their midst.

        Because without three eyes, they cannot see the trinity.

        And all they are tricked to grasp in gold leaf, is The Trinity.

  3. Don’t work with Rednecks,Vlad. From your meet, scandal about false rus children,was made false paper to our family jewelry. Do Judgments about “cuckoo effect”.they are poorers. I am in custom-house with Children and Mina. To stay ending quests.

    • All east is prison of maniacs and freaks. Dear my Husband and Jurist, You must take back to Family my daughter. We are meeted, She is perfect. Our,of course.

    • Well, finally the sting.
      An email to receive the foolish and unwary.

      This must be a psyops technique of confusing people’s minds to drop their guard.

      Like confessing to your priest, when you were only meant to confess to your god.

      Such is the power of intimation, that you were the stupid one, to not understand, and reach out to the rainbow.

      And then they’ve got you

    • Hitler cracking walnuts in a big red chair. Eagles driving pigs into heaven. Get even with androgen and mimic sentient encyclopedias. Be cellular!

  4. 3- I can read this only as an act of desperation by the CCP. They seem to be baiting the whole world right now in an effort to distract their own population from their domestic failures. This doesn’t end well until the CCP is history.

    • You got it, they are moving massive amounts of troops into the Mountains to maintain a show of force and continue a confrontation they started as a distraction. The problem is the longer the stand off lasts the harder it will be for both sides to pull back. They are edging towards a war with India, how big a war is the question?

      Now they are irritating Japan figuring that Japan will do nothing as long as no shots are fired and no one is hurt. They are ignoring the new Japanese Law that allows Japan to project force beyond the Japanese waters to protect a friend and treaty ally. Japan recently signed a mutual defense treaty with India. Add in the way the Chinese dams in the mountains are doing massive environmental damage to the Mejong River you have the South East Asian Nations at least semi primed to move on China if/when the shooting starts.

      Desperation, is too soft a word for what this says about China, this won’t end peacefully and it will take the CCP down when the shooting starts. The CCP is in trouble and is trying to keep the Chinese people from worrying about the internal problems, what happens when the external problems turn real instead of just provocations designed to create good scare headlines in China?

    • Your right and new information changes my reply (a little) China has pushed India as far as they can without starting a full scale war. They are pulling troops out of the mountains and are looking for a new tension point to take peoples minds off of the CCP blunders.

  5. Every day for the last three months or so I have been dutifully going to Google and typing in the word, “hydroxychloroquine” along with “Turkey” and a few other keywords and the same ultra-negative hit-pieces have come back at me every time I’ve looked. It’s as if no other articles were even written in the entire three months. And it’s a solid wall of negativity along with the odd little mention of the recent “Ford study” which is immediately discredited. And I just looked now and it’s actually getting worse even though the proof to the contrary is piling up. Google is just screaming “hate hydroxychloroquine” at the top of their lungs and declaring absolutely that it DOES NOT WORK even though it does…

    This is an emergency! Ted Cruz needs to step up and press to call Google out for election-tampering, accuse them of being a pro-Democrat support organization, and remove their “section 230 protection, thus making them subject to lawsuits they would not have had to worry about under section 230. A first-year law student should be able to make the case. They’ve abused their privilege and they need to be axed. Google is guilty as sin and not trying to hide it. Get the bastards. Get ’em now and get ’em good…

    • Agree with all. But start trying and see how that works. The short time I have had to try it, it seems to return the kinds of results Google did before they started weaponizing it.

      • I tried “Yippie”. What a difference – both sides of the argument. Google is breaking the law by acting as an agent for the Democrat Party. They are claiming to be an impartial platform while actually being partisan as they could be. They need to be spanked for that. They could very well end up being the single force that put the corrupt and incompetent Joe Biden in the White House and that’s just not right…

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