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7 Replies to “Tucker Carlson: The new anti-racism is racism and you will be punished if you do not accept the new racism”

  1. You asked for pushback, Tucker Carlson, so here it is:
    Your pronouncement that “sin in not inherited,” runs counter to the Bible’s clear teaching that sin is indeed inherited and passed down to ALL people from Adam and Eve. It’s not a white people thing versus a black or brown people thing: it’s a human being thing — and we are ALL guilty.
    That’s why the world is such a mess. Because no matter how “good” any one of us might be — as the world measures goodness — the One who sees us as we really are, He demands perfection and knows our hearts are anything but pure; even our good deeds are tainted with selfish motives.
    That’s what Amazing Grace is all about: God loves us and sent His Son to take the just punishment for our sin. “In that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Not for GOOD people, but for sinful people: the entire mass of humanity.
    Only God is good.

      • My former most used handle was darcy — at CTH, American Spectator, and GP, and also PJMedia (prior to its attack on Diana West for her groundbreaking book American Betrayal).
        That handle, I found, was used by others as well, most of the time as Darcy, with a capital D. So I chose a more unique handle.
        Thank you for asking, yucki.

      • Good Morning, yucki:
        I formerly used the handle darcy but after a while found that others were using the same name but with a capital D.
        So I chose a more unique handle and have been using it almost exclusively since around 2012.
        Thank you for asking.

  2. What gets me is places like BBC, CNN etc are 90% white and they have the Gaul to lecture us on all this guff while they project their white privilege, isnt it time to sack 60 % of them and re hire minorities today not tomorrow?

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