US Brig. General Spalding speaks plainly about who is responsible for the CCP Flu

What is especially refreshing is he says outright this is an escaped virus from a Communist Chinese lab, and also that this may not be as serious as the hype makes it, and in fact the hype may be more dangerous than the virus.

We think he is right on both counts based on the best information that has been sent in to this site.

Some of the newer material from a German doctor and professor of epidemiology we hope to post tonight to show the latter case.


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4 Replies to “US Brig. General Spalding speaks plainly about who is responsible for the CCP Flu”

  1. Is the danger over hyped? Probably the thing that worries me is that people will start thinking that the statement over hyped means it ithe virus is essentially harmless and that we should stop taking precautions. Also as has been mentioned before there are some indications that there is a genetic factor in how dangerous the virus is, a fact that most researchers will ignore because of the fear of being labeled Marxist. Sars was more dangerous to the Far Easterners, Mers was more dangerous to the Middle Easterners and from what Brad Johnson and others have said this seems to be a modified version of one or both. It might be that the danger to the Europeans is over hyped while the danger to other ethnic groups is what he hype says.

  2. So when the coronavirus thing is all over what’s to stop the governments from taking the same approach to climate change and starting to arrest people in the streets for being politically incorrect vis-a-vis the great CO2 hoax? I know the leftists including darling little Greta the Nazi and AOC the other little Nazi would be tickled pink by the idea and Greenpeace would be cleaning their Lugers in eager anticipation. Do you think Zippy Trudeau wouldn’t throw you in jail for being a “denier” if he had the power? You bet your ass he would…

    I wonder is the public is aware of how incredibly important the climate change hoax is to the new socialists (Internationalists, Third-Worldists, UNists) who are counting on a steady influx of billions upon billions of dollars from the white countries in order to finance their international one-world-government Climate Change socialist plans. Without a healthy climate change fund, the entire movement will be cut off at the knees due to lack of funding so they are extremely motivated to make it work. Like, they’d kill you over it if they had to…

    Why don’t people know that the UN is about as savory as the Nazi High Command and is one of the most corrupt organizations that has ever existed? Just one viewing of the UN Human Rights Council in session proves the point beyond any doubt…

  3. Not everyone believes this virus originated in China .Russia’s channel 1 propagated the theory it originated in the U.S. even nicknaming it the “Trump virus”.
    Why is Trump so circumspect about challenging Putin’s Russia over what could be rightly be described as malicious slander.Does Putin have some hold over Trump that makes him pliant to his will.

    • Russia is absolutely in on this with China.
      The disinformation is just too good.

      But, nah, Putin’s got nothing on PTrump.
      Putin’s minions say all sorts of junk. Arguing just gives them more oxygen.

      For the next few months – at least – our pharmaceuticals are hostages in China. We can’t risk an abrupt cut-off.

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