The Invasion of Greece and Syria by Turkey

1. It seems to be met with some resistance:

(Machine translation)

It closes its borders, deploys army, helicopters and warships to defend Europe from the illegal invaders (about 25 thousand per hour) sent by the Turkish regime of the terrorist . ????

2. Greek Citizens have had enough

(This is why the public MUST be armed. When only the guy at the top controls all use of force, you can topple a country just by subverting the guy at the top. Clearly a few Greeks decided not to count on corrupt or communist EU leadership)

3. Turkish state rail brings migrants to Bulgarian and Greek border

4. Migrants enjoy a little light Greek pyrotechnic display as they make their last dash into Europe

5. Cyprus says Turkey deliberately sent it migrants for months

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Cyprus’ interior minister on Friday accused Turkey of deliberately channeling migrants for months to the ethnically-divided island’s Greek Cypriot south to change the composition of its population.

Nicos Nouris said up to two-thirds of arriving migrants reach the internationally-recognized south through the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north that’s recognized only by Turkey.

“We maintain that there is a very specific purpose and aim, which is to alter the island’s demographic character, and clearly we cannot continue to accept (migrants) in such numbers,” Nouris told The Associated Press.


The Cypriot government sees this as a long-running issue. Unlike fellow European Union-member Greece, Cyprus did not see a wave of migrants trying to enter Friday after Turkey said it would no longer hold them back following its military losses in Syria.

6. European Union’s Voice of the COMINTERN, Euronews spins the invasion of Greece by everyone Erdogan could get to go there.

7. Not speaking Greek, its hard to be sure. But I am guessing these are not Greek Nationals cutting the border fence to get out.

8. You have to go to 9 minutes on this video to see the border guards in the woods facing some fires and supposedly Turkey and the invasion.

(I guess the rule is, you can only shoot at massive amounts of invaders to your nation if they are wearing Hugo Boss. The genius that Soros and his cabal of the COMINTERN worked out, was making sure that all the actions would be viewed by target nations as issues of law and order and not military or intelligence. So all the actions would be designed to so significantly overwhelm law enforcement that the only thing police can do is interfere with citizens actually trying to enforce the law.

What may be interesting here is that Greek citizens may also be overwhelming law enforcement. Police may feel its better to pitch in with the people they are supposed to be protecting for a change. We should know soon.)

9. Anyone speak Greek? This may be worth listening to.

10. RELATED: One of Europe’s ONLY sane national leaders has made the sane decision after seeing what is going on and after Viktor Orban spoke with Erdogan:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier in the week, Erdogan said that Turkey had opened its border with the European Union to Syrian refugees as it had not received promised assistance to deal with the refugees within its borders.


The Hungarian authorities had decided to strengthen its border security following a phone conversation between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the government said on Saturday. On Friday, Orban and Erdogan discussed the situation in Syria as well as the migrant crisis.

11. Just breaking in and climbing fences and showing utter and total contempt for Greek right of sovereignty

12. Let’s not forget the other invasion. Turkey militarily invades Syria, creates refugees one supposes, and then sends them into Europe. The gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard and all who sent in materials that went to making this post.

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8 Replies to “The Invasion of Greece and Syria by Turkey”

    • Oh, phooey!
      So much for your “moderate jihadis”!

      Second Layer: Gang and Mafia Groups

      Erdogan has developed strong relationships with gang and mafia leaders in Turkey and in other countries where large numbers of people of Turkish descent live. One such gang is Ottoman Germania, a boxing club formed by Germans of Turkish origin who adhere to far-right ideologies. The club is estimated to have 2,500 members and 20 chapters in Germany[xi] and about 3,500 members combined in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.…”

  1. Smaller groups are heading towards Bulgaria as well
    Besides, once they get into Greece (and the country will not manage to stop them for long, especially without help – their numbers keep rising) they will cross into Bulgaria and pass through here as well.
    Migrants are also throwing tear gas at the Greek border police (whether they are throwing something back, I don’t know).

  2. 2 & 8 Show why an armed populace are free while the disarmed populace are slaves waiting for the chains to be put on them.

    As Eeyore says a portion of the police and military (if enough armed citizens start fighting back it will be a significant portion) will decide to help the people they joined to protect rather then follow the treasonous orders of their Marxist leaders. Once the armed resistance starts in one nation it will grow and spread to all of the European Nations.

    While leaderless revolutions have started (The American Revolution was leaderless at the start) if the resistance is to last it needs a strong leader to rally around. The US revolution started as the people turned out in mass to prevent the British Government from s4eizing their firearms. In 1775 Issic Davis fired the Shot Heard Round The World the battle at first was a disaster for the Patriots but turned into a major victory as more people rurned out to fight. The Patriots then laid siege to Boston, they did this as small grous of individuals with a few organized militias helping but there was no overall leader that all would obey. The Continental Congress then appointed George Washington to be the General leading the revolt.

    Washington’s first job was to organize the individuals, small groups and the militias from various towns and Colonies into a disciplined fighting force.

    The problems now facing Europe are, 1) There aren’t enough strong leaders to support the reisitance. I know this will change but it is a problem.

    2) The people as a whole are disarmed, hopefully there are enough retired and active duty personal supporting the resistance to show then where and how they can get the weapons they need.

    3) The only two groups that currently exist that can coordinate the kinetic resistance (once it starts) ate NATO and the EU. Some type of political and military leadership must be developed in all of the European Nations.

    4) The ability of the treasonous European Governments have to shut down the various means of communications.

    5) The possible lack of support for the resistance, I don’t know how many people in Europe support the resistance but staging a successful revolution requires that around 30% of the people support the revolution. They don’t have to fight, infact during the US revolution only about 3% of the people fought but without the support of around 30% the revolution will never be able to survive long enough to win. The Civilians supporting the revolution give the fighters moral support and this raises the morale of the fighters. Without that support from the Home Front the people fighting on the Combat Line will not fight as hard and will end up losing the war.

    What you have to do is find the people (like the Biders for Trump) who are vets who fought long and hard and in many cases won the wars but then saw the politicians snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory and gove everything they had won to the enemy. This is why the vast majority of vets support the Republicans, they haven’t stabbed us in the back as often asn the Dems have.

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