Louie Gohmert on the life and death of Phillip Haney

Andrew Bostom called and directed my attention to an amazing speech given at the House by Louie Gohmert on the nature, and death of his friend, Phillip Haney.

The entire speech is truly excellent and worthy of our time and attention. But as it is over 40 minutes, Andrew felt that some of the main points can be condensed into a short version. Below are both. First the short edited version, and the entire speech below that.

Rep. Gohmert does not come out and say Phillip Haney was murdered. But he does an excellent job of explaining why members of the Obama administration would have excellent motives to have done so.

Full version:


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  1. “Congressman Steve King Honors the Life of Phil Haney, Patriot and DHS Whistle-blower” SteveKingIA – February 28, 2020

    In this video, Congressman King delivers remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives on 2-28-2020 in which he honors the life of his friend, and patriot, Phil Haney. Haney was an Obama-era whistle-blower in the Department of Homeland Security who was recently found dead under suspicious circumstances.


    “Phil Haney was a patriot. When I first met Phil Haney, it was in a quiet, careful room over here just off the Capitol a little ways. And, I knew a little about his story. But when I first heard his story, he was concerned then that he would be a target by people and he had a thumb drive with a lot of data on it, I don’t know how many gigs it was, hanging on a lanyard around his neck. He kept that with him, and I understood that that information was also deposited in a remote location, or two, or more, so there was a redundancy if anything happened to Phil Haney, that data would be accessible to the people whom he trusted, I imagine, the most. So that was his insurance policy that he wouldn’t be killed.”
    . . .

    “When there were people who would come talk to him, just one-on-one he often said to them ‘you’re taking a risk talking to me because you could become a target too.’ And he had said to friends as recently as two weeks before his death ‘if there’s an announcement…if I’m dead and there is a suicide letter it will be a fake.’ He often said, ‘I would never commit suicide.’”
    . . .

    “I can’t be convinced Phil Haney committed suicide. I knew him too well. I’ve talked to at least a dozen of his close friends since that period of time that also said the same thing. The instance the news hit them, they knew that Phil had already prepared us to know that he would never commit suicide. He was a very deep and devoted Christian man.”

  2. “Philip Haney — Sovereignty & the Constitution vs. the Threats We Face | Eagle Council 2018”
    Phyllis Schlafly Eagles – February 24, 2020

  3. I sure would like to post this on my Facebook page. I do not see any button here for that. Perhaps that is against your policy? If you didn’t mind, I could copy the URL and paste it to my FB page. I have not heard of this anywhere else except that it was mentioned on a FreeRepublic.com page.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    • We used to have a social media button link. I don’t know what happened to it. Please feel free to copy paste whatever you want to FB or Twitter etc. Thank you for your interest. Yes Gohmert’s speech is amazing. The full one is worth the time as well.

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