Muslim beats American tourist girl on French train because she doesn’t speak French

(There is more information on this event which will be added to the post at some point today.)

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11 Replies to “Muslim beats American tourist girl on French train because she doesn’t speak French”

  1. All this “Enrichment” that those Muslims bring to the World and Peace, it’s astonishing.

    I think someone should place all over Western Europe’s Mosques, Airports, Railway Stations, Government Buildings, Schools and Universities those Words;

    “Per me si va ne la citta dolente,
    per me si va ne l’etterno dolore,
    per me si va la perduta gente” (>Dante<)

    (Through me you enter the City of Sorrows, through me you come into eternal Pain, through me you join the lost People)

    Through the courtesy of Mohammed and Marx

  2. I swear I’d execute that Moslem prick on the spot. My religion is the Code of Chivalry and the Mozzie is fair game for me…

  3. I was waiting to see if there was additional information on this before adding anything to this. I mentioned this to my son who told me that this guy has attacked a number of different women in the same way, he is known to the police for this type of thing. That he is freely running around doing this again and again says everything one needs to know about the state of Europe.

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