Tommy to get Free Speech award, Facebook blocking all mentions of it

As many of you may know, Tommy Robinson is being honoured with the Free Speech award by the Danish Free Press Society for 2019.

The award could not be presented at the usual time in 2019, because Tommy was in prison for covering the sentencing of Muslim rape and sex slave gangs as were many other journalists, who were not arrested.

Spokeswoman, Tania Groth, board member of the Danish Free Press Society, explains to Vlad Tepes that all attempts to promote or explain the event are being censored by Facebook with the message:

“Your post is against the fellowship rules regarding dangerous persons or organizations”

Above the photo of Tommy:

“There is probably a count-down to another Facebook block of my account”

But as Lars Hedigaard says: “Better to die than shut up”.

Below, a cartoon from the Danish Free Press newsletter:

Bubble one: (Spoken by ANTIFA)

“Here comes the violent psychopath, Tommy Robinson”

Bubble two: (Spoken by ANTIFA)

“Yeah! He looks like a real fascist pig!”

Rebel Media is sending Ezra Levant to cover the event

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11 Replies to “Tommy to get Free Speech award, Facebook blocking all mentions of it”

  1. Have we reached such a low moral standards in Europe that a convicted criminal, a hate monger and trouble maker is being touted as Freedom Fighter and heroic figure?
    No wonder, FB boycotted the propaganda for him by an organisation in Denmark that has made its name by spreading hatred and created conflict between ethnic minorities and Danes.
    Tommy Robinson is the founder and exponent of the lowest animal instincts – violence and eating the weak.

    • Sadly, if you bothered to watch Robinson’s speech, where he proves that the MSM repeatedly lies about him, you might not say such nonsense. He has never advocated violence against anyone, yet Facebook banned him for allegedly saying Muslims should be beheaded in the street. When a journalist asked for proof, a screenshot, or when he said this, a Facebook executive said it was confidential and would not produce it!
      To give but one example from his speech, he was called a girlfriend-beater by the Times. After he complained the words were removed from the online version of the article, yet in other publications and on social media this is constantly reiterated as if it was fact. Similarly the press reported he pled guilty when arrested over live streaming outside a trial. He did not, but to this day it’s repeated by journalists who cannot be bothered to check the court transcripts.
      He’s called a racist, yet his goddaughter is black and he has black friends and supporters. I initially thought as you do but then I did some research. You might want to try it.

  2. If it wasn’t for Tommy Robinson there would be no pakistani muslim rape gangs going to prison. The authorities would still be sweeping it under the carpet. Well done Mr Robinson !!!

  3. Denmark: Tommy Robinson receives freedom of speech prize in Copenhagen

    Former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, was awarded a freedom of speech award by the Free Press Society of 2004 in Copenhagen on Saturday, as protesters demonstrated outside the venue.

    Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, received the ‘Sappho Award,’ a prize that according to the Free Press Society of 2004’s website is “awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.”

    While accepting his prize, Robinson said “Silicon Valley, the alliance of globalists, Islamists and the far-left, are taking away our free speech.”

    “The British establishment, I believe, they looked and saw the power that we had through Facebook, through social media,” Robinson said. “This level of censorship terrifies me, the control that Silicon Valley now has in controlling how people think.”

    Protesters were seen gathered outside the venue where the award was given, holding flags and chanting slogans against racism and hate.

    The Free Press Society, or Trykkefrihedsselskabet in Danish, believes “the biggest threat against freedom of speech currently comes from Islam” according to their website. The organisation gives its yearly Sappho award to prominent critics of Islam including author Douglas Murray, conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose drawing of the prophet Muhammad drew international controversy in 2005, and Flemming Rose, who was responsible for the cartoon’s publication while editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

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