Looking at Sharia and leftist complicity with it

1. Yasmin Mohammad speaks to the American left’s support of applied orthodox Islam

2. Indonesian province of Aceh Cains a bunch of people for trivial reasons in public

Eleven people are caned in public by a hooded Sharia officer in Indonesia

One woman begged for mercy and another sobbed uncontrollably as ‘s Aceh arch-conservative province flogged 11 people for getting too close to members of the opposite sex. 


The six men and five women were rounded up by religious officers who caught them behaving amorously in public, a crime under local Islamic law.  


Dozens watched as the humiliated victims were whipped outside a mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh. 

Despite widespread criticism, public whipping is a common punishment for a range of offences in the deeply conservative region at the tip of Sumatra island, including gambling, drinking , and having gay sex or relations outside of marriage.


Aceh is the only region in the world‘s biggest Muslim-majority country that imposes Islamic law.

Punishment: A hooded member of the Sharia police (pictured left) prepares to dish out 11 canings to people caught with the opposite sex in public, including the woman on the far right


Public caning: One of the men feels the pain of the whipping as he punished is for being too close to the opposite sex in the only Indonesian province to practice Islamic law



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  2. Look at that, folks, and realize that every time we let a Muslim into the country and every time we give in to them as a group by allowing the nikab or making foot baths or taking pork off the menu we take a step toward having people publicly whipped for holding hands with their true love or playing a game of poker or having a cold beer. Is that what you want, my left-wing friends? They would ban music and art. They would ban sexy girls in public. They would outlaw freedom of speech and impose medieval blasphemy laws. Islam isn’t just different, Islam is pure evil. There is no part of Islam that will improve our country so it should be rejected out of hand. No matter how left-wing you might be don’t, for God’s sake, be fooled by them…

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