non-blurred video with sign and translation


The woman in the middle of what appears to be a large crowd of leftists and muslims starts out with a sign that says:

“Blasphemy is a right of (those who live in) the Republic of France”

It isn’t until people took her sign away that she went for a message that was harder to ignore.

“Do not sell secularism cheaply”.

This event appears to be a major march against “islamophobia“, that took place in Paris today. This is likely a prelude to a new anti-free speech law in the guise of hate speech. We are seeing this all over the Western world now.

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  1. We’ll shortly see the full might of “La Grande Nation” descending upon the bearer of these mamalian protuberances for this in-your-face-hatespeech. And they are white as well, that’s got to be the ultimate racist insult…

  2. Tbe first time I have seen a naked woman feel safe in islam, where the least I would have expected was a triggered muslim to perform frotteurism.

    Well, the cameraman, the man who took the sign and faded into the background, the men around her protecting her from male gaze except the camera’s, seems to have her covered.

    Torches of Freedom.*

    “Blasphemy is a right of the Republic of France.”

    (“It isn’t until people took her sign away that she went for a message that was harder to ignore.”). Lol.

    “Do not sell secularism cheaply.”

    “Dialectics” is a term used to describe a method of philosophical argument that involves some sort of contradictory process between opposing sides in to a synthesis of the two being absorbed.

    The female body. Dom or sub. Exposed or hidden, is still the same fixation that synthesizes into the transgendering of boys: Their souls (islam), spirituality (socialism) or physicality (LGBTQ+). Bucks, cucks or sucks for affection.

    *Edward Bernays touching the pants of men and minds of women.

    • Three worlds where a young woman showing her tits has any power.

      ‘but she’s only pushing back the patriarchy.’*

      Seriously. Do males get their dicks out now?

      *Channeling the cucks and their handlers.

    • Kubrik in 1980 in his movie The Shining used this Swedish Image (of an attractive naked woman leaving a bath) to stop a man seeking out who had just violenty assaulted his child, with his distraught wife nearby, so that he intimately kisses her as a prelude to screw.

      ‘well it could happen!’*

      * The three amigos

    • I think you may be right that she set this up with the person who took the sign.

      But I do not think she felt safe among muslims. I think she felt it was a worthwhile risk.

      If it was in fact really FEMEN who did this, then she is likely a stripper who was hired to do this as political theatre as I think that is how it started and mostly works and was created by men who knew how to sell a message, If that is the case then she felt comfortable being naked.

      In any case VladTepesBlog approves of the message. The delivery is unfortunate. Do desperate times call for desperate measures? Or do these desperate measures in effect add to the problems of the times.

      Even the good guys in a war use guns and shoot people. Hopefully after the good guys win they go back to cooperative means of dealing with life’s issues.

      • “In any case VladTepesBlog approves of the message”

        Should we be looking behind the message of the sufragette?

        Certainly, I want secularism for Free Speech.

        But around me is a femem secularism for Hate Speech.

        (The prosecution, rests).

        • LOL

          I have to go back and listen to my interview with Karen. If I remember it correctly, the Suffragettes where just a branch of probably the Fabians or some other Marxist group.

          • Do desperate times call for desperate measures? Or do these desperate measures in effect add to the problems of the times.

            Yes and Yes

    • “FEMEN Movement is constantly tracking the trends, being on the front line of the war tor equality and women’s rights and against the patriarchy.”

      Facing discrimination O.K. But everything that comes out of a man’s mouth? That’s a pathalogical hatred for an abusive father put onto all men. Smash the system.

      Pacifying those demons, with ‘I guess it’s O.K.’ does not help the child next to you. They know who the boss is

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