Item 7 is a good look at ABC’s hypocrisy leading to an agenda: Links 1, November 8, 2019

1. “It going to be worse than you can imagine for people within the Obama administration”

2. Saudi government ‘recruited two Twitter employees to get personal account information of their critics’ and rewarded them with a designer watch and tens of thousands of dollars

(At this point the only people I would consider trusting as a source of information would be actuarials. How much would it cost to insure these people’s lives who were investigated by Twitter for the Saudis I wonder?)

The Saudi government recruited two Twitter employees to get personal account information of their critics, prosecutors said Wednesday.


A complaint unsealed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco detailed a coordinated effort by Saudi government officials to recruit employees at the social media giant to look up the private data of thousands of Twitter accounts.

The accounts included those of a popular journalist with more than 1 million followers and other prominent government critics.


It also alleged that the employees – whose jobs did not require access to Twitter users’ private information – were rewarded with a designer watch and tens of thousands of dollars funneled into secret bank accounts. 

3. Well known climatologist, research scientist and Disney character, Mickey Mouse, one of the scientists who signed the Climate Emergency document.

4. The Interlake School sort of denies what happened in terms of the rainbow poppy dialectic negation of Remembrance Day. Please read this twitter thread for their statement. After that, watch the Rebel video interview of the girl who was suspended.

5. Syrian and Afghan Asylum Seekers Attack Village Disco with Machetes

Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers attacked a village disco in a small German village armed with machetes after two were kicked out by a bouncer.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the village of Trebbin in Brandeburg. The group of around 10 migrants attempted to hack down the door to the building with their machetes, German tabloid Bild reports.


The bouncer said that the asylum seekers attempted to slash him in the neck, but he was able to fend them off and get inside where he and three other colleagues held the door closed as the migrants attacked it.


As the migrants attempted to chop the wooden door with their machetes, a splinter shot out into the eye of a 25-year-old guest who then had to attend the emergency room.

(We have a couple of videos on this being looked at)

6. “Whistle blower’s attorney is a public ‘never trumper’

7. A comparison of just some of the hypocrisy of ABC News and its claims that the Epstein story did not meet its journalism standards.

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