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4 Replies to “Muslims in Germany responds to question about why they move to the West”

  1. It’s such a good question, though. Why are you moving here? I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s OK for huge numbers of people to just get up and move to my country and go straight to the front of the welfare line and the food bank. Really. What reason do they have for coming here from the Middle East and North Africa? I can’t believe there are absolutely no construction jobs or agricultural jobs or manufacturing jobs available in their countries. Don’t they all have schools and governments and such? The woman with the red turban is using the “you ruined our country so we have nowhere to go other than your country” argument, which is really silly, especially at a German. But I still don’t get it. What gives the Third World the absolute human right to just move to my country? I don’t want crowds of furious Muslims rioting every time somebody draws a Muhammad cartoon, thank you very much. And I know that they will vote to abolish all the things I hold dear if their numbers become great enough…

  2. The leaders of the free world, in league with the UN, have usurped the sovereignty of their own nations and that’s how Islam is spreading and spreading with gov’t support and knowledge of secret Sharia courts too. Sedition. Treason.

    I would wager that a unannounced raid on *any* mosque in the free world would yield an armory of some kind. Mohammad did die amidst military campaigns and so the war is far from done.

    As for why they’d come; it’s the Hijrah, a blessed act within Islam to emigrate as a Muslim to a non-Muslim land for it compels Allah to give one entry into his version of paradise. Also why it’s second and third generations that are jihadis; parents already emigrated and they’re *in* with Allah.

    Living off of us in welfare and such is but a version of Jizya, a payment due to Muslims from infidels for being infidels.

    This is, from all calculations, a military situation, not a mere police issue.

  3. That “THING” claims to have been born and grown up in Germany?
    You got to be kidding.
    She can’t even speak proper German.
    Taqiyya as usual.
    In my opinion Islam is a Rope placed around Humanities Neck.
    Islam squeezes the Life out of everything.
    But what can you expect from a DEATH CULT?

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