On ‘Transphobia’ and the Sovietization of the West

A recent event around Oxford is today’s stark yet lucid example of the Sovietization of the West. In this case, England, and more tragically, in the area with one of the brightest beacons of Greek civilization and the search for truth in World history, Oxford University.

Some people found stickers questioning the reality of the impossibility of men becoming women or women becoming men in any way beyond cosmetic. And the police got called.

The dictionary definition of man or woman today based on both ‘by definition’ standards as well as biological science, is perhaps not technically illegal. But as Stephen Coughlin explains in his paper, Neo-Marxist cultural changes drill down to politics and then to enforcement. Eventually to jurisprudence as normalization of the new culture sets in.

By definition standards in this case means we define humans as bipeds because nearly all of us walk on two legs and all of us by design walk on two legs despite any tragedy or malformation which may result in another means of locomotion. The same goes for being a man or a woman.

From The Telegraph:

police force has been accused of “incredible irresponsibility” for treating the display of transphobic stickers around Oxford as a “serious crime”.

Some of the stickers, which have been dotted around the city centre, state: “Woman: noun. Adult human female” and “Women don’t have penises”.


Thames Valley Police has announced that those responsible could be charged with a public order offence and has appealed for witnesses.


It said: “Officers are investigating a large number of offensive stickers that have been placed across Oxford city centre containing transphobic comments.

“It is believed they started appearing in March within the High Street, Catte Street and Parks Road area.”


PC Rebecca Nightingale, the investigating officer, added: “Behaviour like this is not acceptable and we take incidents of this nature very seriously.”

Michael Biggs, Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Oxford, suggested that the police had overreacted.


“This is literally the Oxford English definition of what a woman is,” he said.


“I can’t believe that needs any stance at all. To say that a dictionary definition is a terrible hate crime is extraordinary. The police is being incredibly irresponsible.”

To get back to reality for a stark second, ANY reaction is an over reaction. With the possible exception of littering or something but given the amount of Marxist or semi-Marxist propaganda one sees on every light standard or telephone pole, there should be no excuse for any reaction at all to a dictionary term.

Returning to this replacement for reality where truth is punishable and destructive fictions are rewarded, Michael Briggs has done an act of bravery beyond perhaps what he is aware of. Of it he is aware, he deserves all of our support. I could list all the professors we are aware of who have lost their jobs and/or been de-platformed for holding a factual position that runs against what is in fact, a full on assault against Western taxonomic systems, but Ill settle for just the one that was sent in today alone:

Did Mount Royal University cancel a geography field school taught by Mark Hecht because of an op-ed Hecht wrote about ethnic diversity?


Perhaps the cancelling of the Sustainable Europe school trip had more to do with the fact that the lead instructor was Mark Hecht.


Hecht, an instructor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at MRU, penned an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun on September 6th, 2019 entitled “Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust, economic well-being, argues instructor.” 


The article was met with immediate criticism on social media, with activists and journalists accusing Hecht, the Vancouver Sun and Postmedia (the Sun’s parent company) of bigotry, hate, and white supremacy. 


BC Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender declared Hecht’s article a “call to hatred”,  and NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon wrote a response op-ed, saying that Hecht’s piece was “racism and white supremacy wearing a thin disguise of academic bluster.”

I have not read Mark Hecht’s paper, but if this case is anything at all like the other profs who have been cancelled because they spoke a truth that was undeniable as factually correct and consistent with reality or a non-Marxist opinion,, (much like men are men and women are women and the twain meet every time a baby is required) he will be de-platformed for this little defence of free speech and reality. In Canada this is out of proportion to even the US in terms of profs who are fired or discriminated against for their opinions.

The case of Ricardo Ducherne is another perfect example of Sovietization of Western universities in Canada today. Prof. Ducherne is in fact Latin-American. So one tends to be skeptical of the White Supremacist label attached to him.

However he did commit the cardinal sin based on a Marxist model of what is allowed. He stated the fact that Western or European Civilization is the best system for humanity the world has ever seen.

That can be easily quantified in any number of ways of course. But the simplest one is that everyone tries to move into a Classical civilized country, while very very few move out of one to an African tribal one or an Islamic sharia one unless they have pretty extreme reasons. And as we saw with the Islamic State, most of them try and come back.

Perhaps its time someone placed some stickers around town that said:

Women = XX

Men = XY

That, would make for an interesting court case.

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  1. I’ll tell you one little Marxist victory that no one seems to have noticed: the word “partner” replacing the word “wife”. I don’t know how many times I’ll see something like “Kevin Costner lives in California with his partner of twenty years…” and the first thing I think is, “I didn’t know Kevin Costner was gay.” And then Joh Voight is living with his “partner” and so is Anderson Cooper, except Anderson is gay. Is Jon really a homosexual?

    What has happened here is that the cultural Marxists have successfully consigned the ancient and wonderful word “wife” to the garbage heap and replaced it with a propaganda word, “partner”. And nobody but me seems to have even noticed. I like the word wife and I didn’t know that Clint Eastwood and Robert Mitchum were gay. So was John Wayne and so was Clark Gable. Hey! Trump is living with his “partner”. I didn’t know Donald Trump was gay…

    • Upon seizing power one of the first things the Marxists do is to start destroying the language, they do their best to limit the vocabulary and destroy the rules of grammer. They also work to coarsen the language to remove the constraints on when one can curse and introduce the cuss words in to the vocabulary of the children.

  2. The physical differences between men and women are not necessarily all about genitalia. In fact, the genitalia doesn’t make anywhere near as much difference as the bone and muscle structure. From an artist’s perspective, the male and the female are extremely different. Picture “Little John” with a huge staff in his hand and then picture “Maid Marion” holding her hand-carved expensive-looking staff. See how Little John is shaped like a triangle all skinny at the bottom and big at the top with huge hands and a neck like a tree. See how Marion is shaped like a pear, small and delicate at the top, not to mention shorter and lighter than John by up to 50%.

    Men and women are two completely different animals and anybody who says that doesn’t really believe it what they are saying, they are just screwing with you. They are trying to humiliate you by forcing you to kneel before their God and say things you know to be ridiculous as a sign of your submission and obedience and fear. Don’t let the bastards away with it. Always fight this shit! Get off your knees and tell them that men are different from women and you’re not afraid of them…

  3. “”Thames Valley Police has announced that those responsible could be charged with a public order offence and has appealed for witnesses.”

    Those who created the Hate Crimes are those who created Public Order Offences.

    No Hate Crimes. No Public Order Offences.

      • Rabbi Sax has treated these two fictional stories as intellectual, whereas I see them as philisophical. A deeper insight.

        Rabbi: “That is what makes the dual account of the naming of the first woman so significant a parallel to the dual account of God’s creation of the universe. We have to create relationship before we encounter the God of relationship. We have to make space for the otherness of the human other to be able to make space for the otherness of the divine other. We have to give love before we can receive love.”

        Call No Man Teacher:”Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit[b] gives birth to spirit”

        Rabbi: “I believe that relationships are where our humanity is born and grows, flowers and flourishes. It is by loving people that we learn to love God and feel the fullness of His love for us”

        Call No Man Teacher: ‘As you forgive, so god forgives you.’

        Mind-full or mind-open.

          • Ah-ha, for sure.

            Both intellectual and philosophical, not necessarily at the same time.
            A jumping off point for creative thinking, dialogue. Keeping people connected for a couple thousand years.

            The Tanach is read parallel to Prophets. The latter is where most of the Christian scriptural parallels can be found. Select sets of verses resonate as prayers.

            Preachers crib from both for their homilies. Sure, why not?

        • “9:23 Oh, Believers, do not make friends of your fathers or your brothers if they love unbelief above
          Islam. He who makes them his friends does wrong. Say: If your fathers, and your sons, and your
          brothers, and your wives, and your kin-folks, and the wealth which you have gained, and the
          merchandise that you fear you will not sell, and the dwellings in which you delight—if all are dearer to
          you than Allah and His Messenger and efforts on His Path, then wait until Allah’s command comes to
          pass. Allah does not guide the impious.”

          Minded Real Friends:

          Or conscious real friends?

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