Shiia islamic clerics pimp 9 year olds for fun and profit

Really pay attention just after the 20 minute mark.

H/T M.


Don L. sent the following email about this video being pulled.

If all these fail, we shall see what we can do to make it available.

Hello Vlad,
The video of the Islamic pimps called “Iqaq’s Secret Sex Trade has been pulled from your post here:
Incredibly the Muslims want the documentary pulled as it “disrespects” Islam.
Here are two links to that , David Wood and the Daily Mail
and because shit disappears on the Internet here’s the archive:

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6 Replies to “Shiia islamic clerics pimp 9 year olds for fun and profit”

  1. 9000 Bathurst Street a leader said It is moral in Islam to have sex with a nine year old in temporary or permanent marriage.

  2. This is hard to watch. Such a twisted, sick society Iraq is. A patriarchy of weak men.

    Western feminists support Muslims and Islam and therefore sharia in their home countries. Usually overtly, sometimes by their silence. Yet, they readily attack the patriarchy that built western civilization, including the very freedom that permits them to attack it. Western feminism is sick, twisted society in itself.

    Attack what is wrong, not what is right.

    “…do you know that you are white and privileged…?” asked the lesbian grandmother of her young grandsons.

    “–Don’t you dare bring that poison into this house,” interrupted the boys’ father. He was just around the corner in the kitchen. He’d had one ear on their conversation. He walked in and stood large. “If I hear you bring that leftist garbage up again, in any form, you will leave. Is this clear?”

    The grandmother, who lived very far away and was not used to being challenged like this, became as close to meek as she had been in a very long time. A man better-informed and more resolved than she was not going to put up with her. This was clear.

    The children understood everything, and were protected.

    • Western feminists are a self-limiting phenomenon. (So are “transgendered persons”.)

      All this gender junk is a waste of time anyway. It’s stumbling over blocks positioned by the enemy for that very purpose. ENEMY-defined terms of engagement.

  3. CANADIAN Criminal Code under Sexual Offences sec.172:3, describes a “child” as a person who is or appears to be under the age of eighteen years.
    Canadian law supercedes Shari’ah law and NO one person should ever forget it. It is our moral DUTY to protect our children.

    Qur’an 65:1-4 Mature men may marry prepubescent girls. NEVER IN CANADA

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