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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Iran’s attack of Saudi oil facilities”

  1. I will admit that I hadn’t thought of a coalition effort, that will send several messages to the good guys and the bad guys. 1) we will defend our allies but we expect them to help, we aren’t going to go it alone. 2) we are going to use allies as force multipliers, this means that it will be much harder to get us to over extend our military.

    I like the idea of taking out one or more of the nuclear research facilities but I’m not sure they aren’t hardened to the point a limited strike won’t hurt them. I will have to think about what I would hit in a limited strike.

    • Not one. Hit a few nuclear sites. And then disable many others through cyber warfare. That should keep them quiet for a while.
      And the Israelis are working with the Saudis from an intelligence perspective. Let’s not forget the Israelis got hold of their nuclear capabilities and bases and storage areas.
      Furthermore, the sanctions could go a long way. If there’s not enough money to fully pay their IRGC, discontent among the Guard Corps will shake the Government.

      • You can still have a limited strike and hit more then one target, a mass attack would be trying to take out all of their military, their nuclear program and their politicians in one multiday bombing campaign.

        Yes the sanctions may work, increasing the number of nations that are no longer funding Iran will go a long way to stopping a lot of their actions. With luck it will cause the entire regime to collapse and we may get a moderate government that wants peace taking their place.

  2. A reliable Iranian aquaintance tells me the sanctions are working to great effect. He must bring money home soon because his family is badly hurting. The Iranian currency is seriously devalued. The people are desperate. Inflation is through the roof. Will the Chinese rescue Iran? No way. IMHO PT is pressuring the radical Iranian government in a way that will bring the peoples’ will to bear upon it. PT does not implement plans unless they kill two or three birds at once. Is it coincidental that Persian women are casting aside their hijabs?

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