Republican campaign advert for Elizabeth Heng

The answer to the question is yes. Cortez does know the horrors of socialism. You cannot be in it as deep as she is and pretend its a competing idea to freedom. The thing that is hard to believe is, Cortez thinks socialism is a good idea despite knowing what it really is.

Cortez claimed the add was “racist”

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8 Replies to “Republican campaign advert for Elizabeth Heng”

  1. If AOC is any indication of what it’s going to be like when the non-whites gain the majority there is no way white people are going to stick around to see what happens when people who hate them are in power. White people are going to have to escape to somewhere because life under AOC would not be worth living. She and her kind hate white people just like Adolf Hitler hated Jews and Slavs and she does not ever question herself about such things – she knows exactly what she thinks about it would busy herself with head-taxes and reparations and confiscation without compensation. AOC is a truly evil little bitch and there is no compromising with her kind. She is another Pol Pot…

    • Where are they going to run to? Unless we can build working intersteller ships we have no where to run to , we will be forced to fight.

    • And Pol Pot was just another commie, albeit the “Libido Dominandi” variety. That is, the type of commie that manifests communism with a whole lot of force and killing. Stalin was one of these and I do think Trudeau fancies himself one as well. He is just smart enough to sort of understand what this means, but not smart enough to know why its a bad idea.

      I think people like Soros and Obama got to Trudeau and managed to get to him through his ego, that he was the great man of action, socialist theory predicts and he would have the great legacy of the transformation of Canada from a democracy to a socialist state.

      Trudeau is a wannabe Pol Pot. But you are correct, Cortez most certainly sees herself as one. And she understands communism and all its machinations.

  2. So the modern democrat socialists’ idea of the future is a hodgepodge of nonwhites subjugating the whites. This would obviously lead us to a civil war. A race war, really. Why would the socialists want that? Why would they want to see a capitalist nation rocked by inner turmoil until it is unable to function globally? Well, it would create a power vacuum which could be quickly occupied by another, preferably communist, country. Like China, maybe. Because that’s who all the socialists seem to love the most.

    Make no mistake. During the Cold War years, the far-left libbies were called pinkos for a reason. It’s because they were a watered-down version of the Soviet “reds.” And now we’ve got the same pack of pinko dimwits cheering for communist China to take over the world. The only difference now is how aggressively they’re pushing their identity politics, trying to divide the country so it can be conquered.

    Vote for nationalist candidates. Support your homeland. Do not let the idiot hordes take over and destroy everything. If you don’t believe me, take a drive through the nearest ghetto and see what the socialist future looks like. It’s all welfare and stupid violence.

  3. This trend of anti-white racism is really finding its legs. And here we have every western country continuing to import those who may one day turn on us. Trudeau and Merkel say importing diversity is the way to pay for our social security. I say don’t worry about that. “Social.Security” has less now to do with old age than it does the very survival of our societies.

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