Indonesian forces KILL protesters, more: links 1, September 2, 2019

1. 15 illegals land on the shores of Ibiza Spain

Daily Mail has the story here.

2. Afghan ‘who stabbed two American tourists’ at Amsterdam train station says he travelled to Holland ‘to protect the Prophet Mohammed’ and ‘kill unfair and cruel people’

An Afghan man suspected of stabbing two American tourists last year at Amsterdam’s Central Station has told judges he travelled to the Netherlands ‘to protect the Prophet Mohammed’.


Jawed Santani, 20, appeared at a two-day hearing in a heavily fortified courtroom in Amsterdam, where he faces two attempted murder charges with the aim of committing an act of terror. 


‘I came to the Netherlands to protect my prophet,’ he told the judges in reference to the August 31 incident last year that sent midday commuters into a panic and left two severely injured victims.

‘I was planning to kill unfair and cruel people, those who make it possible for the Prophet Mohammed to be insulted,’ national news agency ANP quoted him as saying.

Santani previously mentioned anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, and his knife assault came a day after the far-right MP announced he was cancelling moves to stage a cartoon competition to caricature the Prophet Mohammed.


Wilders pulled the plug on the competition at the time saying he wanted to ‘avoid the risk of making people victims of Islamist violence’.

3. Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘fixer’ who ran major modelling agency vanishes ‘like a ghost

A millionaire model agency boss thought to have vital evidence about the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal has vanished.


Investigators who want to interview Frenchman Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, say he is a “ghost who has disappeared without trace”.

It is understood enquires are being made in Brazil, the US and Europe.


French prosecutors have opened their own inquiry into the crimes of American financier Epstein, 66.

The convicted paedophile, a friend of Prince Andrew, committed suicide in jail on August 10 while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.


Brunel, who helped found the New York model agency MC2 and is credited with finding supermodels such as Christy Turlington, has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

4. Indonesian security forces open fire on Papuan protesters

Indonesian security forces can be seen opening fire in Papua as protesters stand nearby, holding their hands in the air.


Protesters say six people were killed in the confrontation, and more than a dozen injured, during a peaceful demonstration that had occupied the regent’s office in the middle of Deiyai city.


Papua police say one protester was killed and that security forces opened fire only after being attacked


5. While we are all rereading Orwell to better understand where we are and where we are heading, the state is setting up the worst elements of A Clockwork Orange

Italian Psychologist Proposes Electric Shock Treatment to Eliminate Prejudices

ROME — An Italian psychologist has proposed modifying people’s unconscious prejudices and stereotypes by subjecting parts of the brain to electric and magnetic impulses.

Over the past 20 years, researchers have attempted to alter people’s ethnic and racial stereotypes and prejudices by providing information that counteracts the prejudice, writes Maddalena Marini, yet these interventions, while effective to some extent, have produced only limited results, especially regarding duration.


A postdoctoral researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Marini says that these stereotypes are so instilled in the human mind that “the only way to change them is to change the biological mechanisms of the brain responsible for generating and controlling these stereotypes.”


To accomplish this, Marini proposes the use of “non-invasive brain stimulation techniques,” which “modulate the mechanisms through which the brain regulates our behavior” by introducing transcranial electric or magnetic currents.


Studies have allowed us to define a network of brain regions causally involved in these processes, showing that “by increasing or decreasing the activity of some of these areas it is possible to reduce the strength of unconscious stereotypes,” she writes, like “the prejudice that leads to associating acts of terrorism with being of Arab origin.”

Before joining IIT, Marini was a postdoctoral associate at Harvard University (from 2012 to 2017), and she delivered a TEDx talk on eliminating gender bias in Genoa, Italy, this year.


Scientific research “has shown that our mind contains stereotypes and prejudices that are linked to the different social characteristics of individuals, such as, for example, ethnicity, skin color, weight, gender, age, sexual, political, or religious orientation, disability and physical or mental illness,” she asserts.

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, Johnny U., M., EB., PC., EW., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, and everyone who sent in materials this weekend. More to come I believe we can all believe with some confidence.


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10 Replies to “Indonesian forces KILL protesters, more: links 1, September 2, 2019”

  1. Indonesia is following the example of Venezuela, and arming thugs to do their dirty work.

    5 – Yes the modern left is using 1984 and Clockwork Orange are being used as instruction manuals, the next step is going to be using the new medical tech to create the limitations in the intelligence of the Middle and Lower classes from Brave New World.

    • 5…They are already doing so. Add the control of education to the mass fast food MSM “entertainment” avalanche of diarrhoea that enthralls the masses and is designed to removed critical thinking and to totally distort reality with a sanitized version of “history”. The globalists understand that once you feed, shelter and mostly safeguard the majority of the plebs (see “kerns” as they always will be come the cannon fodder) you remove the basic survival instinct and its drives and replace it with hedonism and drugs & sex. The masses are too comfortable to care about “politics” and see people like us as eccentric fools who should be out enjoying themselves as that is what life is about in their eyes. So long as the food is on the table, the roof does not leak and no one is trying to kill them(that they are aware of) they only care about next Saturday night and the football/cricket/baseball etc. The mere fact that 99.9% of human history is about plagues. famines, wars, sheer misery along with cannibalism(not uncommon in WW2 & China in the 1950s etc.) has nothing to do with them and when it hits the west they will die like flies I find it so hard to feel pity for fools and I include all muslims and all leftists and almost all politicians in this group as they are the ones who have organized and allowed the one group who do more for this planet than any other, whatever their reasons: the west. rant over : )

  2. I think we will find out that the Epstein case is supremely unimportant but it sure as heck is supremely interesting… A billion dollars is a huge amount of money and you don’t just get that for selling a few pizzas, but where is Epstein’s billionaire footprint? What hi-tech industry did he invent?

    My conspiracy theory is that the super-perv ten-times-a-day Jeffrey Epstein is a Mossad asset being run by Colonel Ghislaine Maxwell for the purpose of creating a portal or listening post into the world of high-snobbery and gigantic yachts plus a little piece of the US Virgin Islands for their very own. Let’s see how well they protect their “asset” now that the boot’s come down and everybody wants to steal the money ’cause they’ve all been so badly abused that they absolutely require millions and millions of dollars now…

  3. 5.
    “Marini does not state whether she believes that the treatment against prejudice and stereotypes should be strictly voluntary or mandatory in some cases. She does suggest that individuals are incapable of eradicating their prejudices — or even recognizing them — by themselves.

    “Equality is a fundamental right of every citizen and a duty of our society,” she declares. “Equal opportunities are not only an indispensable feature of a democratic society, but also a crucial foundation for a nation’s innovation, economy and general well-being.””

    From “prejudice and stereotypes should be strictly voluntary or mandatory” by brain scrambling, to “Equality is a fundamental right of every citizen and a duty of our society.”.

    Micromanaging The Good Citizen. Socialists, these Sub and Dom that correct minds. Because equality is not a human right of anyone; and around the world these made equally-poor only benefitted the oligarchy. These States that had never taxed people equally, claimed equality of outcome as living proof of their equal opportunities that never were.

    “We charge Whites more,” is an equality based upon relative ‘fairness.’

    Brains, that we here argue at Vlad’s to broaden and enlarge, to face your pride of attachment to Heaven and Earth that enslave you; the Left argue simply to reinvent herstory by wiping out and fragmenting any connections to the past.


    • They won’t be satisfied with breeding uniform skin color. They aspire to homogenize the _human brain_.
      Ambitious tech oligarchs are more Dr. Frankenstein than Prometheus.
      ~This will end in tears~

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